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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #28

Kirby, Byrne, Deodato, Kubert and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips! You're reading the 28th
April 12 · Issue #28 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Kirby, Byrne, Deodato, Kubert and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips!
You’re reading the 28th issue of this Newsletter, it means that more or less six months ago I sent the first issue and I’m happy to say that I never missed a week! If you want to make me a present you could share this newsletter on social media or forward it to your collector friends, the more readers the better :).
On eBay the final page to Iron Man #127 from the “Demon in a Bottle” storyline ended at $3.300, the Gary Frank  page ended at $1.200, the SpiderWoman commission by Jim Cheung went for $1.100, I don’t know the price list for Cheung’s commissions but this result is surprising to me. The early Romita Jr. half splash ended at $1.900.
On Heritage the Marie Severin Spectacular Spider-Man original art page was sold for  $1.300, the Gil Kane Spiderman/Captain America illustration for $3.000 and the Frank Cho Iron Fist for almost $700, a bit high for a Cho pin-up not featuring a woman. Of the many Jim Aparo Batman pages, this is the one that went higher at $1.100.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Wolverine Sketch
Many interesting pieces this week on eBay. I’ll have to choose between 30 links I saved. As usual, everybody is rushing to sell their Jim Lee sketches at “new” prices, this (nice) Wolverine has a starting price of $1.100, we’ll see next weeks if somebody bites. Speaking of Jim Lee there’s a powerful Heroes Reborn Iron-Man/Incredible Hulk DPS by Whilce Portacio and Scott Williams. An Alpha Flight cover quality commission by John Byrne is getting a lot of views but not many bids, for now, great Wolverine/Sabretooth Original Art by Simone Bianchi and a Punisher page by John Buscema. A cheap Avengers page by Gene Colan with many tiny heroes and the only DC page of the week, Batman by Don Newton and Alcala. A beautiful Jorge Zaffino Winterworld page, a Green Berets strip by Kubert and a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond from 1949.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Jack Kirby - The Demon Original Art Splash
I don’t know why they put a Jack Kirby Demon splash in a weekly auction, maybe Heritage thought they had plenty Kirby art for May’s big auction… In the usual batch of Jim Aparo art, we have this Aquaman/Batman page I like a lot, then an early DC work by Alex Toth. Another Marie Severin Spiderman page and a Rich Buckler Namor original representing Marvel this week. Strips: Walt Kelly Pogo Sunday, a Steve Canyon daily by Milton Caniff and a rare illustration by his friend Noel Sickles.
Comic Link Focused Auction
Gary Frank - Incredible Hulk Original Art
ComicLink’s next auction opens tomorrow, here are a few highlights from the first half of the catalog. A Fantastic Four page by the Buscema brothers, a Superman & Batman Generations half splash by John Byrne and an X-Men original by Ian Churchill. A nice Spawn page by Tony Daniel, and a late nineties classic, a Mike Deodato page from Elektra. In the last year, I’ve only seen a few Incredible Hulk pages by Gary Frank, this is a good action scene.
See you next week for the second half, here on Comic Art Tips!
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