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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #39

Samnee, Mignola, Perez and more in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter! Many nice things t
June 27 · Issue #39 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Samnee, Mignola, Perez and more in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
Many nice things to consider this week on eBay, Heritage and other auction houses, but first some results from last week:
on eBay, the Byrne Namor ended at $750, the Spiderman at $650 and the Alpha Flight at $1,700. The Buscema Thor page went for $1200 and the nice Gil Kane Conan for only $280. The Defenders by Sal  Buscema for $1.300 and the Legion page by Mortimer for $2,300. The Romita Jr. X-Men DPS sold for $3,500 and the Andy Kubert page for $1,000. This nice Barracuda page by Goran Parlov went for only $150 and the Pogo daily strip for only $260.
On Heritage, Jim Aparo went very well with $4,500 and $3,800. Neal AdamsTeen Titans original made $3,100 and the Dracula page by Gene Colan $1,800. Jim Starlin’s Thing/Hulk page went for $2,100, the Gil Kane Cap for $3,600 and the Micronauts cover for $18,000. The Dick Tracy daily made $4,300 and the Taliaferro Donald Duck $2,400.
Comiclink’s auction is ending tomorrow and prices are still very low!
Millon: a Tintin sketch made E25k, a Lucky Luke sketch E5k, a Marini illustration E2,500, a Peyo single panel E2,000 and a Uderzo Luc Junior page E4,000.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Mister Miracle Original Art
Let’s start with two Marvel lots: Chris Samnee has 11 new Original Captain America pages, this time there are less fight/action sequences and more storytelling. This is a page entirely in silhouettes and sound effects, many horizontal panels in this one, and a cover with detailed backgrounds. Then a seller has 20 or so Pat Olliffe pages from Untold Tales of Spiderman, this is the origin story from #1, a Sandman/Avengers splash from #3 and an action page from #1.
Our usual dose of Mike Mignola art: a page from Hellboy, The Chained Coffin, the Hellboy Christmas ornament design, a Sledgehammer Cover and an Action Comics page inked by George Perez. Speaking of Perez we have a Wonder Woman page, a WW page with the entire JLA and a really great Iron-Man page from 1980.
John Byrne this week has a funny Namorita page and a JLA Classified original. A Jim Starlin Dr. Strange page is still very low, maybe because the seller doesn’t mention the artist… four other classic pieces with Jack Kirby’s Miracleman, John Buscema’s Thor, a Wolverine DPS by Gene Colan and a nice Don Newton Batman. Some modern pieces: this Thing commission by Art Adams has a very low starting price, a Punisher car chase by Goran Parlov and a Falcon cover by Jay Anacleto. I admit I never heard of artist German Peralta until today when I looked at this awesome Thanos page. An Ian Churchill Cable page,  a JLA poster by Segovia a Darwin Cooke Jonah Hex page and an Invincible page by Ryan Ottley to end this superhero section.
In other news, we have a Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard, a 100 Bullets page by Risso, a Tom Strong splash by Chris Sprouse and a Golden Age Joe Kubert page. A great Al Williamson Corrigan daily and a rare Feiffer cartoon.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Jim Aparo - Batman Original Art
Our pal Jim Aparo, as you can see, has a very nice Batman splash this week, Batman is also in this John Cassaday illustration. Look at this Dale Keown piece from his second Incredible Hulk issue, a modern classic. A full issue of Gil Kane layouts from Marvel Team-Up #4 and a Don Perlin Johnny Blaze page. A Stuart Immonen Spiderman Splash, a Bob Oksner splash from Angel and the Ape #1 and an Olivier Coipel Wolverine page.
A Frank Cho sketch page with two nude girls and Tarzan Fighting Apes, a very early (and beautiful) Russ Manning Tarzan daily and a Sy Barry Phantom origin story daily. Four Friday Foster strips, a Beautiful but unreadable Russell Patterson Sunday and the usual great Salinas’ Cisco Kid. A Pogo Daily and 2 B.C. dailies.
Russ Cochran and Nate Sanders
Jack Davis - EC Comics Original Art
This monthly Cochran’s auction has a complete Crypt of Terror EC story by Jack Davis and many nice classic strips: Hagar, Wizard of ID, B.C., Andy Capp and dozens of Beetle Baileys.
Nate Sanders has two Peanuts dailies, one and two.
Vermot & Associes
Milo Manara - Indian Summer Original Art
A very big Auction with all the best names like John Buscema, Manara (with many pages taken from his best books) and Franq. Go see the complete listings for dozens of great pieces.
See you next week!
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