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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #27

Jim Lee, Romita, Cho, Kane and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips! Every collector on social n
April 4 · Issue #27 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Jim Lee, Romita, Cho, Kane and more this week on Original Comic Art Tips!
Every collector on social networks has seen the talk about Jim Lee’s commission prices for April’s Lake Como Con. While a commission list for Jim Lee is very rare, he’s asking $15.000 for a full figure and $1.000 for a tiny headsketch, with the result that the published (and much cheaper) pages still for sale on Albert Moy’s website are selling like hotcakes.
On eBay the Frank Cho Wolverine preliminary went unsold due to the high starting price and reappeared with the same price and a buy it now, the Shelly Moldoff Batman was nice and sold for only $300. The Rich Buckler Fantastic Four original with many guest stars ended for a little bit more at $330.
Heritage Sunday ended with no big surprises, the Conan illustration by John Buscema made a fan happy at $1.000, a rare Jack Cole gag panel ended at $3.100 and a nice 3 page Batman lot by Rick Hoberg and Alcala went for $2.000. Wayne Boring Superman art is always around $1.500, while Superman art by Gil Kane is steadily going up. A page that will likely grow in the next years is this Curt Swan Superman/Batman original that went for $1.300.

This week on eBay.
Terry Dodson - Defenders Splash Page
A Ron Lim (recent) Thanos Splash for your consideration, a Tom Lyle Spiderman page from 1994 with two full Spidey figures, a Romita Jr title page and a Terry Dodson Defenders splash (I see a lot of Dodson’s art for sale lately). A Spiderwoman commission by Jim Cheung and an action 2-page Flash lot by Don Heck. A Brandy sketch by Frank Cho, a very funny Zits Sunday by Jim Borgman and a bold Dick Tracy sketch by Chester Gould.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Keith Pollard - Thor Original Art
We start with one of the many DC pages by Jim Aparo, this one has Batman and The Creeper. Then we quickly go into the Marvel section with this Spiderman/Captain America illustration by Gil Kane. I like it a lot. Nice Dr. Blake-Thor transformation page by Pollard and a Spiderman page by Marie Severin. A Mike Ploog-Alex Nino Fantasy page a Terry Dodson Uncanny X-Men page and a Frank Cho Iron Fist illustration. A couple of strips: Mary Perkins daily by Leonard Starr and a Blondie Sunday by Chic Young.
Comic link Focused Auction
Lee Weeks - Cable and Deadpool Original Cover Art
Here we are with the second - and last - part of our Comic Link Original Art auction preview. The auction is ending this weekend, so don’t forget to bid if you see something you like. It’s rare to see a really unique and beautiful page by Keith Pollard, this is a cosmic page with a Kirby feel in the background. A Humberto Ramos Spiderman/Fantastic Four original is still at $70, and a Spiderman Christmas illustration by John Romita is still at $170. Nice Cable/Deadpool cover by Lee Weeks from 1994 and a Frank Teran Punisher splash from the same year. Iconic World’s Finest DPS by Dave Taylor and iconic Superman preliminary by Alex Ross, probably for the series of Justice League posters. We close with the only non superhero piece, a 100 Bullets page by Eduardo Risso.
See you next week here on Comic Art Tips!
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