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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #15

Welcome to the second Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter of 2018, last week auctions ended with no su
January 10 · Issue #15 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to the second Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter of 2018, last week auctions ended with no surprises, on Heritage Sunday Auction the Neal Adams Batman page sold for $2.800, if you wanted an Adams’ Batman original for “cheap” (and you don’t care it wasn’t published in a regular DC comic book) this was for you (if you lost it don’t worry here’s another one for sale this week). The other Batman page by Ross Andru went for a little over $2.000 and as promised the incredible Al Williamson Star Wars original art went for $15.500!
Let’s start with this week’s news in Original Comic Art Auctions.

This week on eBay
John Romita Jr - Spiderman Original Art
Last week was the Steven Hughes original art week, this time there are many Doctor Strange Pages by Chris Bachalo (go look “seller’s other items” for more). Then a classic Russ Heath Title page original from G.I. Combat and a really good looking Spiderman Page by John Romita Jr with Spidey in all panels. Sadly it has the old Clone era costume but you may get it for a nice price just for this imperfection.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Alex Toth Original Art
This week on Heritage we have another strong week with many A-list artists (often on B-list titles…) We start with superheroes and with the biggest name of the genre Jack Kirby with a signed Doctor Bedlam/Mister Miracle DC Who’s Who pinup, then a John Romita Sr penciled and inked Original from Classic X-men, another nice vintage X-Men Annual page by Michael Golden and a Modern Classic Beast pinup by Rob Liefeld. From Mutants to Invaders with a Frank Robbins page with Captain America and Bucky, speaking of Robbins (lately a Sunday Auction regular) we have another Johnny Hazard daily original art from the forties with and aviation theme (the most researched theme by collectors). Then a Terry daily by Robbins’ master Milton Caniff and a nice Star Wars strip by Russ Manning.
Lately, a lot of great Alex Toth Originals were sold on the Sunday Auction. For my tastes, the best, for now, is offered this week with a great 4 page lot from Toth’s classic tale 39/74.
Comic link Focused Auction
Ed McGuinness - JLA Original Art
Here we are with the second part of Comiclink’s next Original Comic Art Auction, starting from the L of Erik Larsen and Sal Buscema there are a nice Defenders action page, a Ron Lim Infinity War page with a ton of characters and floating heads and a JLA half splash ready to hang on a wall by Ed McGuinness. A nice Sean Murphy Wake splash and an alternate version of the cover to Daredevil #20 by John Romita, they’re not sure of the artist but to me looks like Romita (it’s also drawn on vellum, a medium he used a lot). Before closing, the last link is for Jorge Zaffino with a rare interior page.
See you next week for a new batch of Comic Art auction links!
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