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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #265

October 30 · Issue #265 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #265 of Original Comic Art Tips! This comes on Sunday for the second time in a row, next week we’ll be back to Friday as usual.
eBay: a Mister Miracle page by Kirby went for a $4,5k Best Offer, the Atrocitus sketch by Jim Lee for $4k, $300 less than the first round 2 years ago. $3,1k for the Ghost Rider splash by Ploog, $3,3k for a Cyberfrog DPS by Ethan VanSciver, $2,2k for a Preacher page, $2,3k for a Batman page by Tim Sale.
The Ghost Rider title splash by Bret Blevins was sold again, this time for a $2k Best Offer, a Daredevil trading card by Peach Momoko for $1,8k, The vintage Stray Toasters sketches by Sienkiewicz for $1,6k and $1,4k, the Batman sketch by Mignola for $1,6k, a Hellboy for $1,5k, a Jim Lee page with something resembling Batman for $1k, a Wolverine commission by Trimpe for $1,2k, a Kim Jung Gi sketched book for $1,2k, another one for $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: first place for a rare Doom Patrol page by Bruno Premiani, sold for $10k, $8k for an Avengers page by Tuska, $7k for the Shadow DPS by Chaykin, $2,9k for the nice Defenders page by Sal Buscema.
Top Ten pages by Gene Ha are rare to find too, this one went for $1k, as expected the Batman head by Bruce Timm went for less than $1,8k… just $600. you could easily double that by flipping it on ebay.
Catawiki: a Conan by Sanjulian went for €1,3k, a Spirit cover prelim by Eisner for €750, Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi for € 350, Dylan Dog by Stano for €300, a Tex by Civitelli for €800, a Martin Mystere cover by Alessandrini for €300.
Heritage Harlan Ellison Auction: very high prices, with total sales nearing a Million dollars. The painted color art for the cover to Spawn #2 by Ken Steacy was sold for an incredible $168k, not comic art but a paperback cover by Richard Corben for the Vic and Blood novel was sold for $88k.
Auction record for Watchmen interior art, with this Dave Gibbons page sold for $84k, $57k for the three Wolverine pages by Frank Miller, auction record for Gene Day with a Batman cover sold for $26k, auction record for Kevin Maguire with a JLA page sold for $24k, $15k for a Spectre cover by Sandy Plunkett, $14k is the highest price paid for Batman original art by Gene Colan on HA.
Sotheby’s Persepolis Auction: the auction went very well, with £600k paid for 44 lots. The first page went for ten times the estimation at £40k, the other pages were sold for a price between £25k and £10k.
Tessier Sarrou Auction: top prices paid for two Tintin books sketched by Hergé, €14k and €12k, then a book sketched by Moebius for €5,6k.
€5k for a Dick Herisson page by Savard, €4,4 for an illustration by Hub, €3,2k for a page by Pellos, €2,1k for Ledroit, €2k for Dany, €1,8k for a Manara strip.
Nate Sanders’ Auction: a 1959 Peanuts sunday strip was sold for $59k, one from 1989 for $30k, a 1965 daily for $65k.

This week on eBay
Bill SIenkiewicz - New Mutants cover art
Bill SIenkiewicz - New Mutants cover art
Marvel: are you ready for two covers by Bill Sienkiewicz? New Mutants #30 and Beauty and the Beast #2. Ending SOON!
A Conan page and another one by Buscema, Hulk by John Byrne, a sketched Michael Golden book, high priced Thor art by Buscema, Thor by Gil Kane, Daredevil page by Colan, and a Daredevil commission.
A Spidey cover by Marcelo Ferreira, a Wolverine DPS by Simone Bianchi.
DC: Wonder Woman and Green Arrow by Don Heck, Flash, Flash again by LaRocque, Hex by DeZuniga, Batman by Tim Sale, Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank.
A Invincible sketch by Ryan Ottley, low priced Basil Wolverton art, a TMNT cover by Eastman, two Top Cow trading cards by Marc Silvestri, Mage by Matt Wagner, Johnny Hazard daily by Robbins.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a Nova/Spidey splash by Sal Buscema, Fantastic Four by Kirby.
DC: a Legion page by Grell, a Supergirl pinup by Bruce Timm.
A EC page by Severin, nice Fakk2 page by Bisley, Spawn by Capullo.
Strips: Buz Sawyer by Crane, a Garfield daily, a Rusty Riley Sunday, B.C., a Dennis panel by Ketcham, Archie by Montana, a Beetle Bailey Sunday, Corrigan by Williamson, look at this Tarzan Sunday by Yeates, a Hagar, many Terry strips,
Catawiki Auctions
Milo Manara - Original Comic Art
Milo Manara - Original Comic Art
Look at this beautiful Giuseppe Bergman page by Manara, a Columbus panel, also a Borgia page, Necron by Magnus, a pinup by Marini, an illustration by Crepax, Ken Parker by Milazzo, a Tex page by Claudio Villa, a sketch by Liberatore.
A Disney panel by Silvia Ziche, a title page by Valerio Held, a Spidey sketch by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Great Perramus page by Breccia, a page by Mandrafina, a Crimson page by Meglia, one by Torres, Storm by Don Lawrence, a Bilal storyboard, a Rosinski sketch.
A Yakari page and an illustration by Derib, a Franquin study and a Gaston sketch, a Comanche page.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1: Strips!
Seems like no Signature Auction can start until there’s a Calvin & Hobbes strip in the catalogue…
Many Johnny Comet strips by Frazetta, a rare Spirit strip by Jack Cole, a nice Dick Tracy Sunday, a rare 1945 Little Orphan Annie.
See you next week!
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