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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #161

October 30 · Issue #161 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #161! Yesterday was the day of the Comiclink auction, last week I had to do a review but I forgot… sorry. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of pieces to spend your money on today!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
ebay: the New Mutants page by Rob Liefeld was sold for $7,2k, a Cthulhu painting by Mike Mignola for $6,7k, the Jim Lee Wolverine pinup was a good deal at $5,8k, compared to his commission prices.
Somebody was very lucky and bought two Ghost Rider/Dr. Strange M.C.P. covers by Sam Kieth for only $4,5k each: #104 and #106. They can easily sell for 3x.
The J. Scott Campbell Wolverine cover went for $3,7k, the Spider Gwen cover by Ed McGuinness for $3,2k, an Ultimates page by Joe Mad for $800, a Star Wars page by Infantino for $2,5k.
A quick Thing sketch by John Romita was sold for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: not much to see, Dan De Carlo wins with his pinup sold for $3,1k, the Spidey page by Sal Buscema went for $2,6k, the Betty & Veronica page by Adam Hughes for $1,3k, the nice Pogo strip for the same price.
The war page by Russ Heath went for $660, the Batman splash by Sal Buscema for $600, the Batman page by Jim Aparo for $570, the Batman layout by Bernie Wrightson for $400.
Heritage Charity Auction: the unpublished Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola went for $12,6k, the Captain America bust by Adam Hughes for $3,6k, the Batman pinup by Neal Adams for the same price.
Two affordable Batman pages by Irv Novick and Don Newton, both for less than $500.
Fauve: the Asterix illustration by Uderzo was sold for €28k.

This week on eBay
Gary Frank - The Comedian Original Cover Art
Gary Frank - The Comedian Original Cover Art
Mike Mignola is selling four great Barbarians, one, two, three and four.
Marvel: a 1980 Daredevil commission by Frank Miller, a Dr Strange page by Marshall Rogers, a Prowler title splash from Amazing Spider-Man #365 by Todd Smith, a Fantastic Four page by Keith Pollard, a nice Thor page by Ron Frenz, Defenders by Herb Trimpe, Dr Doom by Keith Giffen.
Very nice original art by Sal Buscema, a Spider-Man and a Hulk page.
An Invisible Girl and a Mr Fantastic pinup by Bruce Timm, two nice Spidey pages by Mark Bagley (one, two), Avengers by George Perez, an Ultimate X-Men page by Adam Kubert, X-Men by Ed McGuinness and a color Cap pinup by Michael Cho.
Last week’s Namor splash by John Byrne is ending tomorrow.
This Jam sketch doesn’t look good at all, but it’s worth buying just for the Adam Hughes square, matting out the rest.
DC: a Superman title page by Gil Kane, a Batman page by Ernie Chan, Flash by Don Heck.
Great week for Gary Frank fans, with a Superman cover, a Comedian cover and a JLA page.
Jim Lee has page without Superman, a remarked Batman print and an Harley sketch/action figure set.
Cover quality Batman/Catwoman commission by Michael Lark, Wonder Woman by Frank Cho, a Robin pinup by Ryan Sook and a nice/cheap Superman page by Rick Leonardi.
Always funny to see how often people think they found gold. This Jim Lee splash was sold on Heritage in September for $480, now it already resurfaced on ebay for $900.
A Monkeyman page by Art Adams, two Elfquest sketches by Wendy Pini (one, two), a Cyberforce cover by David Finch, a Grendel splash by Matt Wagner and a Mouse Guard illustration by Petersen.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jim Aparo - Batman Original Cover Art
Jim Aparo - Batman Original Cover Art
DC: a Batman page and a pinup used for a cover by Jim Aparo, Robin by Norm Breyfogle, Batman by Frank Robbins. Superboy by Dave Cockrum, World’s Finest by Dick Dillin and a nice Supergirl page by Carmine Infantino.
Marvel: a She-Hulk page by John Byrne, Ghost Rider by Mike Ploog, great Kraven page by Frank Robbins.
A nice page by Jaime Hernandez, a Pogo daily strip and a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond.
Heritage Charity Auction
Marc Silvestri - The Darkness Original Cover Art
Marc Silvestri - The Darkness Original Cover Art
A huge Emma Frost painting by Frank Cho, a New Mutants page by Rob Liefeld, a nice Blackhawk page by Howard Chaykin, Several sets of TMNT prelims by Kevin Eastman, a page by Will Eisner and a beautiful Darkness cover by Marc Silvestri.
Catawiki Auctions
Jean Giraud - Blueberry Sketch
Jean Giraud - Blueberry Sketch
Sketched books by Lauffray, Rosinsky, Quino and Franquin, a page by Crisse, a Djinn drawing by Miralles, a Catwoman painting by Marini and a color Blueberry sketch by Giraud.
An Usagi pinup by Stan Sakai, a Wolverine page by Chaykin, Captain America by Ron Lim, a Conan painted by Esad Ribic.
See you next week!!
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