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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #17

Welcome to the latest issue of the Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter, this week is a bit slow, some
January 25 · Issue #17 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to the latest issue of the Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter, this week is a bit slow, some great auctions have not ended yet and some will start accepting bids in some days. We’re lucky that eBay and Heritage’s weekly auctions are always on.
The only interesting results from last week are this 1965 Pogo daily by Walt Kelly on eBay that ended at $335 (a good price for a strip with Pogo and a funny gag), and the exceptional early Johnny Hazard Sunday by Frank Robbins that went for almost $3.000. Many Hazard Sundays were offered in the last months, prices are steadily going up, you could buy a great strip from the 50’s for under $1.000 just two years ago and in the meantime prices more than doubled. This week we have another great strip from 1955 with many great Johnny shots and a cliffhanger ending, let’s see if it goes for more than 2k.

This week on eBay
Tony Daniel - Harley Quinn Original Art
In the last two weeks I highlighted a trend of big groups of Original Art from the same artist on eBay (Steven Hughes and Chris Bachalo), this week is the turn of Tony Daniel who’s selling by himself a stock of artwork perfect for eBay (i.e. nice and cheap), he probably sold the pages with big Batman shots quickly and this is what remains. There’s a well designed all Catwoman page, then a splashy Batman page and a Harley Quinn/Wonder Woman page (look also at the other items for sale).
From DC to Marvel there’s a Loki page by Jack Kirby and a Spiderman cover by Romita Jr (very nice, but keep in mind the smaller-than-regular size).
Then look at this great Swamp Thing DPS original by Veitch/Alcala and the only Strip of the week, a B.C. Sunday by Johnny Hart.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Dave Stevens - Rocketeer Original Art
We start with another page taken from the Batman record by Adams/Giordano. As usual, if you want a Neal Adams Original but you think you can’t afford it this may be for you. Speaking of Batman (this time with Superman) there’s a classic World’s Finest six-page lot by Curt Swan.
Incredible Hulk Original Art by Sal Buscema is seldom for sale lately, with the prices for his Artwork going up take this page into consideration.
Hundreds of Steve Rude’s Nexus originals have been sold by Heritage in the last few years, but this week we have this different, great splash page.
We close with a great piece, a rare Rocketeer sketch by Dave Stevens (already at $2.000).
Russ Cochran's Comic Art Auction
Wally Wood - Mad Magazine Original Art
Many pieces for sale in this month’s Russ Cochran Auction, the lot to watch, as usual, comes from EC Comics, a Bill Elder complete story from Tales from the Crypt. Next a Feldstein title page, two great MAD Magazine illustrations by Wally Wood and a Hagar Sunday by Dik Browne.
See you next week for the usual Original Comic Art Tips!
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