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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #79

April 4 · Issue #79 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome again to Original Comic Art Tips, many great pieces to see!
Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Batman page by Sean Murphy finally ended for more than $4k, the other one with smaller Batman figures (but I liked it more) went for less than $2k. The Fantastic Four page by John Buscema made $2,2k, a Ditko page for less than $1k is not bad, the X-Men page by Romita Jr. went for $1,1k and the Butch Guice page for $1,7k.
On the Heritage Sunday Auction the Gil Kane Spider-Man page went for $3,000. It’s nothing new but I’m always surprised at the prices for Alan Davis’ Excalibur original art. A nice Batman page was more affordable at $850.
$2,500 for a Shang-Chi page by Paul Gulacy is not a surprise, a Conan page by Buscema made $1,800, Wolverine by Marc Silvestri $1,500 and Batman by Jim Aparo $1,400. The nice Superman by Lee Bermejo made $650, the Preacher $900 and the New Gods splash by Jim Starlin $350.

This week on eBay
Dale Keown - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Dale Keown - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
The best piece of the week is probably this Incredible Hulk 2/3 splash by Dale Keown, it would probably go for more on Heritage, so keep an eye on it if you like it. Not bad at all is also this Rich Buckler page from Fantastic Four #162. As you probably noticed I have a soft spot for The Thing inked by Sinnott… very nice F.F. pages also by Paul Ryan, Jim Lee, Romita Jr. and Angel Medina (ends today).
Now that I see it again, maybe, the best piece of comic art is this What If? cover by Bob Layton.
Very nice Thor commission by John Byrne, Wolverine original art by Chris Bachalo, a page from Wolverine/Doop by Darwin Cooke, a detailed Wolvie prelim by Steve McNiven, Lizard by J. Scott Campbell, ROM original art by Sal Buscema and I like this Storm sketch by George Perez ending today. Some new Thanos art: a great page by Ron Lim, 2 really nice Infinity Finale pages (one, two) and a commission by Jim Starlin.
I remember that more or less one year ago I often apologized for showing too much DC art. In the last months the opposite is true, too many Marvel pieces worth linking to and less DC.
We start with this early 90’s Superman page by Gil Kane, a beautiful Teen Titans page by Garcia Lopez, not the best Flash pinup ever by John Byrne, but it’s cheap. Flash by Don Heck, a Green Lantern cover by Cockrum. A Robin splash by Tony Daniel, Superman by Gary Frank.
Two From Hell pages by Eddie Campbell, a Glory half-splash by Mike Deodato and an Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola. No comic strips again…
Heritage Sunday Auction
Steve Bissette - Swamp Thing Original Comic Art
Steve Bissette - Swamp Thing Original Comic Art
Lots of Gil Kane art, this week, like this beautiful Amazing Spider-Man #124 page inked by Romita, one from #150 with Spidey Vs. Sandman and a Hulk page.
A classic Spider-Man page by Kerry Gammill, a Mary Jane splash by Erik Larsen and a Morbius by Frank Robbins. Nice Bruce Lee likeness in this Shang-Chi page by Paul Gulacy, Punisher/Kingpin by Portacio/Williams, an Excalibur cover by Ken Lashley and a page by Alan Davis.
Not much to see for DC Comics, a Batman action page by Jim Aparo, Teen Titans art by Dan Jurgens, a Legion page by Mike Nasser, Azrael by Quesada/Nowlan and a Flash splash page by Paul Ryan.
Some more interesting Vertigo pieces, like this beautiful Swamp Thing page by Steve Bissette, Preacher original art from #19 and #41 and a Scalped page by R.M. Guéra.
a Zot half splash by Scott McCloud, a Buddy page by Peter Bagge and an ink sketch by Frank Frazetta.
Strips: a 1948 Prince Valiant tier by Hal Foster, a beautiful Buster Brown painted panel by Outcault, a Taliaferro Donald Duck daily, a Mickey daily by Gottfredson, a 1964 B.C. daily.
Comic link Focused Auction
Tony Moore - Punisher Vs. Zombies Original Comic Art
Tony Moore - Punisher Vs. Zombies Original Comic Art
Nothing sensational this month on Clink, but a few very nice pieces, like this Arthur Adams DC cover, a Batman page by Jim Balent, JLA original art by Jim Cheung, a rare Superman/Batman page by Gene Colan, Ditko‘s Hawk and Dove and 2 Superboy covers by Tom Grummett (one, two).
A war page by Russ Heath, and it’s time for Marvel Comics: a Defenders cover and a Champions cover by Neal Adams, the Thing Vs. Hulk original art by John Buscema, Emma Frost by Frank Cho, a beautiful double page from Fantastic Four #650 by Adam Hughes.
Wolverine, Silver Surfer and a nice Spider-Man by Ron Lim, a Wolverine splash by Mark Pacella, great Marvel Fanfare page by Jim Starlin, Punisher vs zombies by Tony Moore and some more Spider-Man original art: splashy page by Mark Bagley, a Venom splash by Joe St. Pierre, another splash by Ryan Stegman and pages by Mike Deodato and Stuart Immonen.
A week of sexy Shattuck strips and a Wizard King page by Wally Wood, a 1935 Gasoline Alley daily.
See you next week!!
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