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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #59

As I told you I'm working on a new Comic Art Tips website. The new website will go online in a couple
November 16 · Issue #59 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
As I told you I’m working on a new Comic Art Tips website. The new website will go online in a couple of weeks and the main addition will be a blog section where I’ll publish these newsletters (24 hours after sending the email, to give you all a head start) and some different articles about comic art collecting. (if you have topics to suggest feel free to hit reply).
On the home page I’d like to add some testimonials from subscribers, would you like to give me a very quick review? You can sign it as you want: with a nickname, if you want privacy, or with a link to your (comics related) website, If you want some help with Google rankings. Thanks!
Let’s go with auction results.
Ebay: Chris Samnee Batman illustrations were all sold, the winner was this Batman/Joker for $850, then 2 illustrations without Batman but with great design: one for $580 and one for $570. This one for $450 was great.
The John Romita Spiderman strip went for $3,000. The right price if you ask me, but if you go to the usual source for this kind of art he’d ask you double that price. A Sal Buscema Avengers page went for $2,000. The Jerome Opena Iron Fist cover went for $1,900, the Punisher cover by Dave Johnson for $650, a George Perez Avengers page for the same price. The Jim Lee Wildcats page was sold for $1,200, a good price for a full team page. The Marc Silvestri Cyberforce page went for $1,000, an Alan Davis Thing commission went for $750, usually the convention price for a piece like this is more or less $500. A Spiderman/Venom commission by Erik Larsen went for $380, a bit less than his price of $200 per character. This Rafael Albuquerque Wolverine commission for $120 was a steal.
Heritage Sunday: Gil Kane’s Spiderman went for $3,800, the Rune splash by BWS for $3,300, an Excalibur page by Alan Davis broke another record at $3,700. Just one year ago you could buy one for 3k less… The All-Conan page by John Buscema went for $1,900 and the Sal Buscema F4 page for the same price. A JB Thor page for $780 isn’t bad. Happy collectors also bought Stuart Immonen for $210, Barry Kitson for $260, Sienkiewicz for $220, Isherwood for $400, Greg Land for $380 and Harold Gray for $430.

This week on eBay
Tim Sale - Batman Illustration
After a few weeks we have another great Spiderman page by Erik Larsen, an Avengers page by George Perez, a Venom splash from the 90’s by Steven Butler and a Sabretooth half-splash by Adam Kubert.
A Thor page by Walt Simonson ending soon, I like a lot this Hulk pinup by Ernie Chan, 3 Bachalo pieces ending really soon. GenX, Spiderman/Deadpool and U X-Men.
Cheap Spiderman by Alan Davis, beautiful Daredevil page by Bill Sienkiewicz, Avengers VS. Thanos by Ron Lim, Wolverine by Terry Dodson a nice Iron Fist by Jeff Decal and a Wolverine prelim by Frank Cho. It was for sale with Buy It Now for almost a year, now finally it’s in a no-reserve auction.
DC: a Tim Sale Batman illustration, a Titans cover and a JLA page by George Perez. Charity Batman art by Klaus Janson and Dan Panosian. Batman style guide art by Ryan Sook. This seller has some very nice headsketch commissions by Scott Williams, I’d buy one if he offered int'l shipping. A Jack Kirby Mister Miracle original, Batman by Jim Balent and a Superman strip by Delbo.
A charity Sienk painting, Don Rosa Scrooge commission, many Maze Agency pages by a young Adam Hughes and a charity Robert Kirkman zombie sketch for the TWD completist.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Leonard Starr - On Stage Original Art
Batman by Gene Colan, by Dick Dillin, by Don Newton, Batman Vs. Joker and Two-Face by Bernie Wrightson (don’t overlook this one). Nice Superman original by Kerry Gammill, JLA by Barry Kitson, full team JLA splash by Howard Porter. An unrecognizable Erik Larsen on this Teen Titans page, but a fantastic piece.
Three nice David Finch pages, Wonder Woman, Avengers and a Silver Surfer pinup with Scott Williams.
A Black Widow sketch by John Romita and an Iron-Man pinup. A Captain America page by Sal Buscema and one by Gene Colan. 1984 Wolverine illustration by Bob McLeod, an X-Men page by Art Adams, a Thanos splash by Ron Lim, Storm splash by Ian Churchill, F4 by Rick Leonardi and a Silver Surfer commission by Esad Ribic.
Russ Heath war page, John Byrne Space 1999 splash, Jack Kirby Classics illustrated from 1961, BWS Valiant page, Jim Lee Wildcats original.
Strips: Terry Christmas daily by Caniff, Rip Kirby by Raymond, Dennis the Menace panel from 1958. Look at that first panel on this On Stage Sunday, great Long Sam and Robin Malone Sundays by Lubbers.
Heritage Signature Auction
Russ Manning - Tarzan original Art
The third and final part of our big tour de force. Click here to read part one and here for part two. some pieces ended yesterday (The Master Race by Krigstein made $600,000) some are ending NOW and some tomorrow.
The best Steve Ditko pieces ended yesterday, I’m a little late… the 2/3 splash from Amazing Spiderman #18 with a full costumed figure. But I’m a big fan of Ditko’s horror Charlton covers, this is a very nice example from Ghostly Tales ending today.
Sal Buscema. A Thor splash, a Namor half-splash inked by Bernie Wrightson and a classic Captain America page. A Sam Kieth Wolverine/Venom splash, Spiderman/Punisher by Ross Andru. I like Rob Liefeld’s art, but I have to admit this classic Cable DPS from X-Force #9 is not so appealing.
DC: Neal Adams has a rare Sgt. Rock page and a nice Superman pinup. A Superman page by Wayne Boring and a war page by Russ Heath. Very nice Batman and Robin splash by Tony Daniel and a Batman Year 100 original by Paul Pope.
Some Moebius original art like this page from Deima. Some classic and modern Richard Corben pieces like this 70’s cover. Crumb has a naked woman illustration and a Devil Girl page. A fantastic Tarzan cover by Russ Manning and a nice Spirit illustration by Will Eisner.
Strips: A nice Ben Casey by Neal Adams, a Felix Sunday by Otto Messmer, a rare Rube Goldberg device strip, a 1955 Pogo Sunday, and a Rarebit Fiend Sunday by McCay.
Let me know if you end up buying something! I’ll be here next week with the most amazing hammer prices!

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