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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #38

Byrne, Andy Kubert, Romita Jr. and more in this week's Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter! eBay Resul
June 21 · Issue #38 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Byrne, Andy Kubert, Romita Jr. and more in this week’s Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter!
eBay Results: The Hellboy Painting by Mike Mignola ended for more than $15k, not bad for an unpublished piece. The Uncanny X-Men page by Paul Smith went unsurprisingly high at $4,300 and the X-Factor by Walt Simonson for $2,800. A nice Fantastic Four page by Rich Buckler only made $260, another F4 by Paul Ryan $360. The Frank Quitely Batman page went for almost $2k, a Curt Swan Superman splash $1,100 and a Blacksad sketch by Guarnido $800.
Heritage Sunday Results: the Buscema Conan Splash made a nice $7,200, the Buscema/Sienkiewicz Wolverine $2,800, the Gene Colan Daredevil $3,800 and the George Perez Ultraverse cover $3,600. Good results also for Jim Aparo at $1,700, Bolland at $2,100 and Infantino at $2,800. The Harold Gray Annie Sunday made $2,000, the Dick Tracy daily $2,600, and the early Snuffy Smith Sunday only $700. Other low prices were the $200 paid for this On-Stage Sunday, $300 for this very nice Joe Palooka Sunday and B.C. dailies for $200.

This week on eBay
John Romita Jr. - Uncanny X-Men Original Art
Ok, let’s call it John Byrne week… a very nice duo-tone Namor page, another one here, an Alpha Flight original, a modern Spiderman splashy, and a Clark Kent page inked by Leonard Starr..! Then a Conan and a Thor page by John Buscema. Sal Buscema has a Defenders page and a Master of Kung-Fu. A second MOKF by Gene Day, a nice Conan page by Gil Kane, a cosmic Captain Marvel by Pat Broderick and a Rom splash by Steve Ditko sold by Katie Mignola. Katie is also selling some Hulk pages by Jim Starlin and some by P. Craig Russell. In Modern Marvel news look at these 90’s X-Men Pages: a great DPS by John Romita Jr., a Mark Silvestri original and an Andy Kubert. Many Paul Ryan F4 pages lately, Goran Parlov Punisher Max/Barracuda, another Barracuda, and another Punisher. A Falcon cover by Jay Anacleto and we can pass to DC: 2 page Wonder Woman lot by Don Heck, Superman by Dick Dillin and a Shooter/Mortimer Legion page. Our usual Don Newton Batman and a VERY detailed Superman DPS by Carlo Pagulayan. Strips: early Terry daily by Wunder, a Pogo by Kelly, early Corrigan by Al Williamson, Green Berets by Kubert and a sexy Axa by Romero.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Walt Kelly - Pogo Sunday Strip Original Art
After a brief absence, we have a Neal Adams page again, Jim Aparo has Green Lantern/Batman and a swingin’ BatmanGil Kane Green Lantern, Ryan Sook Batman, and Joe Kubert Weird War Tales. Gil Kane at Marvel with a Tales of Suspense Captain America original and Micronauts #44 cover. A Gene Colan Blade, some Stuart Immonen Fantastic Four pages and a Jim Starlin Dr. Strange/Hulk/Thing piece. Strips: Mary Perkins Sunday, Taliaferro Donald Duck Sunday, a very nice 1955 Pogo Sunday, a murder in this beautiful Dick Tracy 1944 daily, 4 rare Friday Fosters, 2 B.C. dailies, and 2 Beetle Baileys.
Comic link Focused Auction
Marcos Martin - Batman Original Art
Not much to see in this CL Auction. A Matteo Scalera Red Hood cover, a Semeiks Demon cover, and a nice Ryan Sook Batman cover. A beautiful Batgirl Year One page by Marcos Martin, and a Teen Titans by George Perez. A 1990 Punisher cover by Gary Kwapisz, an X-Men page by Andy Kubert, Iron-Man original by Paul Ryan, Secret Wars and Captain America pages by Mike Zeck and a Thor page by Herb Trimpe.
Many classic pieces in Millon’s next week auction. A big lot of Hermann illustrations, some Jean Giraud pages, and some by Moebius, a Manara Brigitte Bardot painting, three Marini color pin-ups,  Uderzo, and the Pentagon by Vance.
See you next week with Comic Art Tips!
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