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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #78

March 28 · Issue #78 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #78 of Original Comic Art Tips!! Last week’s “best of eBay” blog post was a big success, with almost 500 visits in 48 hours..! I’ll do it again next month if time permits, and welcome to new subscribers who came through that post.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Dave Cockrum X-Men page went for $6,100, the Heck/Cockrum Avengers page went for $3,000, the Don Newton Batman Original Art for $2,500, the Catwoman by Jim Balent for $1,300.
16 (probably blind) eBay customers took the Calvin and Hobbes fake strip to $750, a happy collector quickly bought the BIN Wolverine page by Ed McGuinness for $250.
Heritage Sunday Auction: the Thor page by John Buscema went for $4,500, the Hellblazer cover by Simon Bisley for $3,100, the Shang-Chi page by Gulacy for $2,600, the Avengers/JLA original art by George Perez for $2,400. A Daredevil page without Daredevil by John Romita Jr. made $1,000, the Avengers page by John Cassaday went for less than $400, Thor original art by Ron Frenz for $300 and Batman by Rick Leonardi for $250.
Millon: A sketched Tintin book went for €40,000 (!), the Tintin calendar illustration for €24,000, the Shuiten double page for €31,000. Almost all the other pieces in the auction went for pretty high prices.
The auction from Weiss ended today but, as usual, it’s impossible to see results on their website. The first original art auction from Art Rite is ending now, we’ll see the results next week.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
Still 3 days to go for the Batman pages by Sean Murphy, one is at $2k and the other at $1,5k. For DC Comics we also have a Legion page by Steve Ditko, a nice Wonder Woman page by George Perez, WW by John Byrne, WW and Superman comic art by Tyler Kirkham, Batman/Deathstroke by Carlo Pagulayan, Teen Titans by Perez, and Green Lantern by Rich Buckler.
Marvel: great page from Fantastic Four by Buscema/Sinnott, Nova original art again by Buscema and a cheap Wolverine with Sienkiewicz. Sal Buscema has a Sabretooth and a Steve Rogers, also a nice Steve Rogers page by Byrne, Captain America action page by Ron Lim, full-team 1983 Avengers page and one from Uncanny X-Men #217 by Butch Guice, X-Men by John Romita Jr. and a Mary Jane sketch by Romita Sr.
An Incredible Hulk page by Rob Liefeld, one by McFarlane with the X-Factor, a color Wolverine bust by Humberto Ramos and what looks like a cover quality Spider-Man commission by Roger Cruz.
An Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola, the original cover to House of Mystery #239 by Garcia Lopez, two Walking Dead illustrations by Tony Moore, a Preacher page, an early TMNT pinup by Eastman/Laird, Spawn art by Greg Capullo and a Captain Atom splash by Jim Aparo.
Dan De Carlo nude girl panels from the 50’s always sell for high prices (one and two). No strips this week…
Heritage Sunday Comic Art Auction
Ron Wilson - The Thing Splash Original Comic Art
Ron Wilson - The Thing Splash Original Comic Art
Lots of Marvel pages to see, we start with a Spider-Man page by Gil Kane, then Namor by Don Heck, Master of Kung-Fu original art by Paul Gulacy, a very nice Marvel Universe illustration by Marie Severin, Ms. Marvel by Dave Cockrum, a Thing splash by Ron Wilson and a painted Spider-Man page by Charles Vess from his classic graphic novel.
Thor original comic art by Walt Simonson is impossible to find, this week we have an Odin pinup from the Handbook. Nice Wolverine page by Marc Silvestri, a Namor splash by Rich Buckler, an Avengers back cover by Dave Hoover and a Conan page by John Buscema.
The first Alan Davis’ Excalibur page of 2019, let’s see how 3 months of scarcity will affect the end price.
DC Comics and again Alan Davis with a moody Batman page, Batman by Jim Aparo, Batman/Adam Strange by Infantino, a very detailed New Gods page by Jim Starlin, a 1993 Superman splash by Dan Jurgens and a Superman page by Lee Bermejo.
A Warlord splash by Grell, a Preacher page by Steve Dillon, nice painted Judge Dredd cover by Henry Flint and Love & Rockets original art by Gilbert Hernandez.
Strips: an Uncle Scrooge daily by Al Taliaferro signed by Carl Barks, a Mickey Mouse daily by Floyd Gottfredson, a Wizard of ID Sunday, a page from Dell‘s Popeye #1 by Sagendorf.
Little Nemo Comic Art Auction
Giorgio Cavazzano - Topolino Original Cover Art
Giorgio Cavazzano - Topolino Original Cover Art
The next Comic Art Auction by Little Nemo will be tomorrow (Friday). They had a simple but original idea: auctioning only Covers. Art by Dino Battaglia, Magnus, Ivo Milazzo, Hugo Pratt, Sergio Toppi, Simone Bianchi, Lucio Parrillo, Corteggi, Cavazzano, Marco Rota.
Nate Sanders, Blondie Original Comic Art Auction
Chic Young - Blondie Original Comic Art
Chic Young - Blondie Original Comic Art
Nate Sanders today (Thursday) will sell some Blondie strips from the Chic Young estate, the first, historical strips from the first year were auctioned in 2018, this time we have a little selection of dailies and Sundays spanning the entire history of the strip.
The Sunday from December 25 1932, one from 1938, 1940, 1944 and so on.
If you’re searching for a Bob Kane sketch (and don’t want to buy one of the thousands fakes around) there are two copies of the limited, sketched edition of “Batman and Me” #952/1,000 and #687/1,000.
See you next week!!
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