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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #37

Mignola, Quitely, Buscema and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips! Some very interesting auctio
June 14 · Issue #37 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Mignola, Quitely, Buscema and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips!
Some very interesting auction results this week.
Ebay: we start with the Mike Mignola pieces, the Hellboy Omnibus cover sold for more than $14,000, the BPRD cover for $3,000 and the Homunculus original for $900. The Alpha Flight page by John Byrne went for $1,500, the three Neal Adams X-men pages all sold for the starting price (one 7,5k, two 7,5k, three 6,5k), the Russ Heath Rock splash for $3,200 and the others from the vintage lot (remember last week?) went unsold. The Kelley Jones Batman was sold for $2,000, and the Micronauts original for $700. The Novick Robin page went for $500, the Colan/Janson Batman for $275 and for the same price the Adam Kubert DPS. A Transmetropolitan Title splash by Darick Robertson sold for $650, this Frank Miller page went unsold (people don’t bid on pieces with a high starting price). A Superman splash by Curt Swan went for $1,100 and The Preacher page by Steve Dillon for $2,000.
Strips: a late Mary Perkins Sunday by Leonard Starr went for $360 if somebody can’t afford the beautiful Sundays sold lately on HA for $2/3k this was a good compromise.
Heritage Sunday: The Buscema/Alcala Conan splash was sold for $7,000, the Ron Lim Thanos for $3,800 and the Jack Kirby Rawhide Kid for $2,700. The Teen Titans page by George Perez went for $3,800, the Bolland Camelot 3000 original for $2,400 and the Jim Aparo Batman/Superman for $1,800.
The exceptional Mary Perkins Sunday went for $3,800, the Cisco Kid for $2,000,  the Johnny Hazard Sunday for $600. The Jaime Hernandez story for $3,600.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Original Hellboy Painting
Many different things this week on eBay, the best is probably this rare Paul Smith original art from U. X-Men #169. Rare is also Walt Simonson’s original art, this week we have a nice X-Factor page. A Bob Brown page from Daredevil #113, two Fantastic Four pages by Paul Ryan (one, two), a Rich Buckler Namor page and a cheap FF page by Frenz/Buscema.
This week, Mike Mignola’s daughter is selling a painted Hellboy illustration, look out for the record hammer price.
DC: here’s a Frank Quitely Batman page, a Gene Colan page with Wonder Woman in all panels, Anarky/Green Lantern by Norm Breyfogle, Impulse by Ethan Van Sciver and a 1969 page by Bernie Wrightson.
Madman toybox art by Mike Allred and a Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Strips: a nice Phil Fumble Sunday by Ernie Bushmiller, a well drawn Terry daily by George Wunder and a Hi & Lois Daily by Dik Browne.
Heritage Sunday Auction
George Perez - Ultraforce Original Cover
As a service for the many DC fans on this list, we’ll start with the Superfriends #36 Plastic-Man title splash by Ramona Fradon, then our friend Jim Aparo with a Batman/Green Lantern and Batman/Zatanna pages. A seven-page Batman lot by Dick Dillin, a nice Teen Titans page by George Perez and, for 90’s nostalgics Perez’ cover to Ultraforce #0.
A quick DC- Malibu-Marvel switch to a swingin’ Daredevil page by Gene Colan. The second Buscema/Alcala Conan splash in a row and a Buscema/Sienkiewicz Wolverine Original. A detailed Master of Kung-Fu page by Gene Day, a recent Steve Ditko Avengers page and a big Comic-Strip update:
Early Snuffy Smith Sunday, The Captain and the Kids Sunday, a rare Joe Palooka Sunday, nice Little Orphan Annie Sunday, and the usual great On Stage Sunday. A Jaime Hernandez Penny Century full story and a Carmine Infantino Star Wars page.
Misc. Auctions
Hergé - Tintin Original Art
Coutau-Begarie has a Bilal painted page, a Vance (Bruce J, Hawker), Uderzo (Belloy), Hermann (Comanche), Franq (Largo Winch) and Guarnido (Blacksad).
Arthema has a nice Tintin page by Hergé with a starting price of Eur 220.000. They also have many other lots but only a few originals.
See you next Week with Original Comic Art Tips, and if you liked this Newsletter forward it to your collector friends!
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