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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #33

Kirby, Charest, McFarlane and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips! Results first. Ebay: The Doc
May 17 · Issue #33 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Kirby, Charest, McFarlane and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips!
Results first. Ebay: The Doc Strange half splash by Gene Colan went for $1.400, John Buscema Fantastic Four pages are growing, this not-so-great page went for $1.200, a couple years ago $1.500 was enough for a 1st quality original. A Ron Lim Silver Surfer made $800, Mike Mignola sold another handful of Fafhrd pages for under $1.000 and we end with a John Byrne Superman page that made $1.400.
HA Sunday: many Marvel pieces made good money this week, The Sal Buscema Incredible Hulk page $2.200, a John Byrne splash $1.500 is always a low price, and 3 Doctor Strange originals made also good results, Kevin Nowlan $1.100, Charles Vess $2.200 and Marshall Rogers $3.100. I don’t know DC history enough to tell you why this Superboy page by Dave Cockrum ended at $4.500, but I can see why somebody spent $4.000 on this Joe Kubert piece. A Star Wars daily strip with many characters by Rick Hoberg made $1.500, Scorchy Smith dailies by Frank Robbins go for 4 times a Johnny Hazard, and as usual I’m sad to see Beetle Bailey dailies by Mort Walker go for less than $200.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Kamandi original art
This Ron Frenz Spiderman page is already up to $700, Chris Samnee has some more Captain America Pages for sale like this Splash and this cover. A nice Jack Kirby Kamandi page, and a Joe Kubert Green Berets strip. this Beautifully painted Matt Wagner cover is going cheap with less than 24 hours. 2 very nice Don Heck Wonder Woman pages and a Rob Liefeld Heroes Reborn Cap page.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Shaffenberger - Supergirl Original Art
After three weeks it’s clear now that HA put their hands on a lot of Gene Colan Originals, here we have another Dracula page and a Dr Strange. This is the moment to buy if you wanted a Colan. A really beautiful Sal Buscema Hulk/Namor page and a Jack Kirby original that is probably going to be affordable. The second Kevin Nowlan Dr Strange page and a WWII recap Invaders original by Frank Robbins. I like this Supergirl splash by Kurt Shaffenberger and this Promethea DPS by JH Williams III. another Robbins Scorchy Smith original and an action packed On Stage Sunday by Leonard Starr.
Comic link Focused Auction
Travis Charest - Wolverine Original Art
What do you think if we start with this Todd McFarlane Amazing Spiderman cover? Many great Art Adams pages. For my tastes with Adams’ art the earlier is the better, like this first appearance of Gambit. Chris Bachalo Uncanny X-Men art for his first run in the late 90’s is hard to come by, look at this Wolverine Half splash and the other pages. Lately I like a lot Norm Breyfogle art, I think I took him for granted 20 years ago, here we have a JLA DPS. The Avengers annual #4 cover by Sal Buscema and a Dr. Strange Cover by Frank Brunner. Have you seen this painted Weapon X commission by Travis Charest? I think I’ve already seen this Spiderwoman Dps by Jim Cheung for sale somewhere else… Jack Kirby Thor and Demon covers! 3 Jim Lee X-Men pieces and a Watchmen page by Dave Gibbons. Between the few non-superhero pieces a full Spirit story by Will Eisner and a Bloom County early strip by Berke Breathed.
See you next week with more Original Comic Art Tips!
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