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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #43

Sienkiewicz, Swan, Byrne, Andy Kubert and more! In this week's Original Comic Art Tips! Results: Not
July 25 · Issue #43 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Sienkiewicz, Swan, Byrne, Andy Kubert and more! In this week’s Original Comic Art Tips!
Results: Not much on Ebay, the Alan Davis Excalibur original at $700 confirmed the prices made in the last months on Heritage, the Gene Colan Captain America page at $500 was a good catch, 2 Flash pages by Don Heck ended at $770, the Batman half splash by Don Newton went for $880. A Byrne page for $140 is always a good price (even for Next Men).
On Heritage Sunday the John Buscema Nova page went for $2,500 and the viking sketch for only $190 despite being a very nice piece. The Steve Dillon Wolverine was sold for $300 and the Herb Trimpe Namor for $900. The Mark Bagley pages maintained a low final price with Venom for $200 and the same price for a Deadpool page.
The Alex Ross DC cover sketch went for almost $2,000, the Dan Jurgens Superman wedding piece for $1,600, the Nick Cardy Batman page for $1,000 and the Norm Breyfogle Batman for $900. A Gil Kane Ring of the Nibelung splash sold for $840 (so the starting price for the two similar Ebay auction you’ll find below looks right).
Low strip prices: Pogo Sunday $1,000, Terry (by Wunder) Sunday $400, 1956 Flash Gordon strip by Dan Barry $200 (!).

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Spiderman Original Art
A seller has put for auction a big stack of Curt Swan Superman pages, the better are this Superman/Supergirl action original, and this page with the full JLA team. Speaking of DC we have a Wonder Woman original by Gene Colan, 2 WW pages by Don Heck, a Green Lantern page by Daryl Banks, a JM Linsner Harley Quinn and a Chris Samnee Harley/Joker pin-up, a rare Steve Lightle Flash piece, a George Perez Wonder Woman page and another New Superman cover by Philip Tan.
For Marvel Comics there’s the Gene Colan Howard the Duck #25 Title page, another Title page by Jack Kirby from Kid Colt #119 (I look forward to know the hammer price) and a John Buscema Conan page. Then a Chapter One page by John Byrne with Spidey and Giant Man, a Sienkiewicz Elektra painting (with a starting price too high for Ebay), a nice Mark Bagley Scarlet Spider cover and a John Romita Jr. Spiderman/Thing original.
A detailed Hellboy pencil sketch by Mike Mignola still has zero offers, you can follow it and see what happens. Then a simpler Abe Sapien sketch has one offer… There’s a Dave Johnson cover with a low BIN price, if you like vikings you’re in luck. A Daniel Clowes early Lloyd Lewellin page is rare to find for sale, rarer on Ebay. 2 Beautiful Ring of the Nibelungs Gil Kane pages (one and two)
Strips: a very nice Green Berets daily by Joe Kubert, a Bloom County Sunday by Berke Breathed and a Larry Lieber strip with Spiderman in all panels.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Andy Kubert - X-Men Original Art
A great week, dozens of pieces for sale, it was very difficult to make a selection… but here we go with something you don’t often see in the Sunday Auction, a Black Widow Painted cover by Bill Sienkiewicz and a Moon Knight page by the same artist. An X-Men half splash by Andy Kubert that you should buy if you can, they’re growing fast. A nice Leonardi/Williamson Spiderman 2099 original and still in the 90’s with a full X-Force team half splash by Tony Daniel. John Byrne Namor and She-Hulk, Buscema/Sienk Wolverine page, Buscema Thor sketch and 3 Bagley pages that will go cheap (one, two, three).
DC: Tom Mandrake Batman page, Simone Bianchi Batman cover sketch, Joe Kubert Tarzan and Aparo Aquaman.
Great backgrounds on this Terry daily by Caniff, this Little orphan Annie Sunday, and this Mary Perkins Sunday. Four Corrigan strips by Al Williamson, a 1954 Dick Tracy Sunday, a rare Dennis illustration by Hank Ketcham and a rare Jesse Marsh Tarzan.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2
Frank Frazetta - Original Art
Second half of the catalog, the Auction takes place on August 3-5, see last week’s newsletter for the first half.
Some Multi-character pages: George Perez Avengers/JLA and Infinity Gauntlet, Ron Lim Infinity War and New Avengers by Stuart Immonen. A Thor cover by Ed McGuinness, a Humberto Ramos Deadpool cover, the Cap Cover corner art by Mike Zeck, a Zatanna Cover by Ryan Sook and a Trimpe Hulk page. Some Mignola Hellboy pages, I like this Conqueror Worm original.
Beautiful Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond, a rare Austin Briggs Flash Gordon Sunday, a Tarzan by Foster and a Tarzan by Hogarth. An early Krazy Kat Sunday, a Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, and a Buster Brown.
A famous Frazetta, a Ghita illustration by Frank Thorne, a nude Bruce Timm Cover and the Dave Cooper cover to Crumple.
See you Next Week!!
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