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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #16

Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter #16, let's see what happened last week in the Comic Art
January 17 · Issue #16 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter #16, let’s see what happened last week in the Comic Art World.
The John Romita JR Spiderman page went for “just” $1.000, probably because Spidey wore an out of fashion suit, but the page is really great and the new owner will be very happy. The same can be said for his father’s page on Heritage Auctions that went for $500… if you wanted something published by Romita for a low price you had a nice option. 
The winner of the week is the gentleman who got the Alex Toth four pages lot for $4.900, he could probably sell 3 pages for $1.500/1.800 each and keep the title page for free!!

This week on eBay
Eduardo Risso - 100 Bullets Original Art
Eduardo Risso 100 bullets pages are still pretty cheap bought from his dealer, but there’s a pretty nice page right now on eBay that’s worth a look. I started reading the Fantastic Four with Paul Ryan as the regular artist so I usually like all of his Original Art for the title, this week we also have a nice Flash page. Ron Frenz is another artist I fondly remember from my early years and this week we have a good Thor page inked by Don Heck.
A Trinity fight page by Matt Wagner is, for now, a bargain and there’s a sketch of Nite Owl drawn by Dave Gibbons in 1986 before Watchmen #1 hit the shelves, I like sketches when they have an interesting story to tell.
Not much in Original Comic Strip Art this week, just a funny Pogo daily by Walt Kelly.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Frank Robbins - Johnny Hazard Original Art
Just two very high-quality pieces this week on the Heritage Sunday Auction: a Spirit original by Will Eisner from 1949 with a classic page design and the usual, but always great, Frank Robbins with an early (1947) Johnny Hazard Sunday Strip. I try not to link to the same artists every week but Heritage has a great batch of Hazard originals… I can’t stop. (look out for this one it has everything: girls, planes, punches, the price might go up a lot).
Fauve Paris - Collection Paul Ide
Franquin - Gaston Lagaffe Original Illustration
Fauve Paris Auction House is selling (February, 3) the collection of Belgian publisher Paul Ide, rare sketches and Original Comic Art. There are many nice pieces like this book with 25 sketches by the greatest Franco-Belgian artists, this Boule et Bill page by Jean Roba, and many Franquin sketches and drawings, like this incredible Gaston illustration, this funny page of studies and this Gaston sketch.
See you Next week with Original Comic Art Tips!
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