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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #57

Adam Hughes, Chris Samnee, Carl Barks and more! in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!! E
November 1 · Issue #57 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Adam Hughes, Chris Samnee, Carl Barks and more! in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!!
Ebay results: the Thor page by Jack Kirby went for $4,600, I’m a little surprised by the Superpowers page for $2,700. The little Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola for $2,100. Basically what a second quality page (with tiny Hellboy images) from the latest comics would cost. I’d take the cover.
The Bruce Timm Conan page went for $1,600, the Wolverine sketch by Jim Lee for $1,100 and a Leinil Yu Wolverine page for only $150.
I’d bet that the Space Ghost sketch by Alex Toth went for less than $400 because it wasn’t inked by himself (even if the inker was a certain Bill Sienkiewicz). A sketch like this in pure pencils should sell for at least $800.
Heritage Sunday: the Alex Toth Sunday style strip went for almost $2,000, the barbarian with naked girls ended pretty low at $1,200, the romance splash went for his market price at $900 and the Hot Wheels page higher than market price at $840. The Bob Lubbers Tarzan style Sunday for $2,800, the Long Sam for $500 and the Robin Malone for only $400.
John Buscema’s Fantastic 4 page sold for $1,500, the Conan for $2,100 (!) and the Excalibur pages by Alan Davis for $2,800 and $3,100. I’ve been officially outpriced.
The Adam Hughes JLA page for $1,100, the Swan Superman for $1,100 again and the Rune page by BWS for $3,300.

This week on eBay
Adam Hughes - Black Cat Commission
It’s November, and like in 2017, Chris Samnee is selling his incredible Inktober daily Batman sketches. This week we have the first 15, Batman in the rain, in the fire, on a Gargoyle, a Catwoman and more.
Many Adam Hughes pieces, a nice Black Cat commission, Mina Harker, Captain America, a Penthouse Comix page and a cheap Lady Death. The usual two Wonder Woman pages by Don Heck but this week they’re very nice. A Batman splash by Don Newton and a panel page, this Wonder Woman sketch by Neal Adams is going cheaper than his own prices. This Michael Cho Flash Sketch is much cheaper than his commission prices.
A great War Machine splash by Butch Guice, a Spiderman page by John Byrne, full team Fantastic 4 page by Paul Ryan, One and Two cheap Hulk pages by Ed McGuinness, act fast, Jim Starlin’s Hulk original art, Spiderman by Sal Buscema and an Eternals/Thor page by Paul Ryan signed by writer Walt Simonson and Inker Al Williamson.
Several Walking Dead pages this week, this one is the best with Michonne and signed by Kirkman.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Arthur Adams - Aquaman Original Art
DC: very nice Aquaman JLApe cover by Art Adams, a Superman page and a full team JLA by Dick Dillin, a great 8 page lot of Alex Nino original art from House of Mystery and Don Heck drawing Aquaman.
Marvel: Conan, pencils/inks by John Buscema, Daredevil by Gene Colan, a Kitty Pryde page by Alan Davis, Frenz/Sinnott on Fantastic Four, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne.
John Byrne early Charlton art, a Jack Kirby romance page, a rare Magnus by Russ Manning, Rune by BWS.
Strips: after many dailies a Hagar Sunday page, a nice Friday Foster, a beautiful Long Sam Sunday by Bob Lubbers and a Robin Malone, a Broom Hilda Sunday and look at this beautiful On Stage Sunday.
Comic link Focused Auction
Bruce Timm - Batman Original Art
This auction is ending today! (November 1). My usual recommendation. There are many nice, little pieces that will sell cheap. You should go and search for your favorite artists… (quick) ComicLink makes it easy by writing all of the artist’s names on the left sidebar.
Some Batman Original Art: a full figure with background Bruce Timm illustration, original art by Eduardo Risso, nice illustration by Tim Sale, Batman/Flash/Green Lantern page by John Byrne and another with Green Arrow/Flash/Black Canary.
Wonder Woman splash by Tony Daniel, classic Superboy cover by Tom Grummett, Impulse cover by Humberto Ramos and a Superman cover by Doug Mahnke.
A Moon Knight page by Sienkiewicz, an Incredible Hulk by Gary Frank, a moody Steve Epting Captain America page a Ron Lim Silver Surfer and some Mutants: Storm by Darwin Cooke, Wolverine by Alan Davis, Psylocke half-splash and Wolverine by Andy Kubert.
A Y: The Last Man page by Pia Guerra and an Invincible illustration by Ryan Ottley.

Heritage Signature Auction Nov 15/17
Carl Barks - Uncle Scrooge Original Art
The Signature Auction is ending two weeks from now, there’s so much high quality Original Comic Art to see that I’m splitting my review in three parts, A to Z. This is part 1/3.
Adam Hughes has two beautiful pieces: a pencil illustration of DC bad girls and a painted Fantastic Four cover. Al Williamson a classic EC page and a big John Carter illustration.
Barry Windsor Smith has a selection of artwork from many of his “modern” comics. The first is a Weapon X saga cover from MCP #82, then an interior page from #84, a nice cover from Eternal Warrior #7, a page from the first appearance of Rune, a pair of beautifully detailed fantasy comic strips and some more.
B. Krigstein’s complete “The Master Race” from EC Comics is the cover item for this auction.
For Bernie Wrightson we have a Twisted Tales cover, a Chamber of Darkness cover and a DPS from House of Mystery.
Bill Everett has drawn Namor in all 6 panels of this page, a New Mutants splash by Bill Sienkiewicz, a beautiful Powell/Wood page from Daredevil #10, a color Spiderwoman pinup by Bruce Timm and look at this World’s Finest cover by Curt Swan! An Incredible Hulk cover by Dale Keown and a Dave Cockrum page from X-Men #94..!
A classic and very rare Carl Barks ducks page, a rare Charlie Adlard TWD page with zombies and some very nice Chris Ware pages.
Strips: a Frank Frazetta Li'l Abner Sunday, a Flash Gordon portrait by Alex Raymond and a Rip Kirby daily full of women, a Tarzan Sunday by Burne Hogarth.
A bunch of high end Peanuts strips (all Schulz originals are high end, I know, but these are some of the best) like a 1952 early Snoopy Sunday, a pre-Peanuts Li'l Folks panel, Lucy being Lucy and you can dream that this Peppermint Patty daily from 1991 remains affordable until the hammer (look for the other Peanuts strips on HA).
See you next week for the second part of Heritage’s highlights and the usual great new art!
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