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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #32

Gene Colan, Jim Lee, Miyazaki and more On Original Comic Art Tips! News: I just started a Facebook pa
May 11 · Issue #32 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Gene Colan, Jim Lee, Miyazaki and more On Original Comic Art Tips!
News: I just started a Facebook page for Comic Art Tips where I will post, as a reminder, the best pieces on this newsletter when the auction is about to end. I will also share news from artists and dealers pages, I hope all of you will give it a like!
Results: on Ebay the latest Mignola sale ended with less surprises than last week. A non-Hellboy cover from 1992 made $1.900 (more or less the entry cost for Hellboy panel pages), Fafhrd pages are still affordable at $800. A David Finch cover ended for $2.900, the Ron Lim Thanos page auction ends tomorrow and is still at $200 and the Rom #1 page by Sal Buscema sold for $5.200.
Heritage Sunday: the Jim Aparo Batman/Flash original made $1.400, The Michael Golden Batman Splash $2.800 and the Irv Novick Batman $10.000! The Buscema Thor page $2.600, the Kubert Splash $3.800 and the Hate #2 splash by Peter Bagge $1.800. The usual bargain prices for comic strips: Nancy at $300, Steve Canyon at $380, Family Circus at $150, a Tarzan Sunday at $200, and a Casey Ruggles Sunday at $300. A Russ Manning Star Wars made $800 and a Single Happy Hooligan topper panel $650.
Christies: the Hergé Tintin cover sold for euro 607.000 as estimated (all without BP), the price to look at is the Morris Lucky Luke illustration, sold for eur 143.000 with an estimate of 20.000. the Ana Miralles section of the auction made a total of eur 270.000, and the Blake & Mortimer cover sketch was sold for eur 81.000. Other surprises were this Blueberry page by Giraud and this Manara.
Artcurial: Let’s just say that the historic sale of the Astroboy original by Tezuka went very well: it was sold for eur 270.000 with an estimate of “just” 60.000..!

This week on eBay
Gene Colan - Dr Strange Original Art
We can start with this great Dr. Strange half splash original by Gene Colan, then a full team Avengers page by the same artist. Again some Marvel classics with a Jack Kirby Captain America page, The Fantastic 4 by John Buscema and a Werewolf by Night by Tom Sutton. We pass to the 90’s with a Cosmic Ron Lim page. Two cheap Romita Jrs: Spiderman and the Avengers. DC: a Jim Lee Superman page, and a John Byrne from 1987. A cheap World’s Finest by Dillin and a very nice Gonzalo Mayo from Creepy. No nice strips for this week…
Heritage Sunday Auction
Sal Buscema - Incredible Hulk Original Art
This looks like a Gene Colan and Marvel week: for Gene we have a Dracula 2/3 splash and a Dr. Strange original, then a Namor splash by John Byrne, a Gil Kane Black Panther page and a rare, early Kevin Nowlan Doc Strange Title page. 2 Sal Buscema Incredible Hulk pages: 1 and 2. DC, a Dave Cockrum Superboy and a Firehair DPS by Joe Kubert!! Strips: A Rick Hoberg Han vs. Boba Fett Star Wars, 2 very rare Scorchy Smith Dailies by Frank Robbins (this is one), a Beetle Bailey daily by Mort Walker and a Pogo Daily by Walt Kelly. Lately the Pogo strips on sale on HA are going for lower prices than usual.
Urania Aste
Milton Caniff - Male Call Original Art
A Very Rare Male Call strip by Caniff (starting price E. 30.000), another rare strip, Sturmtruppen by Bonvi and a Druuna page by Serpieri. Speaking of rare pieces we have a Miyazaki sketch and an original Watercolor by Goseki Kojima of Lone Wolf and Cub.
See you next week!
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