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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #75

March 7 · Issue #75 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #75 of Original Comic Art Tips, be prepared for a very long newsletter, lots of results and many auctions coming up this week!
Comic Art auction results.
Ebay: the Wolverine original art by Marc Silvestri went for $2,400, the Avengers page by Jack Kirby ended, but was sold outside Ebay, the Amanda Conner cover art went for $1,100 and the 1951 Gasoline Alley daily went for $850.
Comiclink: the title splash to Fantastic Four #112 by John Buscema went for $43k, An end price of $40k+ until yesterday was usually the price for Buscema’s original cover art (but this is an exceptional splash). A John Byrne Fantastic Four page went for $17k. For a John Romita Jr. early 80’s Spiderman cover $21k, is a pretty high price, while a really high price is 21k for a 2004 cover (yes it’s also a great wraparound cover). A nice Spider-Man page ended for only $475. The Punisher sketch By Romita Sr. went for $1,550 (was sold on Ebay for $1,080 last December).
Based on the price list on Albert Moy‘s website, a bust commission without background by Jim Lee is priced at $7k. This Joker (with background) went for $4k.
If you have an Alan Davis piece to sell give it to Heritage: this Excalibur page went for only $1,250, the right price if you asked me just before last summer’s Davis craze.
This Richard Corben cover was sold for $52k, it went for $48k on Heritage’s November auction. Considering a 10% seller’s fee (am I right?) the owner lost a little bit of money by flipping it.
Now, for the regrets department, when I was browsing the lots I considered putting a $700 bid on this Lee Bermejo splash from 100 Bullets. It was sold for less than $400…
Happier collectors bought a wraparound Superman cover by Andru/Giordano for $2,600, a Frank Cho jungle painting and a Batman DPS by Paul Gulacy for $850, a Bryan Hitch Green Arrow cover for $475, a Wonder Woman illustration by Garcia Lopez for $350.
A Superman splash by Jim Lee for $1,900 isn’t bad, $950 were enough for this Preacher page by Steve Dillon and for this Thor page by John Buscema.
Heritage Sunday: the original cover art by Humberto Ramos went for $5,000, the World’s Finest cover by Ernie Chan for $4,500, the Teen Titans page by George Perez for $3,300, the Wolverine original art by John Buscema for $2,000.
Dick Ayers’ art had a good week in the comic art world, the Avengers #1 cover recreation went for $2,000, the Sgt Fury #90 title page for $2,200, the Rawhide Kid #36 original art for $1,200 and the Western Gunfighters splash for $1,400.
Low prices for Alan Davis this week, a nice X-Men page went for $350. A very nice Batman page by Sean Philips ended for $240.
The Moon Mullins Sunday pages all went for about $1,400 and a Rip Kirby without girls went for $1,500.

This week on eBay
Trimpe/Windsor-Smith - Machine Man Original Comic Art
Trimpe/Windsor-Smith - Machine Man Original Comic Art
We start with Marvel, a Machine Man page by Herb Trimpe and Barry Smith, the same seller has Ka-Zar original art by Jack Kirby.
Nice Conan page by John Buscema, Hercules page by Bob Layton, Rom by Bob Hall.
Spider-Man 2099 splash by Rick Leonardi, an Excalibur splash by Butch Guice, Magneto comic art by Kelley Jones, Alpha Flight by Duncan Rouleau, Infinity Abyss by Jim Starlin, Spider-Girl by Frenz/Buscema, X-Men half splash by Salvador Larroca.
Some Commissions: nice Captain America by Chris Samnee, Storm by Chris Bachalo, Psylocke original art by Terry Dodson, painted Daredevil by Esad Ribic.
DC: Superman page and a Spectre DPS by Ross Andru, nice Batman/Superman art by Rich Buckler, very nice Batman page by Don Newton, Flash original art by Don Heck.
Robin sketch by Jim Lee, a Batman page by Tony Daniel, Teen Titans Dps by Dan Jurgens, Batman Vs. 2 Face by Erik Larsen and a Green Lantern page by Dave Gibbons.
Classic Weird Science original comic art by Al Williamson, Ring of the Nibelung page by Gil Kane, 2 consecutive Walking Dead pages (one, two) by Charlie Adlard. No comic strips…
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Buscema - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
This week we have a page from Fantastic Four #128 by Buscema/Sinnott, a Thor half-splash by Sal Buscema, a Gene Ha X-Men DPS, a Black Widow pinup by Brian Stelfreeze and a nice Master of Kung-Fu page by Gene Day.
A Silver Surfer splash by Tom Grindberg, a Captain America splash by Dave Hoover, a Joe Madureira X-Men page and it’s time for DC.
George Perez Teen Titans original art, a Graham Nolan Batman page, a Carmine Infantino Robin page and a World’s Finest by Dick Dillin.
An EC page by Graham Ingels, a Ghita pinup by Frank Thorne and a Lady Death page by Steven Hughes.
Strips: an Al Taliaferro Donald Duck daily, a Dennis the Menace Sunday and a daily panel, an early B.C. Sunday and an On Stage Sunday.
Comic Connect Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Captain America Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Captain America Original Comic Art
I had to scroll through hundreds of prints and color guides, but I found a few great pieces. The title splash to Marvel Treasury Special #1, the cover to Mister Miracle #14 and a page from Journey Into Mystery #84 all by Jack Kirby. Original art from Conan the Barbarian #1 and #16 by Barry Smith, a page from Avengers #12 by Don Heck, Conan art by John Buscema.
The Cover to #110 of Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Mike Grell, the title splash to Aquaman #11 by Nick Cardy, an Aquaman splash by Pat Gleason and a Green Lantern DPS by Ivan Reis.
Hakes original art auction
John Buscema - Marvel Age Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Marvel Age Original Comic Art
A few nice pieces again, a Mike Dringenberg page from Sandman #14, Dan Clowes original art for a lighter, a Batgirl splash by Jose Delbo, nice John Buscema page from Marvel Age with many heroes.
A beautiful Aristocrats Sunday, a Buster Brown sketch by Outcault.
This incredibly long Original Comic Art Tips newsletter ends here, see you next week!! 🔍.
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