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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #40

Cho, Starlin, Miller and more! in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter! Ebay Results: pages
July 4 · Issue #40 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Cho, Starlin, Miller and more! in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
Ebay Results: pages from The Pat Olliffe Untold Tales of Spiderman lot were sold for fair prices, the origin splash from #1 went for $600. The Mignola Hellboy page sold for $2,300 and the Sledgehammer cover for $3,000 (non Hellboy Mignola covers are increasing in price). Jim Starlin’s Doc. Strange page ended at $850 and a modern Thanos half-splash for $550. The Chris Samnee Captain America cover remained a bit low at $1.000, but the great silhouettes page sold for more than $2.000. I thought the Iron-Man page by George Perez would sell for more than $1,600. Don Newton’s Batman page for $1,300, Garcia Lopez’s JLA cover for $1,000 and the Al Williamson snowy Corrigan daily for $800.
Heritage: high sums paid for Jim Aparo’s latest couple pages, a JLA/JSA original made $4,300 and the Batman fight splash $3,800. The Stuart Immonen Spiderman Splash went for $1,300, the Dale Keown early Hulk page for $1,400 and the Gil Kane complete MTU preliminary art for $1,300. The very early Tarzan Daily strip by Russ Manning reached almost $8,500, the Phantom Origin daily by Sy Barry $2,500, the Salinas Cisco Kid $1,700 and the Russell Patterson Sunday $2,100. Somebody bought an Hawkgirl splash by Chaykin for $200, and the B.C. dailies are again a steal at $180. 
Russ Cochran: I have to remember to buy some strips from RC’s next auction if he has some more Mort Walker strips. Everything sold for much lower than market price, Beetle Bailey Sundays for $60 and dailies for $40. Boner’s Ark went for even less with Sundays for $50 and dailies for $20. Hagar the Horrible dailies went a little better at $325, Wizard of ID very low again at $150 and Andy Capp very very low at $80.
CLink: The X-Men semi-splash by Andy Kubert went for $2,600, nothing else happened (the auction was not interesting at all).

This week on eBay
Frank Cho - Wonder Woman Original Art
Frank Cho - Wonder Woman Original Art
This beautiful Wonder Woman illustration by Frank Cho is ending soon, be quick. A Batman page by Don Newton, a Superman cover by Philip Tan, a Batman illustration by Gary Frank and it’s all for DC Comics fans this week… 
But look, a Bachalo/Townsend Wolverine Half-splash and a Stephen Platt Wolverine splash. Our semi-regular Chris Samnee Captain America update: nice Action page, A beautiful splash, another action page and 6 more. A late 90’s Peter Parker page by John Romita Jr, an Avengers cover with a huge Venom by Paulo Siqueira, a Thanos DPS by Jim Starlin, a Maximum Clonage Scarlet Spider page by Tom Lyle and a nice romance page by Alex Toth
I’ve always liked vintage sketches, as much as I don’t care for sketches done yesterday, so I really like this Punisher/Wolverine drawing by Romita Jr. and this Cannonball by Bill Sienkiewicz
A funny Dennis the Menace Sunday, and what looks like a Tarzan Sunday by Burne Hogarth (if you have a piece like this please don’t sell it on eBay with blurry photos, give it to Heritage).
Heritage Sunday Auction
Hildebrandt Brothers - Marvel Masterpieces Original Art
Hildebrandt Brothers - Marvel Masterpieces Original Art
Only a few DC pieces again, a Jim Aparo Batman/Joker splash and a Batman/Penguin/Joker page, a Superfriends splash by Ramona Fradon, a Jerry Robinson Batman/Robin sketch and a George Perez Teen Titans splash. 
Marvel: A Frank Miller Punisher Pinup (probably only a sketch finished by Rubinstein). An official pinup for the Marvel Handbook is this Super Skrull by John Byrne. A Tarzan Title page by John Buscema and a Hildebrandt Bros. Marvel Masterpieces painted card art. An Adam Kubert Wolverine Original and three Mark Bagley pieces: Incredible Hulk splash, Venom Half-splash and a Venom page
In non-superhero news we have a Charlton Title page by Steve Ditko, a beautiful pinup by R. Crumb, a Garcia Lopez Tarzan and a Sparky Moore Disney cover for Robin Hood
Strips: Little Orphan Annie Sunday, Mary Perkins Sunday, Terry and the Pirates 1963 Sunday and one of the last dailies drawn by Milton Caniff.
Little Nemo Auction
Travis Charest - Wildcats Original Art
Travis Charest - Wildcats Original Art
A Valentina original by Guido Crepax, a Milo Manara Tulum page, a rare Sergio Toppi sequential page, a Ken Parker page by Ivo Milazzo and a Travis Charest Wildcats page.
See you next week, we’ll take a look at Hake’s Auction and the usual great original comic art!
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