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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #58

Classic Spider-Man art week with Romita Sr. and Kane on Original Comic Art Tips! A very long update,
November 8 · Issue #58 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Classic Spider-Man art week with Romita Sr. and Kane on Original Comic Art Tips! A very long update, let’s see some auction results:
Ebay: Chris Samnee made a lot of money with Inktober sketches, $570, $630, $560, $830 for the Catwoman (more than a lot of the Cap pages he sold in 2018) and 11 other pieces.
$1,200 for the Spiderman page by John Byrne, $3,000 for the Mina Harker by Adam Hughes, $500 for the two nice Wonder Woman pages by Don Heck, $2,100 for the beautiful Batman splash by Don Newton, $750 for an Alan Davis Thing pinup.
Heritage Sunday: the Art Adams cover went for $2,600, Daredevil by Gene Colan $1,600, Excalibur by Alan Davis $3,100, Justice League by Dillin $700, a Ron Frenz/Sinnott F4 page for only $380, the Kirby Romance page $1,200.
The Hagar Sunday $2,500, Zorro by Manning $1,300 and the early On Stage daily $720.

This week on eBay
John Romita - Spiderman Original Strip Art
No doubts that the best piece for this week is this Spiderman daily strip by John Romita, it’s still well below its market price, we’ll see.
A Punisher cover by Dave Johnson and an Iron Fist cover by Jerome Opena. Some 90’s pages: Punisher half-splash by Mark Texeira, Excalibur by Larry Stroman, Wolverine by Steve Lightle, Namor by John Byrne, Spiderman by Tom Lyle.
Thor by Charles Vess, Fantastic 4 by Alan Davis, Shang-Chi by Rudy Nebres, Thor half-splash by Bryan Hitch, Emma Frost by Greg Land and Avengers by Jim Cheung.
DC: the second half of the Inktober daily drawings by Chris Samnee. I like the Bat-cave, vampire Batman 1 and 2, Bane and Batman who Laughs.
Atom by John Byrne, a nice Batman splash by Pat Broderick, Flash by Tony Daniel, JSA half-splash by Leonard Kirk and an early piece by Lee Bermejo.
Batman-TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman, an early Frank Cho Cavewoman pinup, a Wildcats page by Jim Lee and a nice Cyberforce by Mark Silvestri. A Hellboy bust by Mignola with zero offers, maybe people think it’s a fake? It’s not.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Gil Kane - Spiderman Original Art
For DC Comics we have a Dick Dillin JLA Original, a Superfriends title-splash by Ramona Fradon, Aquaman by Don Heck, JLA by Barry Kitson, a Batman commission by Andy Kubert (almost impossible to get something like this in 2018) and a Bill Sienkiewicz Batman sketch from the 80’s.
Marvel art starts as usual with a big John Buscema update, two great Conan pages with Alcala inks, SSoC #28 and SSoC #32. A Thor page, a beautiful Tower of Shadows half-splash and Tarzan with a panel clearly inked by Neal Adams. Then look at this incredible Sal Buscema Fantastic 4 page. A great Excalibur by Alan Davis, Namor Vs. Thing DPS by Geof Isherwood, Wolverine original by Greg Land and a Conan Pencil illustration by Sienk. Look again: a Gil Kane page from Amazing Spider-Man #150.
An early Sci-Fi illustration by Byrne, nice Western page by Jack Kirby, Rune by BWS.
Strips: Pogo 1955 daily and complete cast daily, very, very nice Long Sam and Robin Malone by Lubbers, the best Broom Hilda Sunday ever and a Mary Perkins Sunday.
Heritage Signature Auction
John Romita - Spiderman Original Cover
Here we are with part 2 of 3 of our overview. Click here to read the first part and come back next week for the third and for the auction.
Two complete Tomb of Dracula issues by Gene Colan, this is #37. Some top pieces by George Perez like the cover to Crisis #6, an incredibly detailed Avengers/JLA DPS and an Avengers title splash. Jack Kirby: incredible Kirby pages on Heritage are nothing new… look at page 1 from X-Men #10, and a page from X-Men #1, a page from Incredible Hulk #5, an Inhumans splash from F4 #83 and the iconic Captain America #109 cover.
Top pieces also by Jim Starlin, some modern cosmic covers and a few classics. A cosmic calendar illustration from 1976, a page from Captain Marvel #25, a Thanos/Thor cover from 2001 and a Thanos Vs. Galactus half-splash.
I don’t know where HA gets this continuous flow of John Buscema art. They sell 5 pages every week and a dozen for every event auction, more or less 30 each month. A Conan cover, every fan’s dream, a page with Conan, Red Sonja and Belit, a Wolverine half-splash, a Silver Surfer page and a great Thor splash.
John Romita Sr. has the cover to Amazing #60, Jr. Jr. a classic Iron-Man page and a Thor DPS.
Mix: Ed McGuinness Hulk, Batman by Marini (probably sent this original himself to test the market), a Frank Cho cover with a lot of DC Heroes, Gil Kane Thor and Atom covers, Jim Aparo Batman cover, Batman illustration by Jim Lee, Hawkman cover by Joe Kubert, Batman page by Frank Miller, Bermejo and a Punisher cover by Mike Golden.
Strips: a Johnny Comet Sunday by Frazetta, a 1921 Gasoline Alley Sunday, two ultra-rare The Far Side panels, a rare Orphan Annie daily from the 20’s, a 1917 Krazy Kat Sunday, a 1941 Prince Valiant Sunday, a 1981 Garfield Sunday with a great gag.
Jim Lee donated a great Batman illustration to Charitybuzz. here’s a link.
Nate Sanders auction ending tonight, some Peanuts strips and a couple Crumb originals.

See you next week for the third part of Heritage’s auction and a lot more!
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