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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #50

Welcome to the 50th installment of Original Comic Art Tips! I started this newsletter almost a year a
September 13 · Issue #50 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to the 50th installment of Original Comic Art Tips! I started this newsletter almost a year ago, I wasn’t sure I could maintain a weekly schedule, but I’m proud to say that I never missed a week!
I hope you enjoy these updates, in the next few months I plan of adding a blog section to the website to publish some longer how-to articles (monthly or bi-monthly) and I also plan to do an Original Art giveaway for newsletter subscribers (you!), so spread the word!
In the meantime if you want to help me decide on the giveaway prize, reply to this email: do you prefer a single prize (a page) or several little prizes like commissions or remarked books? And also, what is better, an original art package (art chosen by me) or a coupon from a dealer’s website?
By the way let’s return to our regular updates, like some eBay auction results: yesterday an Alan Davis Avengers DPS ended at $1,500 without reaching the reserve price, I think more than that would be too much, I’d be happy with the 1,500… another Avengers page by Davis ended at $800 last week. The Ditko page ended at $1,500, the Captain America #700 cover by Samnee made $5,400 and the splash $1,100. A David Finch Batman full commission made $800, a Don Newton page $1,200 and the Teen Titans splash by George Perez $1,700.
Heritage Sunday: Walt Simonson’s art is very rare, the X-Factor page made $4,200. Mark Silvestri’s X-Men page $3,200, Wolverine by Buscema $2,600 and Buscema/Sienk $960, Byrne’s She-Hulk $1,900 and $1,700, Avengers $1,900, Alpha Flight $1,700. The Romita Jr. Daredevil page went for $1,200, a Wolverine $400, Humberto Ramos’ Green Goblin $300 and Billy Tan’s Hulk pinup only $60.
The Adams/Cardy Teen Titans page ended at $3,800, the Jim Aparo JLA $2,100 and the Sienkiewicz Batman/Catwoman illo $1,900. Many bargains for DC fans: Tom Mandrake Batman splash for $400, Adam Hughes WW prelim for $500, Gene Colan Spectre half-splash for $500, Ramona Fradon WW page for $300, Phil Hester Green Arrow for $280 and a Birds of Prey title splash by Casey Jones for $160.
A Li'l Abner daily made $1,800, the Harold Knerr topper $1,300, the Scorchy Sunday $1,100.
ComicLink: the Spiderman DPS by Todd McFarlane went for $28k, it’s a good sum, but I think in the future a piece like this will change hands for much more; the same can be said about the X-Men page and cover by John Byrne, both ended over $20k. Other big Marvel results were the Conan splash by Barry Smith for $33k, the Infinity Gauntlet splash by George Perez for $33k and the Daredevil cover by Romita Jr. for $13k.
Cheap and nice pieces were this Wolverine half-splash by Chris Bachalo for $700, Silver Surfer by John Buscema for $500, Ron Garney cover for $900, Bullseye commission by Frank Miller for $1,600, X-Force by Liefeld $2,600 and a Pinup by Mike Zeck for $1,600.
Swamp Thing by Stephen Bissette for $7,000, Sandman by Mark Hempel $13,000, Sandman by Jill Thompson $8,000. The person who bought this Gary Frank Pinup for $900 will be very happy… and this Superman half-splash by Jim Lee for $2,500 will go up.

This week on eBay
Norm Breyfogle - Batman Original Art
Do you miss Chris Samnee? here he is, with some new pages from Captain America #700: a nice battle page, an half-splash a moody one (and more if you want to see them). A George Perez Avengers page, She-Hulk by John Byrne, a beautiful Conan action original by John Buscema, and a Spiderman page by Sal Buscema.
A Wolverine commission by Salvador Larroca, a rare to obtain Wolvie Commission by Olivier Coipel and a painted Firestar by David Yardin. A Simone Bianchi Avengers original, a Max Fiumara Spiderman page and let’s go to DC Comics:
Looks like there’s a Superman DPS by Alex Ross on eBay… a vintage Neal Adams Spectre sketch with a very high reserve price, a Power Girl commission by Adam Hughes, a very nice Batman page by Norm Breyfogle, sadly fading, a Teen Titans page by George Perez. I like this Don Heck Aquaman page, then a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle DPS by Dan Jurgens and a little Batman & Robin page by John Byrne.
A Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard with Rich and Michonne, a rare Magnus page by Russ Manning and a Star Wars painted cover by Travis Charest! A Gilbert Hernandez original, a Freak Brothers page by Shelton and a page by Matt Baker. A Green Berets daily by Joe Kubert, a Pogo illustration by Walt Kelly and a beautiful Doodlebugs panel.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Dale Keown - Incredible Hulk Original Art
End of Summer mood this week at Heritage, a few nice pieces but hardly a Sunday Auction to remember… DC: Two panels of Wonder Woman art by H.G. Peter, a Gil Kane Flash page, a nice World’s Finest splash by Sal Amendola, 3 pages of war art by Sam Glanzman and a Firehair page by Joe Kubert.
Marvel in the 90’s: A nice X-Men page by Joe Madureira, an Incredible Hulk by Dale Keown, a Spiderman page by Alex Saviuk, Wolverine by Geof Isherwood and a Thor DPS by John Romita Jr.
A Space 1999 early art page by John Byrne, a war page by Wally Wood and some Golden Age Original Art: an early splash by Joe Kubert, another by Bob Fujitani, a Frank Bolle cover and a Jerry Robinson Green Hornet page.
See you Next week!!
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