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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #22

Welcome to the latest issue of Original Comic Art Tips, we have many interesting results from last we
March 1 · Issue #22 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to the latest issue of Original Comic Art Tips, we have many interesting results from last weekend to see, so let’s dive right in! A couple from the Sunday Auction: the Jim Starlin Cosmic half-splash went for $15.500, a really great piece. The page from Howard the Duck issue #1 by Frank Brunner made $5.000, it will probably grow a lot in the next years. It’s time for the Signature Auction and Jack Kirby: if a page from X-Men #1 sells for $83.000, a piece from Fantastic Four #20 at $18.000 has great margins of growth in the next 5-10 years. Other Kirby originals that you still can buy for less than $5k are this Kamandi #25 Splash at $4.000 or this Captain America page for $2.800. The Thor #154 Cover went for $161k and The Amazing Spiderman #100 Cover Original Art sets a Heritage Record at $478k..! Other Silver Age Marvel artists that you can still buy and will surely grow in the next years are Gene Colan (with a Daredevil #61 page for $1.400 and a Cap #131 for $1.000) and obviously Wally Wood (a Daredevil #9 for $17k and an Avengers #20 with Don Heck for $5k).
Paul Pope art from Batman Year 100 has many fans, this page went for $4.700. At the same time a fan of Jim Lee is very happy with his Wonder Woman page for only $1.200.
Strips: the best piece was this Calvin & Hobbes Daily by Watterson. The last dailies sold by HA went for $70k, this one for $95k. Not bad. The Dick Tracy daily from the Flattop storyline is a record price for a Chester Gould strip. I’m happy that the funnier of the Peanuts daily strips reached the higher price at $45k while both sundays sold for $113k. The Juliet Jones sunday by Stan Drake went high at $3.500.
The beautiful Vampirella painting by Dave Stevens was sold for $40k and the Hellboy half-splash by Mignola for $13k. A Travis Charest splash for $800 is always good.
On Ebay the Buscema/Wrightson page went for $975 and the Frank Quitely Batman for a pretty good $2.600.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Wonder Woman Commission
We start with two pages from Daredevil #257 on eBay by John Romita Jr. They don’t feature DD, but pages from that run are getting rare so a page with the Punisher and one with Typhoid Mary may be worth a look. A handful of Gil Kane The Atom originals, like this sexy half splash (look seller’s other items). In the usual batch of Dick Dillin World’s Finest pages this week we find a gem: the title splash from issue #226 with Superman, Batman and Metamorpho. Another very nice Batman page from Ebay regulars Don Newton and Alfredo Alcala. This Jim Lee Wonder Woman Commission is already going a bit too high with still 7 days to go… while a cover quality Batman commission by Lee Bermejo has a big starting price. An intense Clark Kent in this Action Comics #973 Cover original art by Clay Mann.
Sadly no comic strips this week, but we have a nice Cursed Pirate Girl illustration by Jeremy Bastian. Prices for his originals usually go for thousands so at $300 this is still a pretty good price.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Tim Sale - Incredible Hulk Original Art
We start with the traditional Batman Tower Records piece by Neal Adams. We’re getting near the end of the story in this page with Batman, Robin and the Joker. Another Batman Original by Paul Gulacy and a John Buscema/Kevin Nowlan great Superman page as the usual bridge from DC to a big Marvel sequence of original Comic art. A powerful Bruce Timm Incredible Hulk Illustration, a full figure Spiderman Preliminary sketch by Romita Sr. and another Hulk piece, this time an interior page by Tim Sale. Like last week we have a early Iron-Man page by George Tuska, a Trimpe Thor and a nice Marie Severin Namor page.
A rare Drew Friedman National Lampoon page is already going up. for the comic strip fan we have a Dennis The Menace panel by Hank Ketcham, two beautiful Robin Malone dailies by Bob Lubbers, a rare Bizarro panel by Dan Piraro and a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond.
Comic link Focused Auction
Millon And Septimus Auction Houses
Jean Giraud - Blueberry Original Illustration
Millon, as usual, has some pretty important pieces from the French Bande Dessinee market. two Great lots from Delaby: Murena and Complainte des landes perdues. A Gibrat Painted Original, two Blueberry pieces By Jean Giraud (an interior page from the 21st album and a quick but beautiful color illustration) and for Moebius fans with a “low” budget a tiny illustration. A Bois-Maury original by Hermann, a Scorpion page by Enrico Marini and two pricey painted covers: a Thorgal by Rosinsky and a XIII by Vance.
Septimus has many nice little pieces, I will highlight a quick but detailed Hellboy sketch by Mike Mignola and a not-so-little classic cover by Dany.
See you next week for the ComicLink Auction and more!
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