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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #53

Larsen, Finch, BWS, Kubert and more! in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter! Welcome to #5
October 4 · Issue #53 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Larsen, Finch, BWS, Kubert and more! in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
Welcome to #53 of Comic Art Tips, tomorrow will be our first anniversary, I sent the first email on October 5 2017. If you want to make me a present share this email with your friends or on social media, I’d really appreciate it!!
Auction results: Ebay: The Star Wars splash by Howard Chaykin went for $2,800, the Amazing Spiderman #800 page by Humberto Ramos, despite being the most watched on eBay, the most clicked here, and having 42 bids, only made $400. The Black Cat commission by Jim Cheung sold for $180, his latest price for a commission is $325 (but the examples are a little more finished than this one). The 3-page Flash lot by Don Heck made $950, the Adam Hughes JLA page $700, a Green Arrow sketch by Neal Adams made $75 (similar drawings on sale on his website go for $300/400) the Tony Daniel Tomb Raider splash $600 and another nice page $180. A full Emma Frost commission by Jae Lee made $680, a double Wolverine commission by Matteo Scalera $500.
HA Sunday: The Winner was, unsurprisingly, Jill Thompson with her Sandman page sold for $9,000. The Black Cat illustration by Frank Cho went for $4,000, the Esad Ribic Thor Cover for $3,300 and the R. Crumb sketch page for $2,000.
The Green Arrow page by George Papp made $2,100, Ragman by Joe Kubert $1,600, Dale Keown’s Hulk $1,500 and Bob Brown’s Batman original $1,300. A John Buscema Avengers page with Hercules made $2,600 while a late but not bad Conan page went for only $280.
Mickey Mouse by Gottfredson $900 and the Beetle Bailey cover $130.

This week on eBay
Erik Larsen - Savage Dragon Original Art
A good week on eBay, I’ll start with this Steve Epting Fantastic Four half-splash I really like, then the FF again with a Salvador Larroca page and a Namor Vs. Thing splash (joke not intended) by Stuart Immonen. I’ve been searching for a Paul Ryan FF page, this one is not the right page for me but still pretty good.
A Kitty Pryde cover by Paul Smith, a Magneto full commission by the same artist, a BIG Colossus illustration by Bryan Hitch, a Wolverine page by Marc Silvestri, another one by Chris Bachalo.
Nice Spider-Gwen page and an illustration by Greg Land, Amazing Spiderman page by Mario Alberti, a very cheap Neal Adams Thor commission, a Gene Colan Captain America #136 page with mismatched Colletta inks, Daredevil by Bob Brown and a nice Invaders page by Frank Robbins.
I never read the Suicide Squad so I can’t tell who are the characters on this page, but you should consider this Jim Lee original for $1,200 or best offer. And there’s another one for $2,000 OBO. A Wonder Woman page by George Perez, a nice Dick Dillin Blackhawk page, two Wonder Woman pages by Don Heck, a cheap full team JLA page by Paul Ryan, a Lois Lane/Superman page by Irv Novick and if you want a cheap, signed John Byrne page here’s an Atom original for $300 or Best Offer. Be quick with this Batman by David Finch, you have 4 hours from now.
If you want an Erik Larsen Savage Dragon page you should make an offer here, an early splash with a great image of the Dragon with the TMNT, try to agree on an offer and take it.
Strips: 2 Delbo Superman dailies, a Bringing Up Father daily, a Terry daily, first year Carol Day and Tailspin Tommy.

Heritage Sunday Auction
John Byrne - The Thing Original Illustration
The best piece, for my tastes, is this Thing pinup from the Handbook by John Byrne. A Daredevil original by Gene Colan, Excalibur page by Alan Davis, Marc Sasso paints the scene of Spiderman rising out of the grave for a trading card, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne and an Avengers cover by Ty Templeton.
DC: a nice Nightwing cover by Greg Land, a Jim Starlin/Craig Russell Batman page, a Green Lantern title splash by Don Heck and a GL page by Joe Staton.
Two great Rune pages by Barry Smith (one, two), Siegel and Shuster on a Funnyman page, a very nice Captain 3D cover recreation by Joe Simon, a beautiful Paul Revere unpublished page by Alex Toth, a war title page by Sam Glanzman and a rare Mad page by Sergio Aragones.
Comic link Focused Auction
Andy Kubert - X-Men Original Art
Not many big pieces in this auction but lots of nice little pages you may try to win for cheap. Here’s a very quick recap.
DC: a Gene Colan Batman page, a Full Catwoman commission by Darwin Cooke, a Green Lantern pinup by Gil Kane, a very busy JLA DPS by Doug Mahnke, a detailed Joker bust by Frank Quitely, an Impulse cover by Ethan Van Sciver, a Superman cover quality pinup by Jim Starlin and a Batman full figure sketch from 1993 by the late Norm Breyfogle.
Marvel: A full figure Thor sketch by Walt Simonson, a Mark Bagley page with many heroes, and many more in this DPS. A Conan title splash by John Buscema and a Hulk page by Sal, very nice Andy Kubert semi-splash with the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Silver Surfer by Ron Lim, Galactus Vs. Hulk splash by Ed McGuinness, a Spiderman illustration by Tim Sale, Hulk splash and Wolverine splash by Mark Texeira.
See you Next Week!!
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