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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #64

December 20 · Issue #64 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Jack Kirby, Art Adams, John Romita Jr. and more in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips!
Some Results: Ebay. The Spiderman splash by Mark Bagley sold for $3,000, the Art Adams illustration for $1,600, the Hulk page by Dale Keown for $1,000, Batman by Don Newton for $900.
I expected more from the Ryan Ottley Spiderman page, it went for $500. the Spiderman sketch by Stan Lee made $3,500.
Happy collectors bought an X-Men page by Chris Bachalo for $400, a Ron Frenz cover recreation for $200, a Wonder Woman page by John Byrne for $250, Batman by Tony Daniel for $200 and a Hulk cover recreation by Herb Trimpe for $350.
Heritage Sunday: The Jim Aparo Batman page was sold for $3,000, Don Newton for $1,200. The Curt Swan Twinkies Ad for $4,000, a Manhunter sketch by Walt Simonson for $1,600 and the Superman illustration by Jerry Ordway for only $300.
The Master of Kung-Fu page by Paul Gulacy went for $5,700 and a Solomon Kane illustration by Howard Chaykin for $3,100, the Alex Toth page for $3,000.
A B.C. daily sold for $900, a Dick Tracy daily for $1,500 and an Orphan Annie Sunday for only $500.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - OMAC Original Art
Jack Kirby - OMAC Original Art
Beware the flood of John Romita Sr. and Jr. original art on eBay (all by the same seller). He tried to sell this Punisher sketch for $5,000 2 weeks ago, $2,500 last week and now he started the auction at $0. Fact is that this Punisher looks real enough, the problem is that zooming in I don’t see any pencil marks. It may be a print, and the fact that he is selling this Daredevil print as original art is a warning sign. Another bigger warning sign is that ALL the other drawings he’s selling look fake, from the traced Marvel 25th cover frame to this horrible sketch.
Gene Colan‘s title splash to Tomb of Dracula #9 is the best piece, this week, then this X-Men page by Andy Kubert with a price that is some years ahead of its time, cheap X-Men page by Greg Land and a Logan page by Marc Silvestri.
A Spiderman splash by Ryan Stegman and a White Queen bust by Brandon Peterson.
DC: Batman pages. nice half-splash by Paul Gulacy and one by Rags Morales. Jose Delbo is still drawing, as you can see from this classic Batman in front of the movie Batmobile. Cover quality Batman illustration by Neal Adams, a cheap JLA page by Mark Bagley, nice Flash page by Carmine Infantino.
If you look from far enough maybe you can see Thanos instead of Darkseid in this New Gods page by Jim Starlin
A pencil prelim by Adam Hughes, and there’s something I like a lot in this OMAC page by Jack Kirby.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Arthur Adams - Longshot Original Art
Arthur Adams - Longshot Original Art
Classic Longshot page by Art Adams, Sasquatch of Alpha Flight illustration by John Byrne, a Wolverine page by Gene Colan, Marvel heroes pin-up by Paul Ryan, a nice Wolverine cover by John Romita Jr. and a Deathstroke cover.
DC: JLA splashes by Dick Dillin, one and two, a cover by Howard Porter, very nice Curt Swan Superman pages one and two and a Superman strip by Wayne Boring.
Strips: Hi and Lois Sunday and a self-portrait by Dik Browne, a Dick Tracy Sunday with the wrist radio in use, nice Green Berets daily by Joe Kubert, the usual great Bob Lubbers strips, like this Long Sam Sunday and a really GREAT Bringing Up Father Sunday.
This was a quiet week, I’m really curious to see what will be for sale next week, between Christmas and New year’s eve!
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