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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #41

Mignola, Cheung, Kubert, Davis and more this week on the Comic Art Tips Newsletter! Results, Ebay: Ma
July 12 · Issue #41 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Mignola, Cheung, Kubert, Davis and more this week on the Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
Results, Ebay: Many pages from the latest cosmic series by Jim Starlin sold lately for affordable prices, last week a DPS with a big shot of Thanos went for almost $2,000. The Wonder Woman pin-up by Frank Cho sold for $2,500, The full figure Captain America splash by Chris Samnee sold for $2,300 and an action page for $800, but somebody will also be very happy with his $500 page. A nice Peter Parker page by Romita Jr. went for $350, a Batman page by Don Newton for a similar price. It’s rare to find original art with zombies from The Walking Dead on the secondary market, this one with Carl and Michonne ended at $440. 
The Burne Hogarth Tarzan Sunday made $6,700 and the Dennis the Menace Sunday original art only $300. 
Heritage Sunday: Two nice Mark Bagley pages ended pretty low. This Incredible Hulk splash for $288 and this Venom half-splash for $400. Jim Aparo prices seem to grow every week… this page with Penguin/Joker and tiny Batman went for $1,500 and this Batman splash for $2,000. Ramona Fradon Superfriends pages on the other end are very affordable: a splash for less than $300 and a panel page for a little more. The funny Jerry Robinson Batman/Robin sketch went for $900. The Frank Miller Punisher pin-up made $3,300, the Super Skull by John Byrne $2,000 and the Leinil Yu Wolverine page less than $200. 
In non-superhero territory three pieces made less than what I thought: the R. Crumb pin-up $1,600, the Little Orphan Annie Sunday strip $1,200 and the Mary Perkins Sunday $1,000.
Little Nemo’s Auction is ending today (see last week’s newsletter)

This week on eBay
Jim Cheung - Avengers Original Art
Jim Cheung - Avengers Original Art
As usual we have a Mike Mignola Hellboy piece, I like it. Another regular is Don Newton with a nice, moody Batman page. If you want a Batman Family display piece this Animated style splash by Rich Burchett is for you. A Philip Tan New Superman cover is ending tonight and still cheap. 
Marvel: we often see Conan pages by John Buscema on eBay, but they’re often of second quality… This week we have a good action piece. Then we have the X-Men #126 cover prelim by Dave Cockrum, an early Spiderman page by Mike Deodato, a little Avengers page by Jim Cheung, an Arthur Adams Man-Thing commission and a Rick Leonardi Spiderman 2099 original. A Frank Teran Sabretooth splash, and a Secret Warriors cover by Chris Samnee
A Joe Kubert Green Berets daily strip and a Corrigan daily by Al Williamson.
Heritage Sunday Auction
George Perez - Teen Titans Original Art
George Perez - Teen Titans Original Art
We start with an Alan Davis X-Men page with X-23, then a Leinil Yu Secret Invasion page with Wolverine and an early Joe Madureira pin-up used for the cover to Excalibur #71. From Mutants to the Incredible Hulk with a Herb Trimpe action page and a Dale Keown page. 
A nice Butch Guice Thor Vs. Hercules page and the only two DC Comics pages of the week: a Mike Deodato JLA full team pin-up and a George Perez Teen Titans original. 
A lot of Dondi strips by Irwin Hasen, a Cannon by Wally Wood, a Terry Sunday by George Wunder and a sexy Ghita page by Frank Thorne.
John Romita Jr. and Sr. - Spiderman Original Art
John Romita Jr. and Sr. - Spiderman Original Art
I thought Hake’s Auction would end on the weekend… it’s ending today, I’m a bit late… just a quick recap and we’ll see the results next week. 
A nice Joe Palooka Sunday by Ham Fisher, many Milton Caniff pieces as usual, look at this Terry Sunday. 2 Blazing Combat covers by Frazetta, a Cap page by Jack Kirby, a rare Marvels page by Alex Ross, a Romita Jr. and Sr. Spiderman page from 1983, a Punisher cover by Michael Golden and another cover by Frank Teran.
See you next week here on Comic Art Tips!
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