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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #19

Welcome to this very long issue #19 of Comic Art Tips, take some time we'll read some results, mostly
February 7 · Issue #19 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to this very long issue #19 of Comic Art Tips, take some time we’ll read some results, mostly from last week’s ComicLink auction, and look at some new items for sale (a big Heritage Sunday Auction). Come back next week as we’ll start to go through Heritage’s Comics & Comic Art Auction (600+ items, whew!).
Last week on eBay the 2 Namor pages went for good sums, the Buscema was still affordable at $1.800, the Byrne instead fetched a big $4.500! The Carmine Infantino page was a steal for Flash fans at only $331.
On HA the sexy Excalibur page by Alan Davis went for almost $1.000 and the sexier Adam Hughes sketch for $700.
Galerie Moderne’s Colour illustrations went for unsurprisingly high prices: the Lucky Luke by Morris for eur 6.700 and the Gaston by Franquin for eur 10.000, you can see how highly Franquin’s art is regarded by his fans from this tiny Marsupilami sketch that was sold for eur 1.100!
ComicLink: I should buy a Larsen/Buscema Defenders Original, they’re very nice and go for peanuts. The dense Infinity war page by Ron Lim ended at $3.100 and the Daredevil alternate cover by Romita Sr went for a low $4.600. You can judge how rare Zaffino art is by this talking heads page that went for $1.000! Prices for Sal Buscema Spectacular Spiderman art are on the rise, so somebody made a good score with this $230 page… Fans of The Micronauts instead all tried to win this Gil Kane original that ended at $3.100. Getting a Chris Bachalo X-Men double page for $225 is always a good thing, the same can be said about Youngblood double splashes from 1993 by Rob Liefeld for $1.600. Another good buy was this George Perez Avengers page that went for $750.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Art
Katie Mignola is offering three pieces of original art done by her dad for the Hellboy DVD (one, two and three). Ethan VanSciver is getting a lot of bids on this detailed Batman Cover and a lot of views on his $400 full figure commission offer. A much lower quality of Batman Art can be seen in this badly traced fake “Bruce Timm” piece, already going for more than $500. I don’t understand “fans” of an artist that can’t recognize his style…
Look at this nice Spiderman Cover by Pasqual Ferry and this Captain America 1977 action page by Sal Buscema. Another classic Cap page by Mike Zeck and a Charlie Adlard Walking Dead page.
Sorry. No nice comic strips for the second week in a row on eBay…
Heritage Sunday Auction
Paul Gulacy - Batman Original Art
Lots of great original comic art pieces in this Sunday Auction, let’s see a few links: don’t forget the usual offering from Batman’s Tower Records comic book by Neal Adams (this week we have Bats and The Joker). Speaking of Batman we have a great 7-page sequence from Detective Comics by Don Newton with some great panels, a moody action page from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight by Paul Gulacy and Terry Austin and a Batman vs. Superman page from World’s Finest by Delbo & Alcala that will look great framed. A Justice League Splash Page by John Byrne (that, I have to say, doesn’t look like Byrne due to inking style) and a detailed cover by Eddy Barrows put an end to the DC pages. I noticed that, lately I’m linking to a lot of DC art despite being a more of a Marvel Zombie myself… I’d like to go 50/50 but there’s been less good Marvel Art for sale in the last weeks. Just 2 Vertigo Originals, a Jill Thompson Sandman and the perfect page for a Transmetropolitan fan by Darick Robertson and we can pass to Marvel Original Art, like this Handbook cover by Tom Grummett full of heroes and a Mark Bagley Fantastic Four half splash with the Inhumans. I have to admit I’m not a big Pat Broderick fan but this Deathlock page is really cool. This Incredible Hulk page by Dale Keown looks good although we can only see Hulk’s back in all panels!
Cornette de Saint Cyr
Another French art auction will end next week with some nice pieces. A rare Alessandro Barbucci original from Skydoll, a very sought after Largo Winch page (estimated 12-15k euro) a Blacksad full figure sketch by Guarnido. If you’re searching for a “cheap” piece by Moebius there’s this nice strip with a 4-6k estimate. We can also find two Jack Kirby pages from Dingbats #3.
Philip Weiss Auctions
Philip Weiss will put to auction another incredible pile of Joe Jubert art. I will not link to single pieces, they’re too many and all great, here’s a link to the auction listings.
See you next week here at Comic Art Tips for more great Original Comic Art!
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