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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #63

Ryan Ottley, Jim Lee, John Romita Jr. and more! In this week's Original Comic Art Tips! Results. Ebay
December 15 · Issue #63 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Ryan Ottley, Jim Lee, John Romita Jr. and more! In this week’s Original Comic Art Tips!
Results. Ebay: the Batman splash by Don Newton went for $2,300, the Dan De Carlo sexy illustration for $4,000, a talking heads Alpha Flight page by John Byrne was sold for more than $1k, maybe it’s an important scene in the run?
The Frank Cho Batman commission was sold for $3,300, a 10% markup on the original price. Ghost Rider by Frank Robbins went for $600, Captain America for $550. Bids on the Spiderman page by John Buscema reached $3,100 without meeting the reserve, I think it was a fair price…
Heritage Sunday: the Silver Age Flash page by Carmine Infantino went for $6,000, the Dick Dillin JLA page for $1,300. Last week I overlooked this Cosmic Odyssey page by Mike Mignola due to the tiny heroes. It sold for $1,200…
The Curt Swan Superman daily strip went for $1,200 and the Twinkies ad for $1,800. The Sienkiewicz painting sold for $3,800, the Kirby Captain Victory for $1,300. The Ben Casey Sunday by Neal Adams went for $4k.
No time to look at the French auction results, I have to go buy Christmas presents! Maybe next week…

This week on eBay
Mark Bagley - Spiderman Original Art
Lots of Spiderman pieces this week, look at this splash by Mark Bagley, the price is not as bad as it seems… Scarlet Spider Vs. Spiderman 2099 by the same artist, very nice Ryan Ottley page from the current series, one from #800 by Stuart Immonen, cheap page with Spiderman and other heroes by Ed McGuinness, Ron Frenz cover recreation, a Kraven sketch by Mike Zeck and I like this 90’s page by Chris Marrinan.
Since we’re here there’s also a sketch by Stan Lee and an incredibly ugly FAKE Romita Sr. sketch with a lot of bids.
Some real Iron-Man pages by Romita Jr.: one, two and three. This Dale Keown Hulk page is ending in a few hours. Wolverine by Marc Silvestri, U.X-Men full team page by Chris Bachalo, Gene Colan Howard the Duck and Hulk by Herb Trimpe.
DC: A Jim Lee commission sketch is at $1k these days, so the price for this official DC merchandise piece is not off. Batman Original art page by Norm Breyfogle, Tony Daniel, Don Newton and Don again.
Wonder Woman by John Byrne, JLA by Starlin and a Bryan Hitch DPS.
Art Adams illustration, some early Sean Murphy pages, a splash from The Filth by Chris Weston and a Dawn painting by JM Linsner.
Not many comic strips for sale lately on eBay…
Heritage Sunday Auction
Wally Wood - Thunder Agents Original Art
DC: Classic Batman art by Jim Aparo, Batman by Michael Golden, Don Newton, Curt Swan. Very nice 1985 Superman color commission by Jerry Ordway, Flash Half-splash by Howard Porter and a JLA splash by Barry Kitson.
Marvel: Foster-esque Conan page by John Buscema and one by Gil Kane. Gene Colan Captain America and Wolverine, detailed Master of Kung-Fu by Gulacy, Ron Lim Silver Surfer/Cap Marvel page and a Jack Kirby Western page.
Sgt. Rock by Russ Heath, beautiful Star Reach page by Chaykin and a cover by Alex Nino, beautiful Eerie page by Alex Toth and Thunder Agents by Wally Wood.
Strips: early Pogo and Albert daily, 1934 Polly and her Pals, Katzenjammer Kids Sunday by Knerr, Sunday Star Hawks by Kane, 1974 B.C., early B.O. Plenty Dick Tracy daily and plenty of Bob Lubbers art, look at the backgrounds in this Long Sam Sunday.
No other interesting auctions, so… See you next Week!!!
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