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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #31

Jim Lee, Kirby, Buscema, Romita and more, this week on Original Comic Art Tips! On eBay the two Ron L
May 3 · Issue #31 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Jim Lee, Kirby, Buscema, Romita and more, this week on Original Comic Art Tips!
On eBay the two Ron Lim Infinity War pages both ended at $1,700, the second pile of Captain America original art by Chris Samnee went for lower prices than the week before, he should probably sell an issue a page every week instead of 20 in two weeks… The splash made $1,300 and an action page $1,700, but the others went for $300 to $900. The Incredible Hulk page by Trimpe sold for $1,600 and the Green Lantern Cover by Ethan VanSciver for only $700, let’s wait to see if the buyer will flip it for more on another website.
The Heritage Sunday Auction reserved no big surprises, the Hoberg/Alcala very early  Star Wars daily strip ended at $2,150 while the Jim Aparo Batman/Atom page went for $2,300. The Curt Swan Superman/Black Canary made $1,200 and the Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy ended at $2,200. Christie’s Auction will be on May, 3 and Artcurial on May, 5, we’ll see next week what happened.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola Original Illustration
Another Week, another Mike Mignola auction! This time, Katie is selling some pages from Fafhrd like this one, a cover and more. Another Thanos page by Ron Lim, this time from Silver Surfer, I like this Jeff Purges Incredible Hulk Vs. Thing page signed by Peter David. A seller put on auction three early nineties Punisher cover one and two by Ron Wagner and the third by Mark Texeira. A very nice Superman page by Gary Frank, a Grendel half-splash by Matt Wagner and a little final surprise: a page from The end of the F*ing World graphic novel (of Netflix fame) by Charles Forman. I think I’ll have to bid on it!
Heritage Sunday Auction
John Buscema - Thor Original Art
A good auction this week with many attention-worth pieces. We start with this historic Irv Novick Batman original (long story, go read the description!), then a very nice Batman splash by Michael Golden and the usual four Jim Aparo Batman pages, this is with The Flash. A detailed Dan Spiegle Air Battle page and we go to Marvel with a great Buscema/Sinnott page from Thor #186. I can’t think of a worst mismatch than Frank Robbins with Vince Colletta, but this Captain America page is still going up in price. Another Wizard of ID daily (with the Wizard himself) by Parker, A very well drawn Tarzan daily by Bob Lubbers and a nostalgic piece for me, the splash page from Hate #2 by Peter Bagge.
Heritage Signature Auction
John Byrne - Uncanny X-Men Original Art
20 pages of really great art as usual in next week’s Auction. Many artists are represented by a lot of different pieces I will highlight the more important (or the one I like the most..), but go and look at everything if you can. After selling one interior page a week we finally see the iconic Neal Adams Batman/Robin/Joker cover to the Tower records comic..! A great collection of Gene Colan Daredevil artwork, this is the cover to issue 41 and this is a panel page I really, really like. A page from X-Men #1 for Jack Kirby, and the first Uncanny X-Men cover drawn by Jim Lee (look also for 3 interior mutant pages)! A Liefeld New Mutants page from the 1st appearance of Deadpool and a Romita Sr. Daredevil page. Many Frank Brunner originals, look at the title splash from Dr. Strange #1, Byrne Fantastic Four and X-Men interior pages, like this one with a lovely Kitty Pryde. Dale Keown Incredible Hulk splash and Gil Kane in the first appearance of Warlock. Some Daredevils by Frank Miller and a Women of DC Comics illustration by Adam Hughes.
Some rare comic strips: a Far Side panel by Larson, an early Calvin and Hobbes by Watterson, early Peanuts by Schulz, early Captain and the Kids by Dirks and early Gasoline Alley Sunday by King.
See you next week with three European auctions (Heritage Europe, Urania, Little Nemo), big auction results and more!
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