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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #48

Let's start with some auction results as usual: Ebay: The Michael Turner Witchblade cover ended at $1
September 1 · Issue #48 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Let’s start with some auction results as usual:
Ebay: The Michael Turner Witchblade cover ended at $14,500 (!), the Lady Death cover at $11,000, the 1987 Alan Davis U. X-Men page ended at $4,600, the Frank Cho Brandy cover $3,000, the Batman by Kelley Jones for $1600 and the Batman splash by Don Newton for the same price. A good week.
Crossgen art: the Sojourn splashes and covers by Greg Land all went for $1,000 to 3,000 (like this one). Very nice splashes without the main female character all went for less than $500. Brandon Peterson pages instead all went for less than $1,000, this one for $850, and this for $250. The Jim Cheung cover made $1,600, and some nice splashes for much less. George Perez pages were sold for a low value compared to the amount of work spent: $400 and $220.
Heritage Sunday: many pages went over the $1,000 mark this week, some went higher like the vintage Neal Adams layout which was sold for $1,900, the Mark Bright Wolverine page for $2,000, the Erik Larsen Spiderman for $6,600, Namor by Byrne $1,300, Infinity Gauntlet by Perez $3,100. The Wolverine pinup by Bill Sienkiewicz went for $1,700 and the Invisible Woman for $260, a very good deal for a Susan Storm fan.
The Orphan Annie Sunday ended at $2,000, the early Blondie daily for $660 and the On Stage Sunday for only $550.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - JLA Original Art
This Frank Cho Wolverine sketch went unsold at a fixed price a couple times and now the seller has finally put it on auction. This week we have 2 Avengers pages by Alan Davis with a full team panel, here’s the first, search for the second in the Heritage section. An iconic Fantastic Four cover by the same artist, 2 early Spiderman 2099 pages by Leonardi (one, two), a little Wolverine/Spiderman page by David Finch, a 1979 Avengers page by George Perez and one from 2000. An Iron-Man page by Tuska, a classic Captain America page by Sal Buscema and it’s time for some DC originals.
A Batman page by Don Newton with great bat-panels and a second page with one. Wonder Woman by Jose Delbo and by Don Heck, a Flash page by George Perez with the entire JLA in a panel, a 1987 Superman page by John Byrne with clark and Lana and, sold by Paul Kupperberg, a JLA drawing by Byrne. You could probably give it to one of his classic inkers to finish and add a background, making it a nice display piece!
Two cheap pieces by Jim Starlin, a Superman semi-splash and a JLA DPS.
A Ninja Turtles cover by Sienkiewicz, a tiny skull illo by Mike Mignola and a Mignolaverse skull cover by Laurence Campbell, a Grimjack splash by Truman, a nice Starman page by Tony Harris and a very well drawn Carol Day strip.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Alan Davis - Avengers Original Art
A Funny Conan illustration penciled and inked by John Buscema (I’m curious to see if this will end low due to the umbrella or high because it’s a great drawing…). A Namor page by John Byrne, a very nice Avengers page by Alan Davis and a detailed Killraven cover. A Kerry Gammill Spiderman/Man-Thing original, The splash to Iron-Man #77 by Arvell Jones, an Iron-Man page by George Perez, a Fantastic Four page by Romita Jr., a cover preliminary by Romita Sr. and painted Elektra commission by Sienk.
DC: A classic Batman page by Alan Davis, a nice Black Canary title splash by Dick Giordano, a Firehair page by Joe Kubert, a full team George Perez Teen Titans original, Ivan Reis on Hawkman, Mike Parobeck Batman, Ross Andru Flash/Green Lantern.
An Alex Toth early western page, a Mort Meskin splash and some strips: Ben Casey by Neal Adams, a Li'l Abner Sunday, a rare Rusty Riley Sunday, a Rare Jimmy Murphy Sunday and a Donald Duck daily by Taliaferro.
see you next week!
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