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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #47

Greg Land, Brandon Peterson, George Perez, John Byrne and more! in this week's Original Comic Art Tip
August 25 · Issue #47 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Greg Land, Brandon Peterson, George Perez, John Byrne and more! in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
Ebay: this week Adi Granov announced that he will stop doing commissions for a while, this one just sold for $1,250. A Rom page by Sal Buscema for $400, A Namor page for $650. The Will Eisner Spirit Cover sold for $4,500, the Dick Tracy illustration for $350, the daily strip for $650.
Heritage Sunday: the Bill Sienkiewicz Captain America Pinup went for $700, the Quesada X-Factor page for $900, the Rick Leonardi Daredevil for $2,100 and the Mark Bright Wolverine for $2,000.
If you remember, we’ve been following in the last weeks the Venom pages by Mark Bagley. They went for $150-400, nice and cheap pages. This week one went for almost $1,000. For the same price you could buy a Ed McGuinness Incredible Hulk DPS.
The Firehair page by Joe Kubert sold for $2,100, the Batman by Bruce Timm for $2,000. The Hangman page by Bob Fujitani went for $4,300, the Dick Tracy daily for $2,200, the Torpedo illustration by Bernet for $2,000. Low prices for the Beetle Bailey cover ($200), the Corrigan daily ($250), the Donald Duck by Taliaferro ($1,000) and the Flash Gordon by Mac Raboy Sunday for $1,900.

This week on eBay
JM Linsner - Wizard Cover Original Art
We start with some buy it now pieces I overlooked until today: Teen Titans and Crisis pages by George Perez, Spiderman by Frank Miller. A Thor page by Charles Vess, nice Conan splash by Castellini, a Wolverine cover and an Elektra half-splash by Mike Deodato, a Daredevil/Black Widow original by Gene Colan and a Butch Guice Thor page. A Namor by Jae Lee and a Cloak & Dagger by Larry Stroman/Williamson.
A nice Zatanna/Green Arrow title page by Dick Dillin and Hawkman by Dillin/Giella, 2 Flash pages by Don Heck, Impulse/Superman by Jurgens and Ordway, a Wonder Woman half-splash by Delbo and some Batman original art: Kelley Jones, Ernie Chan.
Some great non superhero pieces for once: A Frank Cho Brandy cover, the cover to Witchblade #6 by Michael Turner a Lady Death cover by Stephen Hughes, a Wizard painted cover by Linsner, Rascals in Paradise cover by Jim Silke. A Milo Manara strip, a Joe Kubert strip and a Doodlebugs strip.
Sparkle City Comics Crossgen Auction
Greg Land - Sojourn Original Art
This week I’ll do something different for once, Sparkle City Comics has put on eBay dozens of great Original Art Items (you just watched some above), but since many pieces were from Crossgen Comics I will keep these separated.
Greg Land did some of his best work on the fantasy series Sojourn, we have the cover to #2 and 3, a splash from #8 and one from #10. Brandon Peterson also did some great work on Mystic, we have the cover to #13, a splash from #6 another (nice) cover and another splash. Don’t forget to look also at this Mystic painted cover by Linsner.
My favorite series was Ruse, beautifully drawn by Butch Guice. We have a cover from #8 and a DPS from #10. Scion was another fantasy series by Jim Cheung, a splash, issue #4 cover art and a second splash.
George Perez was another artist who brought his hyper-detailed style to Crossgen as you can see on this DPS and this splash. Look at Seller’s other items for more!
Heritage Sunday Auction
Erik Larsen - Spider-Man Original Art
DC: A vintage layout by Neal Adams, four pages from Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87, a Flash page by Ross Andru, a busy Buckler/Ordway All-Star Squadron original, Orion Vs. Kalibak by John Byrne from Fourth World, a moody Batman by Tim Sale and a nice Zatanna Title splash by Dan Spiegle.
Marvel: Erik Larsen’s Spiderman pages are very rare on the market and the price for this one already reflects that. As usual I suggest to keep an eye on Andy Kubert’s X-Men pages - if you think of buying one - as they’re growing very fast. Speaking of mutants we have a dynamic Wolverine by Sienkiewicz, another one by Dave Cockrum (from 1983), the usual Buscema/Sienk Wolvie page and a nice Mark Bright/Al Williamson original from Spiderman/Wolverine.
An Avengers page and a Conan page by John Buscema, a George Perez page from Infinity Gauntlet, a Beautiful Kirby Homage illustration by Comolo and a Namor page by John Byrne.
A Spider Jerusalem page by Darick Robertson, a Matt Baker Golden Age original and Strips: A Smitty Christmas theme Sunday, a Pogo Sunday, a Napoleon Sunday and a Corrigan daily by Williamson.
Comiconnect Auction
John Byrne - Fantastic Four Original Art
The best piece is this John Byrne Galactus/Fantastic Four half-splash. I like a lot this Jim Cheung Iron-Man cover, George Perez also has an Iron-Man Original and a very nice Justice League illustration. Some early Jack Kirby Fantastic Four pages: Annual #2 and #43. Many Ross Andru Spiderman pages like this one battling Doc Ock.
This Batman Splash by Matt Wagner will look good on a wall, also this Shawn Martinbrough Title page. An unpublished JLA #81 cover by Gil Kane and the cover to #96 by Neal Adams.
A Green Hornet cover by Jerry Robinson, a Crime Suspenstories page by Williamson/Frazetta, a Mort Meskin cover, a zombie by Charlie Adlard and a Hellboy by Lee Bermejo.
Early Apartment 3-G by Kotzky, an early Blondie Sunday and a Prince Valiant Sunday.
See you next week!
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