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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #143

Welcome to #143 of Original Comic Art Tips! Original Comic Art Auction Results:eBay: Jim Lee started
June 26 · Issue #143 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #143 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: Jim Lee started his auctions again from where he left, with #47 of 60, Armored Batman sold for $17,5k. #48 was Punchline, sold for $7,8k.
The hit wasn’t a Jim sketch, but the Walt Simonson Thor illustration, sold for more than $21k.
The Jim Lee Hush page was sold for $4,4k, a recreation of a Batman page inked by Danny Miki over Jim Lee printed bluelines sold for $1,6k, curious to know if the buyer understood what he was buying…
Mike Mignola’s Knight and Bishop both went for $2,2k, the Philip Tan Spidey/Spawn pinup went for $3,1k.
The Penthouse page by Adam Hughes went for $1,9k, a George Perez 2 in 1 page for $2,5k, a Spidey page by John Buscema for a $2k Best Offer.
Remember the Cable cover by Rob Liefeld sold on eBay in January for $4,5k and put for sale again for $17k after 2 days? (I wrote about it a few months ago on the blog) It was only a matter of waiting for the old auction page to expire, it was sold for a $10k Best Offer. what can I say… that’s why prices continue to go up.
In the meantime the unused vintage New Mutants cover by Rob went for $9,5k.
Catawiki: the color illustration by Giorgio Cavazzano went for €1k, the Paperinik splash for €600, the cover prelim for €100. The Paperinik cover by G.B. Carpi for €900, the Romano Scarpa strip for 200.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The Batman splash by Tim Sale went for $5,2k, it will go up. The Jaguar splash by Steve Ditko for $3,7k, the Namor splash by Jim Mooney for $2,8k, the Doonesbury strip for $2,6k.
The page by Sergio Toppi went for $1,7k, more or less its price. The Batman splash by Gary Frank for $1,4, the Hellcat and Avengers page by Norm Breyfogle for only $240, the Namor vs Thing page by Greg Land for $130.
Nate Sanders: big prices for Peanuts original art, the Charlie/Snoopy one ended for $25k, the Snoopy daily for $21k, the water damaged daily for $14k.

This week on eBay
David Finch - Wolverine Original Comic Art
David Finch - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Charity Auctions: Jim Lee is auctioning an original Superman painting,
Mike Mignola, different versions of Dracula, really well done likenesses: Lugosi, Granpa Munster, Nosferatu and Christopher Lee.
A new Thor pinup by Walt Simonson.
A charity auction for UK comic book stores, a great Phoenix by Alan Davis and a Marvelman, a nice and very rare Venom pinup by Giuseppe Camuncoli, a Batman pinup by Jock, a color Hulk bust by Gabriele Dell'Otto and some more.
Marvel: an X-Men Hidden Years page by John Byrne, a great Wolverine/Spidey DPS by David Finch, a Spidey DPS by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
I like a lot this Dracula page by Don Perlin.
DC: Batman original art by Norm Breyfogle, Scott McDaniel, Aaron Lopresti, a splash by Tony Daniel.
Nice Aquaman DPS by Paul Pelletier, Flash by Don Heck, Swamp Thing by Phil Hester, Rorshach by Gary Frank, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Leinil Yu - Original X-Force Cover Art
Leinil Yu - Original X-Force Cover Art
DC: Superman Vs. Grundy by Murphy Anderson, Superman by Curt Swan.
Batman original art by Swan, Dillin, Infantino, Garcia Lopez, Bernie Wrightson. Batman covers by Glen Orbik and Sean Phillips, a Batman splash and a Catwoman commission by Tony Daniel.
Marvel: an X-Force cover by Leinil Yu, a Black Cat cover prelim by Mike Mayhew, Sgt Fury by Dick Ayers, some John Buscema sketches and a very nice Spidey strip by Larry Lieber.
Some Archie covers and pages by Dan De Carlo, two Jaguar pages by Steve Ditko, a Ruse cover by Butch Guice and a Ghita page by Frank Thorne.
Some nice strips, like this 1994 Garfield daily, 1969 B.C. and Wizard of ID dailies, a 1933 Gasoline Alley and a great Long Sam Sunday.
Millon Auction
Vance - Bruno Brazil Original Cover Art
Vance - Bruno Brazil Original Cover Art
The estimation for this Asterix page by Uderzo, without the main characters, is the half of the usual €150k. Many Vance pieces, including this painted Bruno Brazil cover, many Moebius illustrations, I like this self portrait, never seen so many Tardi originals at the same time, here’s a Burma page.
Corto by Hugo Pratt, a Tintin illustration by Hergé, Hermann, Macherot, Morris, Peyo, Tibet, nice (probaly cheaper) Blueberry sketch by Gir.
Septimus Auctions
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Commission
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Commission
Very nice sketch section, with Boucq, Chaland, Franquin, Juillard and many more. A rare Tarzan sketch by Burne Hogarth.
Then original art with a model sheet by Alessandro Barbucci, some nice Dany illustrations, many Talon pages by Greg, a nice Blacksad commission by Guarnido and a Ric Hochet page by Tibet.
See you next week!! Next time we’ll look into July’s Heritage Signature Auction…
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