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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #80



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April 11 · Issue #80 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #80 of Original Comic Art Tips, some impressive results on eBay and Ha, a long and full of surprises ebay comic art section and some Manara art this week! let’s see.
Original Comic Art Auction Results.
eBay: the What If? cover by Bob Layton went for more than $15k, the Incredible Hulk page by Dale Keown ended at $3,750, a price jump over the most recent sales, the From Hell pages by Eddie Campbell were sold for $6,300 and the Dave Cockrum splash for $1,300. The Thor pinup by John Byrne went for $700, the Romita Jr. Fantastic Four page for $500 and the Jim Lee for $900.
Happy collectors bought the Thing Vs. Rhino original by Angel Medina for $120, Spider-Man Vs. Venom by Ryan Stegman for $160 and a B.C. Sunday page for only $220.
Lots of original comic art pieces were sold for high prices last Sunday at Heritage, the Steve Bissette Swamp Thing went for $13k, the Kane/Romita Spider-Man page was sold for the same price, the Kane/Esposito for $5,7k and the Kane/Janson Hulk for $2,6k.
The Frazetta sketch went for $6,6k, the Prince Valiant tier for $4,5k, the Mary-Jane splash by Erik Larsen for $4k, the nice Preacher page for $2,2k and the Excalibur cover by Ken Lashley for $2,1k. These are only the pages sold for more than $2k, about 10/15 more were sold for $1k to 2k.
ComicLink auctions are always interesting, a good 70/80% of the lots offered end for very low prices, much less than what you would pay by going to the source (dealer or artist). A Green Lantern splash by Ethan VanSciver went for $300, a Captain America page by Chris Samnee for $276, a Hulk splash by John Romita Jr. for $573, a Thing Vs. Namor half splash by Olliffe/Williamson for $335, a Superboy cover by Tom Grummett for $500, Spider-Man original art by Mike Deodato for $350 and many more examples.
The same can be said for commissions, they sell on the secondary market for less than what they were paid, especially if the character depicted is not heavily collected. So a very nice painted Mary Jane by Andrew Robinson went for $90, a painting by Jeff Dekal for $300, a color pinup by Tony Daniel for $200, a very detailed Hulk Vs. Cap illustration by Lui Antonio for $130, all of the X-Men by Joe Bennett for $350 and the Punisher is killing zombies for $600 as drawn by Tony Moore.

This week on eBay
Alex Ross - Captain Marvel Original Comic Art
Alex Ross - Captain Marvel Original Comic Art
Some very high end pieces of comic art this week! look at this Captain Marvel painted page by Alex Ross, the Joker Vs. Superman by Greg Capullo, Teen Titans original art by George Perez, a Lobo pinup by Jim Lee. The price for this Wonder Woman page by Perez was lowered by 1/3 so I’m showing it again.
Another WW page by Don Heck, nice Superman by George Perez, cheap Batman half splash by Segovia, Robin by Burnham, Green Lanterns, Batman and Robin half splash by Paul Pelletier, JLA half splash by Jerry Ordway and some Byrne: Wonder Woman 1, WW2 and Nightwing.
Marvel: 2 Daredevil pages by John Romita Jr.: Typhoid Mary here, beautiful Matt Murdock & Kingpin page here. A Wolverine page by Romita Sr., a pencil Iron-Man pinup by Alex Ross, the cover art for Fantastic Four #356 by Paul Ryan, Odin and Syf original art by John Buscema, Thor and Hulk pages by Ron Frenz.
Last week the Thanos page by Ron Lim ended for $3,500 without reaching the reserve, let’s see if this time it’s lower. Dracula by Tuska, Spider-Man by Mooney, cheap dr. Strange commission by Michael Golden.
Spider-Man by Ryan Stegman, Wolverine/Nightcrawler by Leinil Yu, another Wolverine panel by Steve McNiven.
Jack Kirby animation drawing, cheap Ultraverse cover by Mike Zeck, Spawn by Capullo/McFarlane. Strips: this Smiling Jack Sunday is getting a lot of bids, a B.C. daily and we’re done. 😅
Heritage Sunday Comic Art Auction
Paul Smith - X-Men Original Art
Paul Smith - X-Men Original Art
After the big results from last week comes a pretty weak auction… Batman original art by Jim Aparo, an early JLA page by Adam Hughes, George Perez layouts on a Superman page, a Jonah Hex title splash by Truman/Glanzman and JLA by Pablo Marcos.
Marvel: a Paul Smith page from X-Men/Alpha Flight, Excalibur by Alan Davis, a nice Ghost Rider page by Bob Budiansky, Iron-Man by Luke McDonnell and a great art team on a forgotten one shot: a Dr Strangefate page by Garcia Lopez/Nowlan.
A Neat Stuff page by Peter Bagge and some strips, 2 Apartment 3G dailies by Alex Kotzky, a Happy Hooligan by Opper, an early Beetle Bailey daily and our regulars: Dick Tracy, Long Sam and Robin Malone Sunday original art.
Catawiki Manara Original Art Auction
Milo Manara - Borgia Original Comic Art (edited)
Milo Manara - Borgia Original Comic Art (edited)
After a sad HA preview we can be happier with this Catawiki auction with 11 pieces painted by Milo Manara.
The best one is this strip from the Borgia series, a full pencil illustration, a Candid Camera strip, and you can see the entire auction here.
See you next week, I will probably start looking at the next Heritage Signature Auction, I’m waiting for all the lots to have pictures attached..!
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