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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #4

With this fourth newsletter, we end the first month of Original Comic Art Tips. This is an almost mon
October 26 · Issue #4 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
With this fourth newsletter, we end the first month of Original Comic Art Tips. This is an almost mono thematical issue about the forthcoming Heritage Auction, but first, let’s take a look at last week results.
The FAKE Bill Watterson went for $755 and the forger is already doing well with new auctions… The Dracula by Colan made his former owner a good $1.150 and the Jack Davis EC complete story was sold by Russ Cochran for 35k…

Heritage Nov 16-18 Signature Auction part 2
Batman cover by Jim Lee
There’s so much great art on HA’s catalog that was very difficult to choose today’s lots. I mixed three ingredients: Historical pieces, big money pieces and my personal taste in artwork.
They have 26 Jack Kirby pieces, none is really important, this Captain America/Black Panther page is my favorite.
Many pages also by Kirby fan Mike Mignola, we have a historical page from Seed of destruction, an all-Hellboy Wake the devil, the one I’d buy from The corpse and much more.
Steve Ditko is also here with a Doctor Strange page with the doctor in every panel, a really historic piece that may go up in price now that Strange is appearing in movies.
Another historic piece is this Daredevil # 5 by Wally Wood, and I’d like to hang on my wall this detailed MAD page. This will go for a lower price than the Daredevil but I would enjoy it much more.
Take a look at the cover of Kraven’s last hunt part 3 by Mike Zeck. Speaking of Spiderman many are trying to capitalize on Todd McFarlane pages and this is an incredible example.
You can love him, you can hate him… straight from the 90’s a Youngblood DPS by Rob Liefeld.
This Batman Wizard cover by Jim Lee will look great on your wall.
I’m a big fan of Tony Moore and I’m curious to see how much this (once obscure) Battle Pope cover will go for and if the new Walking Dead fans are interested in this. Since we are speaking of priests here’s a nice page from Preacher #1 by Steve Dillon.
A great Spirit cover by Will Eisner and Lou Fine.
Robert Crumb is also represented by many pieces but I’d really like to flip the pages of this complete sketchbook. (look at the video!)
These are my highlights for this auction but look at the entire catalog by yourself if you have the time, many other great pieces.
Before we close this section, don’t forget this Sunday’s weekly auction, I will only show you this incredibly well drawn Johnny Hazard Sunday page by Frank Robbins.

This week on Ebay
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Art
This newsletter is already full of original comic art to look at but there’s this great Frank Cho cover for sale and a new batch of Chris Samnee Inktober Batman Sketches.
See you next week for the best Original Comic Artwork for sale on the web!
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