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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #49

Byrne, Perez, McFarlane, Romita and more in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!! Last wee
September 4 · Issue #49 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Byrne, Perez, McFarlane, Romita and more in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!!
Last week’s issue was written in a hurry because I was on vacation… I had no time to look at the ComicLink auction, but it is closing TODAY, so I’m sending this week’s Newsletter earlier than usual. You’ll also notice that this is an all-Byrne art day!
But let’s start with auction results. eBay: the Don Newton Batman splash ended at $1,600, Wonder Woman by Delbo $500, the JLA page by George Perez $1,000, the tiny Mike Mignola illustration $500, the Clark Kent page by John Byrne made $1,100 without the help of costumed heroes. Somebody bought a Spawn page by Angel Medina for $10.
Heritage Sunday: The Conan with the umbrella illustration by John Buscema went for almost $2,000, an action pose would probably make more. Alan Davis: Batman $2,300, Avengers $1,000 and Killraven $3,000. A ‘Nam page by Michael Golden went for over $3,000, Firehair by Joe Kubert $2,100, Mort Meskin $1,600, Teen Titans by Perez $4,800.
Bargains: Dick Giordano splash for $380, Irv Novick Superman $180, Dan Spiegle Green Arrow $300, Romita Sr. Spiderman prelim $500, Perez Avengers $400, Warren Kremer Stumbo $500 and Alex Toth’s Johnny Thunder for $1,000.
Comic Connect: The Galactus half-splash by John Byrne went for $25,000 and the Fantastic Four original art by Jack Kirby for $23,000. The Justice League #96 cover by Neal Adams was sold for $20,000, the EC Comics page by Williamson/Frazetta for $15,000. This auction also had many affordable pieces: The Walking Dead pages with zombies are always in demand, a CBLDF cover by Adlard sold for $700. If you know the latest commission prices by Lee Bermejo this Hellboy for $500 is a good catch, the same can be said about this Iron-Man pinup by the recently retired George Perez for $250.
Russ Cochran Auction: A Strange Tales page by Bob Powell made $3,100, a painted EC cover recreation by Johnny Craig $10,000. Good deals: a Blondie Sunday for $300 and a Beetle Bailey Sunday for $130.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Two in One Original Art
Chris Samnee has a new batch of art from Captain America #700, this is the cover, a double page, another double, a splash and many more.
A Ditko Marvel page, a Power-Man page by Ron Wilson, a very nice Byrne/Sinnott Marvel 2 in one page, a West Coast Avengers original by Paul Ryan, Daredevil by Bob Brown, several Steve Epting X-Men pages, a beautiful Matteo Scalera Thor commission and a painted Punisher commission by Esad Ribic.
DC: a Teen Titans splash by George Perez, Clark Kent changing into Superman by Curt Swan, Green Arrow by Jose Delbo, a Detective Comics cover by Tony Harris. A Prime DPS by Norm Breyfogle, a Groo page by Sergio Aragones and an early Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Sadly no interesting strips this week…
The last Comic
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Art
A Neal Adams/Nick Cardy Teen Titans page, Dick Dillin JLA page, a Phil Hester page from Green Arrow #2, a Batman Illustration by Sienk and a detailed Adam Hughes Wonder Woman cover sketch.
Many John Byrne pages like this Alpha Flight, Avengers, a She-Hulk half-splash and more. Hulk by Dale Keown, X-Factor by Walt Simonson, a Romita Jr. Daredevil original, Wolverine by John Buscema and by Art Adams.
A Captain America pinup by Tony Harris, a Humberto Ramos Green Goblin page, a Billy Tan Hulk pinup and a Leinil Yu Wolverine commission.
Strips: a Pagan Lee illustration by Alex Raymond, a Scorchy Smith Sunday by Robbins, a Harold Knerr Sunday topper, a Phil Davis Mandrake Sunday and a nice Pogo Daily.
Comic link Focused Auction
John Byrne - Classic X-Men Original Cover Art
The last ComicLink auction, in July, was disappointing… the auction closing in a few hours is the opposite, hundreds of great pieces. I’ll start with the most important ones. A Byrne/Austin X-Men page, a 1990 remake of his U. X-Men #137 cover, the war will be on this Spiderman DPS by Todd McFarlane.
The ultimate piece for the Marvel Cosmic/Movie fan is this Infinity Gauntlet #1 splash by George Perez. Historic is also the cover to “Daredevil: The Man Without Fear” #5 by Romita Jr., but the Daredevil #271 cover is great as well. Many Frank Miller pieces like this Daredevil interior art, Many Kirby pieces, here’s a Captain America cover. The title splash for Conan #6 by Barry Smith, a Warlock page by Starlin and a very rare (unique?) Lone Wolf and Cub illustration by Gojima.
A lot of different Buscema bros. pieces for all budgets, I like this Thor by John and this Captain America by Sal. A Black Panther scene seen in the movie (Buckler), a Swamp Thing classic by Bissette and a beautiful Ditko ink-wash piece. Many iconic covers by Mark Brooks, John Cassaday, Frank Cho, Clayton Crain, Terry Dodson, David Finch, Gary Frank, Sam Kieth, Joe Kubert, Greg Land (one, two, three), Perez and Mike Zeck.
Namor by Bill Everett, Master of Kung-Fu #1 splash by Paul Gulacy, Punisher and Superman by Jim Lee, a Spawn Splash by Capullo/McF. and the cover to Prophet #8 by Stephen Platt. Whew!!
See you Next Week with Original Comic Art Tips!
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