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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #77

March 22 · Issue #77 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #77 of Original Comic Art Tips! Last week everybody clicked on the Dennis the Menace panel that was sold for $1,3k due to Dennis’ mom in a swimsuit… but the link was broken! So here it is again.
Comic Art auction results:
Ebay: many interesting prices, the Spawn page by Capullo went for $2,700, the X-Men double page by Romita Jr. ended at $1,500, the Warlord original art by Grell for $2,000, a vintage Phoenix sketch by Dave Cockrum for $1,300, Batman by Don Newton for $1,100 and Wonder Woman by Delbo for $1,000.
Happy collectors bought the Batman illustration by Erik Larsen for $300 and a nice Venom page by Ron Lim for $450.
Heritage Sunday: the Frank Cho Jungle Girl art went for $2,000, the Paris Cullins Wonder Woman cover went for $4,500, the Teen Titans page by George Perez for $1,700. The Fantastic 4 page by Alan Davis went for only $400 and the Wolverine half-splash by Ramos for $300.

This week on eBay
Sean Murphy - Batman Original Comic Art
Sean Murphy - Batman Original Comic Art
Not many pieces this week, but a few are very, very interesting. Let’s see. Look at this great Heck/Cockrum page from Avengers #108, Dave Cockrum again with a Wolverine/Nightcrawler page from Uncanny X-Men #153, 90’s Spiderman, 70’s Spiderman Vs. Vulture and Avengers #88 by Sal Buscema.
An Incredible Hulk cover by Joe Quesada, the price’s not too high and offers are accepted, Very nice and cheap Wolverine original art by Ed McGuinness, several cheap Mark Bagley Avengers pages, here’s one.
Wolverine by Olivier Coipel and Humberto Ramos, cheap Guardians and Warlock by Jim Starlin, Iron Fist by Jeff Dekal and a nice Jean Grey sketch by Darwin Cooke.
DC: Sean Murphy himself is selling two Batman pages for charity (one, two). Run! A Batman commission by Tim Sale starting from $0 for a change, great Batman half-splash by Don Newton and another Batman page, last week’s Catwoman original art by Jim Balent is still going strong, Captain Marvel by C.C. Beck, Doom Patrol by John Byrne and a Flash cover recreation by Joe Giella.
Strips: a Roy Crane daily, a Blowtop Dick Tracy daily, a Wizard of ID Sunday and a fake (very bad) Calvin and Hobbes daily is getting bids…
Heritage Sunday Auction
George Perez - Avengers/JLA Original Comic Art
George Perez - Avengers/JLA Original Comic Art
The return of John Buscema. After some months of partial absence from the Sunday Auction he’s back with an Avengers page, a Thor fight page, Conan and Conan 2 comic art. Sal has a Defenders splash, Ron Frenz a Thor page, Paul Gulacy a classic Master of Kung-Fu page and Gene Colan a great Dracula pinup used for a Back Issue cover.
A Kirby style Avengers pinup by Steve Rude, an Avengers page by John Cassaday, a Wolverine/Namor double page by Humberto Ramos, an Avengers splash by Billy Tan and an incredible George Perez illustration from Avengers/JLA.
Three pieces from DC: Batman by Jim Aparo, Azrael by Quesada/Nowlan and Batman by Rick Leonardi.
Two very nice Preacher pages, one from #19 and one from #40. Two Warlord pages by Mike Grell (one, two), a painted Hellblazer cover by Simon Bisley, Charlie Adlard original art from Walking Dead #12 and an early Peter Bagge Buddy Bradley page.
Few strips: an Al Taliaferro Donald Duck Sunday, a nice Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond and a Li'l Abner Sunday.
Millon Original Comic Art Auction
Hergé - Tintin Original Comic Art
Hergé - Tintin Original Comic Art
High end pieces of comic art drawn by all the greatest artists at Millon. A Tintin illustration and a color sketch by Hergé, a color piece by Manara, a double page by Shuiten, a Vance double page from XIII, a Largo Winch page by Franq and dozens of other great lots to see.
Russ Cochran Comic Art Auction
Only a piece worth mentioning, the original cover art to Tales from the Crypt #45 by Jack Davis!
(Blog Post!) Top ten lots sold on Ebay in February
I made a blog post for the ten highest prices reached on Ebay last month, you can read it here. Let me know what you think and see you next week!!
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