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Original Comic Art Tips Issue #178 - Neal Adams, Jim Lee X-Men, McSpidey!

February 26 · Issue #178 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #178 of Original Comic Art Tips! Another very long update, you’ll probably find it clipped in half, please click the link at the end to read it all..!
ebay: many pages were sold for high prices in the last week, this is only the tip of the iceberg, use this handy link to see them.
A Spawn cover by Capullo/McFarlane was sold for $17,5k, an Avengers cover by Carlos Pacheco for $3,4k, a MTU page by Jim Mooney for $3,5k, a Star Wars cover by Mike Mayhew for $3k, a beautifully drawn 1964 strip by Neal Adams for the same price. I feel a bit of envy for this Cloak & Dagger page by Rick Leonardi, sold for a $2,5k Best Offer…. The Conan pinup by John Buscema went for $2,9k, Bob McLeod confirmed on Facebook that the drawing was only partially inked and he was commissioned to finish.
Hero Initiative auctions: the Avengers Jam was sold for $4,6k, the Sale/Wagner Green Goblin for $4,2k, the Davis/Nowlan Avengers for $2,9k,
The Sean Murphy commission spot is ending on Sunday, it currently has 267 watchers…
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Wolverine page by Marc Silvestri went for $3,8k, an uncredited Batman villains illustration from a children’s book went for $2,8k, the Wonder Woman DPS by Gary Frank for $1,9k, the Rex Maxon illustration for $1,6k.
A Terry daily by Caniff went for a good $1k, the Batman page by Jock for $500, the Batman sketch by Adam Hughes for $350.
Catawiki: the Spider-Man cover by Mike Deodato went for €4k, the Thing cover was a good catch at €600, the Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet for €550, the Frank Miller sketch for €450. The Druuna illustration by Serpieri for €3,1k, the Crepax illustration for €1k.
Hake’s Auction: the early Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse daily probably makes a record at $61k, the Superman cover by Curt Swan went for $49k, the Mickey Mouse strip by Earl Duvall for $36k, the EC cover by Johnny Craig for $27k.
All of Rube Goldberg machines went for high prices the top one for $15k, the Prince Valiant panel was affordable at $2,3k, the very early Dick Tracy daily for $5,5k, still, a big margin for growth is left. The Batman page by Dick Giordano went for $8k, the Batman page by Mike Mignola went for $7k, it will soon reach $10k… the Hellboy page was sold for $5k.
Drag Cartoons original art: the Lovelife page by Alex Toth went for its market price at $1,5k, the others a bit higher than expected at $1,3k, $1,1k. The Battman” story by Pete Millar went for $1,4k, the nice story by Russ Manning for only $800. A story by Gilbert Shelton for $2,8k.

This week on eBay
Gary Frank - Harley Quinn Original Cover Art
Gary Frank - Harley Quinn Original Cover Art
DC: a great Deadman half page by Neal Adams, a Superman/Lois Lane cover by Dick Giordano, Aquaman by Jim Aparo, Superman by Schaffenberger, Flash by Don Heck, Superman by Curt Swan.
Superman by Bob McLeod, a Harley cover by Gary Frank, a cover quality commission by Kevin Maguire, Green Lantern by Rick Leonardi and a Harley sketch by Jim Lee.
Marvel: Star Wars by Carmine Infantino, a nice Peter Parker page by John Byrne, a Star Brand page by John Romita Jr. and many $300 Romita sketches from this seller, I like this Daredevil, this Wolverine and this different Daredevil from another seller.
A Spy Vs. Spy page by Prohias, a cartoon by Vip, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, a TMNT cover, Signed pages by Ditko are rare here’s a 2012 page.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Mike Parobeck - Batman Original Comic Art
Mike Parobeck - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Fantastic Four page by George Perez, Dr. Strange by Frank Brunner, I like this Conan page by Ernie Chan.
DC: a nice Superman page by Curt Swan, Teen Titans by Barreto, a good Superman by Gary Frank, Batman by Mike Parobeck, a Superman cover by Ryan Sook.
Many great strips: a first-year Li'l Abner, a 1956 Flash Gordon by Dan Barry, a time travel Alley Oop, a Buster Brown panel by Outcault. A Sunday by Harold Knerr, a B.C. Sunday, several Archie Sunday strips by Montana.
Catawiki Auctions
A Hulk cover by Mike Deodato, a Moth cover by Steve Rude, a nice Harley pinup by Jason Pearson, a Punisher cover by Mayerik/Williamson.
OMAC by John Byrne, Superman by Jurgens/Nowlan, I like this Scalped page by Guera and this 100 Bullets by Risso, Spider-Man by Greg Land, a Lunar Tunes collage by Wally Wood with his famous saying.
Pages by Vance, Crisse, an illustration by Dany, another one, a Franka painting by Kuijpers, a painted page by Don Lawrence.
Nice Junglemen page by Hugo Pratt, two sketches by Serpieri, a top Jacovitti illustration.
Dylan Dog and Nathan Never by Mari, Dylan by Stano, a Nathan Never illustration by De Angelis, Kriminal and Satanik by Magnus.
Comic link Focused Auction
John Romita - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
John Romita - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
Comiclink’s auctions are growing in quality every month, this time we have all top pieces, without the cheap pages/commissions/sketch section, all art is worth seeing. Let’s start from the best of the best, some of these have also a reserve price…
The cover to Amazing Spidey #91, by John Romita, a Captain Atom cover by Steve Ditko, a Conan cover by BWS, a Conan painting by Frank Frazetta, an X-Men title splash by John Byrne, a Wolverine half splash by Jim Lee, a Spidey splash by Todd McFarlane, an MCP cover by Sam Kieth and a Carnage cover by Mark Bagley.
Artists with multiple great listings (I tried to select the best one): a Thor splash by Jack Kirby, a Thor page by John Buscema, a Captain America splash by Sal Buscema, X-Men by Art Adams, a Wolverine cover by J. Scott Campbell, an Elektra cover by Mike Deodato and a Lone Wolf illustration by Kojima.
Then a beautiful Batman illustration by Norm Breyfogle, Batman by Neal Adams, a Batman splash by Greg Capullo, a Batman page by Kelley Jones.
Lobo by Bisley, a huge poster by Olivier Coipel and Gabriele Dell'Otto, X-Men by Michael Golden, a JLA pinup by Bryan Hitch, and a Catwoman page by Darwin Cooke.
BD Encheres
A full figure Tintin sketch by Hergé, a rare sketch by Jacobs, a Marsupilami sketch by Franquin.
Belloy by Uderzo, pages by Macherot, Swolfs, Crisse and Delaby.
A title illustration by Hugo Pratt.
See you next week!!
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