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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #46

Let's start as usual with some results. On Ebay the Alex Ross Kingdom Come page ended for $11,000, th
August 17 · Issue #46 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Let’s start as usual with some results. On Ebay the Alex Ross Kingdom Come page ended for $11,000, the Lois Lane/Superman cover by Dick Giordano for $6,000 and the Jim Lee Superman page for $800. It was not the most exciting page in the Superman run, but like everything touched by Jim it will go up in the future. The Superman DPS by Jurgens/Sienk went for $475, the Zatanna pinup by Bruce Timm for $450 and the Batman/Arrow original by Gene Colan for $470.
The Punisher page by Jim Lee went unsold at $1,700, so the seller created a new auction for $1,800 or best offer… not a great move. Chris Samnee Cap pages: $700, $550, $406 and $405. A cover quality Avengers illustration by Paul Ryan ended for $290, a very good deal. Not long ago (a year?) book illustrations by Mike Mignola were a cheap option to buy a published piece if you couldn’t afford a Hellboy original now it’s not an option anymore, this one went for $775.
Heritage Sunday: remember the Conan page by John Buscema with the naked lady? It’s a great page but I thought that without Conan in it it would not go very high… I was wrong. Another unexpected result was for this Venom pinup by Mark Bagley, maybe its publication justifies the $2,600 it ended for. Another one? this unfinished (and unpublished) Conan story by Herb Trimpe went for $2,300.
Then we have the Dracula Lives #1 splash by Gene Colan sold for $2,200, the Cap page by Steve Epting for $1,000 and the Werewolf by Gil Kane for $1,500. Bargains: nice Roger Robinson Batman page for $140, Red Sonja by Maroto for $370 and a Cassaday Wolverine page for $250.
Strips: the Early Blondie Daily went for $2,100, the Green Berets Sunday by Kubert for $5,500 (!!), the Dick Tracy Sunday for $2,600, the Mutt and Jeff daily for $1,400 and the full team Pogo Daily for $1,400. Somebody was lucky enough to win a Mary Perkins Sunday with $500.

This week on eBay
George Tuska - Superman Original Art
DC: A very Nice George Tuska Superman page that needs some restoration and a Batman title page. A Plastic Man page by Ramona Fradon, a Superman original by Shaffenberger, a Batman by Roger Robinson and one by Irv Novick.
Marvel: A Namor page by Sal Buscema and a Defenders original, a Conan page by Claudio Castellini, a Cap page by Herb Trimpe and a great Hulk splash by Butch Guice. An X-Men DPS by Nick Bradshaw, an X-Men page by Adam Kubert and 2 “cheap” Avengers pages by John Buscema: one, two. If you want to see the Enterprise drawn by John Byrne click here
Strips: A Dick Tracy Daily and a great specialty drawing, a color Archie by Bob Montana, Corrigan by Williamson, Green Berets by Kubert.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Ed McGuinness - Incredible Hulk Original Art
Mark Bagley again with a cosmic Silver Surfer/Terrax page and a nice Venom original. A full team X-Men page by Alan Davis, a Defenders half-splash by Erik Larsen, a Joe Quesada X-Factor page, a Leonardi/Williamson Daredevil page, a Conan by John Buscema and a Romita Jr. Fantastic Four page with a panel that looks like a cover.
Look at this Hulk DPS by Ed McGuinness, a Sienk Captain America pinup, a Simone Bianchi Thor pinup and a Micronauts splash by Butch Guice. A Bruce Timm Batman illustration and a Norm Breyfogle Anarchy page. A rare Bob Fujitani Hangman page, a Firehair page by Joe Kubert, a Judge Dredd page by McCarthy for my English readers and a Sergio Toppi original for my Italian readers.
Strips: a Beetle Bailey illustration, a Mac Raboy Flash Gordon Sunday, a B.C. Sunday, and a Dick Tracy Sunday with the wrist radio. A Terry daily from 1946 and a Taliaferro Donald Duck daily.
See you Next Week with Original Comic Art Tips!
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