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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #2

You're reading the Second issue of Comic Art Tips, this week we start by looking at how some of the a
October 12 · Issue #2 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
You’re reading the Second issue of Comic Art Tips, this week we start by looking at how some of the auctions from the previous newsletter went. 
Only one of the two Popeye strips has sold, eBay is not the perfect market for high end Original Comic Strip Art, but this one still managed to go for $ 5.250.
On Heritage, the rare Bone original art was sold for a “surprising” $ 2,868 despite being only a promo piece. The investment here is at least guaranteed by the fact that all of Jeff Smith’s original art was donated to a library so this piece will always be considered rare.
The Comic Link Auction is ending on Friday, don’t forget!

This week on eBay
Chris Samnee - Batman/Ra's al Ghul original art
If you hate 90’s Image style don’t click on this link. this is not Stephen Platt’s best double page spread, but it’s still worth watching!
I love all of Joe Kubert’s war genre covers and there’s a new one for sale with the Haunted Tank.
John Buscema superhero art is getting more and more difficult to afford for most collectors but if you don’t consider that this page was done in the nineties and it’s from Doom 2099 you have an opportunity to gain a Buscema Daredevil 2/3 splash… just be smart because it’s getting a lot of traffic.
As you may already know Chris Samnee’s originals are rare and sought after. He’s doing the Inktober daily challenge and the first week of Batman-themed originals are for sale. My favorite is Commissioner Gordon but I like ’em all.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Pogo by Walt Kelly Original Art
Just a few suggestions for this week, Heritage is keeping the best for November’s big Auction… I like this dense Sub Mariner #37 page by Ross Andru and this is one of the many pages they sold this year from Alan Davis’ celebrated Excalibur run
Please buy this great Pogo Sunday by Walt Kelly from 1955.
Urania Aste - November 1 Comic Art Auction
Urania’s latest catalog surprised me, there’s great art from all over the world and it’s eclectic, there’s something great for everybody, I’d like to buy at least 80% of it.
The auction has a section dedicated to the genius of Dino Battaglia, this splash is my favorite but they’re all beautiful.
Here we have 2 important Jack Kirby pieces, a historical page from Fantastic Four #20 and a Kamandi splash.
I’ve always loved this illustration by Andrea Pazienza and this page by Magnus is great.

This is the end of the second issue of Comic Art Tips, next week you’ll find the usual Original Comic Art highlights and I’ll probably start to watch lots from HA’s November Auction.

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