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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #29

Mignola, Samnee, and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips! Many Original Comic Art auctions unde
April 19 · Issue #29 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Mignola, Samnee, and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips!
Many Original Comic Art auctions underway this week, I’ll try to keep this newsletter short..! Results! eBay: Remember the Jim Lee Wolverine sketch on sale for $1.200? It sold. So the price for Jim’s sketches has officially increased. (or, if you consider the latest commission prices, somebody got a Wolverine bust for ¼ of the price…). The John Byrne Alpha Flight original went for $1.200, the Whilce Portacio Hulk/Iron-Man DPS for $800 and the Punisher page by John Buscema for $400, I regret not bidding on it, now… The Jorge Zaffino page ended at $1.000 and buying an Avengers page by Gene Colan for $400 is always nice.
Heritage Sunday: the Demon splash by Jack Kirby went for $7.100, the Jim Aparo Batman/Plastic-Man page for $2.000 and the Batman/Aquaman for $1.400. The Steve Canyon daily by Milton Caniff went pretty high at $1.2K and the Dick Tracy original by Chester Gould for $ 1.9K.

This week on eBay
Chris Samnee - Captain America Original Art
Mike Mignola’s daughter put for sale some beautiful original art by her dad. They’re the Hellboy TPB endpapers, reinterpretations of Dürer’s etchings. Go Look: one, two, three, four and the big one, five.
The eBay world is on fire over a big pile of Captain America artwork put for sale by Chris Samnee. Chris rarely sells his art and there are pieces for all tastes (and pockets): the Cover, the super-serum origin page, the splash, the action page, etc… You can also see a Batman/Robin illustration by Jim Lee, a Jack Kirby Machine Man page, and a John Buscema Avengers original. Then a 90’s style Spiderman page by Scott Kolins, a Spiderman splash by Mark Bagley and a J. Jonah Jameson/Peter Parker page by John Byrne.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Irv Novick - Barman Original Art
The usual four-page set of Jim Aparo Batman art: one is with Aquaman and one with the Elongated Man. Then we have a very, very nice Novick/Giordano Batman Original, a Superman/Green Lantern/Hawkman page by Curt Swan, a Ron Lim Infinity War Thanos page, and the weekly Dale Keown Incredible Hulk page (this one with Aquaman and Dr. Strange)
Many pieces in the Strip department: a rare Bloom County daily by Berke Breathed, a funny Wizard of ID by Brant Parker and a beautifully drawn Cisco Kid by Salinas. We end with two Sundays, a Dick Tracy and a Casey Ruggles.
Comic link Focused Auction
Ed McGuinness - Deadpool Original Art
Here we are with the second part of Comic Link’s new auction catalog and with a Barry Kitson Azrael Splash. A frame ready Iron-Man splash by Greg Land and an Infinity Crusade by Ron Lim. A funny Deadpool page by Ed McGuinness and many George Perez Teen Titans pages like this one.

Auction Mix!!
Albert Uderzo - Asterix Original Illustration
A quick Recap of the other auctions:
Russ Cochran has many Hagar the Horrible strips by Dik Browne like this Sunday and a Steve Ditko Dell Cover from 1966.
BD Encheres has a Regis Loisel Painted Original, three Franquin sketches (1, 2, 3) and an Archie Cover by Dan DeCarlo.
Tessier-Sarrou has only one interesting piece, but it’s enough: an original Asterix illustration by Albert Uderzo.
See you next week with Christie’s upcoming high-end auction and much more on Original Comic Art Tips!
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