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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #44

Kirby, Wrightson, Samnee and more in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter! For once this we
August 1 · Issue #44 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Kirby, Wrightson, Samnee and more in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
For once this week we are ahead of schedule, apart from the regular eBay and HA Sunday updates we have no new auctions to look at..! Don’t forget that ComicLink’s auction is ending today, and Heritage Signature is ending this weekend.
Let’s start with some results. eBay: Somebody lost his mind in a bid war, this John Byrne original from Spiderman: Chapter One ended at $1,800, more than 3 times its market value. The Romita Jr. Spiderman page went for almost $600, the Jack Kirby Kid Colt splash for almost $2,000, the Howard the Duck splash by Gene Colan for $2,000 and the John Buscema Conan page for $475. A Sal Buscema Daredevil action page just ended at $1,700.
The Curt Swan pages all ended for low prices: $500, $400, $560, $350. 2 nice Don Heck Wonder Woman pages ended for $400, the JM Linsner Harley page for $150. The Mike Mignola Hellboy sketch went for $600 and the Daniel Clowes page for $3,600.
HA Sunday: The Buscema/Sienkiewicz Wolverine page went for $1,400, the Buscema Thor sketch for $300, the Sienkiewicz Black Widow painted cover for $3,800 and the Moon Knight page for $2,300. A Weapon X sketch by Barry Smith ended at $1,300, the Andy Kubert X-Men page for $1,200 and the Namor original by John Byrne for $800.
For DC Comics a Simone Bianchi Batman cover prelim for $840 and a Joe Kubert Tarzan page at $900 then some strips: A Dick Tracy daily made $4,000, Alex Raymond Rip Kirby originals without women usually end below the $1,000 mark, this Corrigan strip by Al Williamson for $240 makes me regret not bidding on it, the same can be said about a Dennis illustration by Hank Ketcham for $99.

This Week on Ebay
Chris Samnee - Original Captain America Art
This week we have 2 very big pieces of original art, one for Marvel and one for DC. What do you think of this Jack Kirby page from Thor #150? A Gene Colan Dracula Half splash is not bad either, a Dr. Strange page from the same artist and Chris Samnee’s new issue of Captain America: A Cap Vs. Hulk half splash, some fight pages (one, two, three). Then Cap Vs. The Thing: one, two, three and the cover with the 3 heroes. A Steve Epting X-Men page from the 90’s, a 4-page Fantastic Four lot by Ron Lim and a Wolverine half-splash by Ron Wagner.
The DC museum piece is this page from Swamp Thing #2 by Bernie Wrightson, something we don’t often see on eBay. If you want to spend less there’s nice a page from #86 by Thomas Yeates… a Batman page by Don Newton and a second one, a Superman original by Carlos Pacheco, one by Curt Swan, a cover by Philip Tan and a Batman page by Roger Robinson.
Some pieces for non-superhero fans, a John Carter illustration by Richard Corben from the 70’s, a Spirit page by Will Eisner, a Watchmen cover by Paul Smith, a Steve Dillon page from Preacher #6 and a TMNT illustration by Eastman and Laird. Strips: Al Williamson, Alex Raymond, Al Andriola and a rare Jimmy Hatlo Sunday.
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Buscema - Wolverine Original Art
We start with a painted Superman illustration by Neal Adams, an early JLA 19 page lot by Dick Dillin (you could buy it and flip the single pages on eBay…) and a beautiful Tarzan splash by JL Garcia Lopez.
Over at Marvel we have a Wolverine fight sequence by John Buscema, a Thor Half splash by John Byrne, a nice Gary Frank Incredible Hulk original, an early Ghost Rider page by Adam Kubert, a Young Avengers splash by Jim Cheung and a Venom Vs. Kraven page by Mark Bagley.
Some rare strips this week: a Nick Cardy Tarzan daily, a Li'l Abner daily from the first year, a Blondie daily from 1940, a Winnie Winkle Sunday from 1933 and a Bob Lubbers Tarzan. A Carl Barks cover prelim, a Barry Smith illustration, a Seth Palookaville prelim and a pre-EC Graham Ingels page.
See you Next Week with Comic Art Tips!
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