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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #76

March 15 · Issue #76 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with Comic Art Tips #76, not many auctions like last time but two very long Ebay and Heritage Sunday sections! Let’s start!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
Ebay: the Trimpe/Smith Machine Man original art went for $5k, the Kazar page by Jack Kirby for $3,8k, a Batman page by Don Newton for $1,7k, the Spectre DPS by Ross Andru was sold for $3k and the Weird Science page by Al Williamson for $2,9k. The Robin sketch by Jim Lee went for $330 and a B.C. Sunday for $220.
Comic Connect: the Mister Miracle cover by Jack Kirby went for $23k, the Captain America splash for $9k, the Green Lantern cover original art by Mike Grell for $14k and the Conan page by Barry Smith for $11k.
Heritage Sunday: the Fantastic Four original art by John Buscema went for $1,900, the Thor splash by Sal for $1,700, a Doctor Who page by Dave Gibbons was sold for $2,100 and a Graham Ingels EC page for $1,800.
I never imagined that Dennis the Menace‘s mom in a swimsuit would take a panel’s price to $1,800… Meanwhile a Superman Vs Martian Manhunter page by Dick Dillin went for only $400 and a Ghita illustration by Frank Thorne for $300.
On Hake’s the early Sandman original art by Dringenberg went for $14k.

This week on eBay
Greg Capullo - Spawn Original Comic Art
Greg Capullo - Spawn Original Comic Art
Very long ebay section, I had to edit out some of links. DC comic art: rare Jim Balent Catwoman half-splash, nice Joe Giella Batman and Robin commission signed by Julie Schwartz, a Batman page and a Joker commission by David Finch, cheap Batman illustration by David Lapham, last week’s unsold Batman by Erik Larsen with a $100 price reduction, a Demon page by John Byrne and Superman comic art by Rich Buckler.
I like a lot this Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, then a WW splash by Jose Delbo and Supergirl art by Mike Sekowsky.
Marvel: a 1964 Giant-Man page by Carl Burgos for $1k, good price for a little piece of history. One of our members is selling many nice pieces this week, like this X-Men DPS by John Romita Jr., Thor original art by Olivier Coipel, a Cable semi-splash by Jim Cheung and an Avengers page by Stuart Immonen.
Ron Lim has a classic Venom page and an Infinity Finale, Ron Garney X-Men page, Power-Man by Marie Severin, Spider-Man and The Thing by Mike Wieringo and a Romita Jr/Layton Tony Stark page. With prices for classic JR-JR art growing, this may be the opportunity to buy something cheap.
Great Spawn/Angela original art by Greg Capullo, Shade page by Chris Bachalo, a Warlord splash by Mike Grell.
Classic Witchblade cover art by Michael Turner with a high price, probably fishing for offers. A Preacher page, a very nice Eduardo Risso illustration and Ghita by Frank Thorne.
Heritage Sunday Comic Art Auction
Humberto Ramos - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Humberto Ramos - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Many pieces for auction this week, like this Batman by Jim Aparo, a Wonder Woman cover by Paris Cullins and a Superman cover by Ed Hannigan. A Catwoman illustration by Garcia Lopez and a nice Catwoman page by Paul Gulacy, a Quesada/Nowlan Azrael page and another beautiful Outsiders page by Nowlan.
Marvel: an inkwash Conan page by John Buscema and an inkwash Howard the Duck by Gene Colan, Spider-Man/Hulk original art by Jeff Purves, Thor title splash by Ron Frenz, Fantastic Four by Alan Davis.
Silver Surfer splash by Tom Grummett, a Captain America splash by Dan Jurgens and Wolverine Vs Namor by Humberto Ramos.
Beautiful (naked) Jungle Girl original art by Frank Cho, again a beautiful (naked girl) Love and Rockets early page by Gilbert Hernandez, EC Comics page by Johnny Craig, two panels from Sandman #66 by Marc Hempel and Lady Death original art by Steven Hughes.
Strips: Dick Tracy daily, very early (58) B.C. daily and a nice Rip Kirby by Raymond.
Vermot et Associés
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese Original Comic Art
Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese Original Comic Art
Vermot has an auction mostly made of sketched books, all signed to a Daniel, who had a great collection of multiple sketches by the greatest french comic artists. Most of their published work is priced too high for 99% of collectors so here’s an opportunity to add a little something to collections. Some of the top pieces are a nice Corto Maltese sketch by Hugo Pratt, a quick and nice Blueberry sketch by Gir/Moebius, very nice Mortimer sketch by Jacobs, a rare Laverdure by Jije, a quick Bilal and a quick Peyo.
An early sexy pinup by Enrico Marini and a nice sexy pinup by Crisse.
See you next week with another Original Comic Art Tips newsletter and lots of great art!
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