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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #66

January 4 · Issue #66 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Garcia Lopez, Deodato, Frazetta and… Monkey Punch! in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
Auction Results: eBay. Most of the art for sale last week went unsold, or sold for the starting price, not much to see. The Jim Lee action figures with sketch went for less than the $3,000 buy it now price usually found on eBay. Batman went for $840 and Harley for $700. The remarked Batman print sold for $500. This Batman quickie by Lee quickly sold yesterday with a BIN price of $400. Same thing with this Joker on a blank cover for $500. A DC Trinity page by Clay Mann went for $900, the Avengers cover by Ed McGuinness went unsold at $2k and is now for sale again at $1,8k or best offer.
Heritage Sunday: the Paul Gulacy DC cover made $2,100, the Twinkies ad by Curt Swan $2,000, the Connie original Sunday art by Frank Godwin $4,500, the beautiful Robin Malone Sunday less than $500 and the Doonesbury daily $1,000.

This week on eBay
Garcia Lopez - Batman Original Art
Garcia Lopez - Batman Original Art
We start with the best piece, a Batman splash by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, the reserve price seems very high. Batman again, with a Sean Murphy illustration, JLA by Mark Bagley, Teen Titans by Eduardo Barreto, Cheap Wonder Woman and Superman pages by John Byrne.
Marvel: An iconic Elektra cover by Mike Deodato, Ghost Rider cover by Ron Garney, the title splash from Spidey Super Stories #53 by Win Mortimer and a nice Dracula portrait by Gene Colan.
Captain America commission by Mike Zeck, Thor original art by Keith Pollard, beautiful Marvel Fanfare page by Charles Vess. Nice Daredevil page by Scott McDaniel, Peter Parker page by Romita Jr., Hawkeye DPS by Roger Robinson and a Mike Henderson page with Logan and Deadpool.
Great 3-page MAD story by Jack Davis, Xenozoic Tales illustration by Mark Schultz, a DC cover layout by Alex Toth, and some strips: Tumbleweeds Sunday, an Alley Oop daily from 1938 and a hand-painted Steve Canyon print by Milton Caniff.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Arturo Cazeneuve - Black Cat Original Art
Arturo Cazeneuve - Black Cat Original Art
Another weak auction, let’s wait next week when things will probably go back to pre-Christmas days. In the meantime some art: Jim Aparo has a Metal Men splash and a page with Batman, a Batman pinup by Garcia-Lopez, a Spectre DPS by Ryan Sook and a Penguin Ad by Curt Swan. A Silver Surfer/Spiderman page by Paul Pelletier and a Power Man page by George Tuska.
The most interesting piece of the week is a Golden Age Black Cat splash by Arturo Cazeneuve.
Strips: a 1927 Barney Google daily, very nice Orphan Annie Sunday, a Dennis the Menace panel, an early 20’s Gasoline Alley daily and a Green Berets daily by Kubert.
Taurus Auctions
Art Adams - Man Thing Original Art
Art Adams - Man Thing Original Art
Ok I don’t know anything about this auction house, yesterday I saw a banner on ComicArtFans and clicked it. The website is not helpful, looks like it’s their first auction. There are some pages, some sketches and some sketched books, many discrepancies between art, attribution and estimates. I don’t know how many persons noticed the CAF banner, but if you see something you like you can hope for low competition…
Many Norm Breyfogle pages, (no Batman) there’s an Avengers, a Hellcat and a Thunderbolts. A Defenders page by Larsen/Buscema, Spiderman by Sal, Spidergirl by Frenz/Buscema.
A Sabretooth page and a Cap sketch by David Finch, a Booster Gold page by Jurgens/Sienkiewicz and an Avengers/Ultraforce original by George Perez.
Several Rob Liefeld pages like this Captain America and this full team Youngblood.
Many Neal Adams sketches and sketched books, like this Batman. Look at this X-Men hardcover with two sketches: Havok and… Batman! :)
This is weird: A great Art Adams Man-Thing sketch with an estimate of only $50-75… from the estimate I’d think of a print but it’s described as original art, then a Gambit sketch by Adam Kubert with a $250-300 estimate (just about right).
Another: there are many signed Frazetta books, look at this one, the description says: “Signed with original sketches by Frank Frazetta”, estimate $200. I can’t tell if the sketch is real or printed as a frontispiece, but the extremely low estimate would make me think of a signed book not a sketched book…
2: Is this a signed Frazetta book? Look at the horse sketch, seems like the signature belongs to the drawing, so are both the sketch AND the signature real or are both the drawing AND the signature printed? We need somebody who owns the same book to understand.
Some sketches by “unidentified artists” Batman by Walt Simonson, Batman by Joe Quesada, Batman by Jae Lee and many others.
To close there are 2 unidentified sketches by manga artists, one signature I can’t recognize (write me if you do), the other is a Lupin III sketch by creator Monkey Punch. Sketches by famous mangakas are usually worth a lot of money, not something to leave unidentified.
See you next week with a preview of the next ComicLink auction and the usual great original art!
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