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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #149

Welcome to #149 of Original Comic Art Tips! Original Comic Art Auction ResultsEbay: so Mignola Hellbo
August 8 · Issue #149 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #149 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
Ebay: so Mignola Hellboy busts that last year went for $500 now sell for $1,4k. The other one for $1,3k, This one went for only $750.
Then another batch of Mignola art ended today, the best one went for $1,5k.
A Gary Frank Batman/Joker page went for $1,8k, a Batman cover by Dave Johnson for $2,1k, the Superman page by John Byrne for $2,2k, a Superman page by Jim Lee for $1,2k, a Catwoman sketch by Jim for $650, the Super Mario cover went for $2,2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Hulk page by Severin/Trimpe went for $6k, the Hulk splash by Trimpe for $5,750, the Ken Kelly painting for $5,5k. Surprised that this Avengers/JLA page by George Perez was sold for $1,3k.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Wildcats Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Wildcats Original Comic Art
The best piece is this rare Elfquest illustration by Wendy Pini, Hero Initiative is auctioning a seat for a live chat with Adam Kubert, and he will also do a sketch card.
I like these skeleton head illustrations by Mike Mignola more than the usual Hellboy sketches, here’s One, Two, Three and Four.
Another great piece is this Wildcats page by Jim Lee.
DC: again Jim Lee with a Superman page, beware of this fake Jim sketch. Look at this great Supergirl DPS by Bernard Chang, there’s also a splash, both really cheap.
A Batman page by Gene Colan, one by Scott McDaniel, Batman-Superman by Rick Leonardi.
Hero Initiative Nightwing sketch by George Perez, then a 1999 Batman bust.
Marvel: an Incredible Hulk splash by Mark Bagley, look for two other in the next sections. A Punisher splash by Steve Dillon, two nice Cable commissions, by Liefeld and Shalvey. A Cap sketch by George Perez.
A Luba page by Gilbert Hernandez, 3 sketches by Dave Cooper, 3 Jay Scott Pike romance pages, an Invincible page by Ottley, a Tales from the Crypt page and a panel by Opper.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Harold Knerr - Original Sunday Strip Art
Harold Knerr - Original Sunday Strip Art
Marvel: a Dr. Strange page by Jim Starlin, some Marvel UK splashes by Dave Hunt, Fantastic Four and Captain Marvel, very nice Avengers splash by Al Milgrom, a beautiful science fiction page by Dave Cockrum.
Vintage George Perez commissions: Banshee and The Vision, a Hulk half splash by Mark Bagley.
DC: Superboy by Bob Brown, Wonder Woman by Delbo, nice Captain Marvel page by Don Newton, Superman by Carmine Infantino, a Superman DPS by Alex Saviuk and a Teen Titans page by George Perez.
A Preacher page by Steve Dillon, very nice Love & Rockets by Jaime, a nude girl sketch by Frazetta, I like this Black Kiss page by Chaykin.
Great comic strip selection, this week, both established and obscure. Let me know if you want to bid on one cause I may try too. A couple classic Dick Tracy dailies, a Barney Google Sunday, rare and hand-colored Katzenjammers kids Sunday and a Dinglehoofer by Knerr. I find this Beetle Bailey Sunday very funny, Andrea Pazienza used the same gag.
A panel by Collier, a grab bag of 31 strips, a set of 3 specialty drawings, Dumb Dora by Chic Young. This week I discovered Dawn O'Day, and also that Paul Fung was a great artist before becoming a ghost for Chic Young.
Comic link Focused Auction
Chris Samnee - Wolverine Original Cover Art
Chris Samnee - Wolverine Original Cover Art
Another monthly auction, ending on Tuesday.
A great Infinity Gauntlet page by Ron Lim, one by George Perez, Batman pages by Bob Brown and Irv Novick, Legion by Dave Cockrum, Dracula by Gene Colan, beautiful Lois style guide by Garcia Lopez.
A Batman cover by Rafael Albuquerque, a Hulk cover by Mark Bagley, a Flash cover by Francis Manapul, a Wolverine cover by Chris Samnee, a Superman cover with the complete interior art by Leinil Yu.
Great Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard, Spectacular Spider-Man original art by Sal Buscema, rare Wonder Woman page by Amanda Conner, Wonder Woman by J.G. Jones, Batman by Doug Mahnke, Invincible by Ryan Ottley.
Several X-Factor pages by Joe Quesada, a Wolverine page by Joe Mad.
What’s better than Chuck Norris drawn by Steve Ditko..?
Great Batman commission by Lee Bermejo, Daredevil by Jock, Ms. Marvel by Chris Bachalo, Cloak & Dagger by Bruce Timm, Daredevil by Alex Maleev.
A Loki commission by Matteo Scalera, a Scarecrow splash by Dustin Nguyen, a Cyclops commission by Carlos Pacheco, a Spirit sketch by Will Eisner.
A prelim and an early unused page by Andrea Pazienza, Rosso Stenton and Airmail by Micheluzzi, a Ken Parker page by Milazzo, Maser by Frezzato.
See you next week!!
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