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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #137

Welcome to #137 of Original Comic Art Tips, life is coming to ebay after two months of charity-only a
May 15 · Issue #137 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #137 of Original Comic Art Tips, life is coming to ebay after two months of charity-only auctions.
Last week’s newsletter went into many spam folders because it was too long… I’ll have to shorten the results section in the future. If you haven’t read the last issue here’s a link.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: Jim Lee‘s Scarecrow (#32/60) went for more than $9k, these “head sketches” are selling by comparison for more than the full figure drawings. I like this Lobo, sold for $6,5k, Ace the Bat-Hound went for $20,1k (mostly thanks to the Batman bust behind), Hawkgirl for $8,3k, Two Face for $10k.
Jim’s friends: Backlash by Brett Booth went for $2,2k, Spawn by Kirkham for $2,3k, a cover quality Wolverine by Scott Williams for $2,6k, Super Sons by Jorge Jimenez for $4,5k, an impressive Wolverine by Ken Lashley for $3,2k.
The buyer of the Zatanna original art by J. Scott Campbell ($15k) flaked, and the new auction went for $10,4k.
Robin by Joe Bennett went for $1,7k, a great Elektra by Bill Sienkiewicz for $10,2k.
Mike Mignola: Kermit went for $6,4k, Robo-Hellboy by Art Adams for $5,2k, The Count for $2,5k, Marceline $1,5k, Adventure Time $1,8k, Robo-Hellboy vs. Wolvie for $2,3k, Godzilla $2,8k.
Rob Liefeld is back with a Prophet sold for $1,9k.
Non Charity: a Hulk DPS by Art Adams went for a good Best Offer of $2k, a Doom cover by Esad Ribic went for $6,3k, the Rocket Raccoon page by Mike Mignola for $2k, a signed book by Bill Watterson went for a Best Offer of $2,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the highest price was paid for the Namor cover by Rich Buckler, $7,2k, the Batgirl page by Gil Kane went for $6,6k, the Hunger Dogs page by Jack Kirby for $6,3k, the Legion page by Jim Shooter for $4k.
Christmas day strips always go for premium prices, but this Dennis the Menace panel sold for $2,4k was a surprise.
$2,3k paid for the great Terry & the Pirates daily, $1,9k for the Bringing Up Father daily.
The Infinity Crusade page by Ron Lim for $500 was a good catch.

This week on eBay
John Totleben - Swamp Thing Original Comic Art
John Totleben - Swamp Thing Original Comic Art
Jim Lee & Friends: Silk Spectre is #37/60, Black Mask, then Batman-Superman by Dustin Nguyen, a great Spawn by Philip Tan.
Mike Mignola is drawing the Masters of the Universe: He-Man and Skeletor, Mer-Man, Fisto, Mantenna, and a great Screw-on Head by Art Adams.

DC: finally, some good (not for charity) art for sale on eBay after more than two months. A Swamp Thing half splash by Veitch/Totleben, a Legends page with Darkseid by John Byrne, a Batman/Superman page by George Perez, Wonder Woman by Gary Frank.
Superman by Jurgens/Perez, a Wonder Woman cover by Gene Ha, a very nice Green Lantern pinup by Bill Sienkiewicz, Wonder Woman by Garcia Lopez,
Great art also from Marvel: I like a lot this Iron-Man page by Bob Layton, a Ghost Rider title page by Mike Ploog, Silver Surfer by Olivier Coipel, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne.
Cable, Deadpool and Deadpool vs Captain America original art by Rob Liefeld, nice+cheap Wolverine commission by Michael Golden, a Spidey commission by Sean Chen.
A Madman pinup by Mike Allred, a Daniel Clowes sketch.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Don Newton - Batman Original Comic Art
Don Newton - Batman Original Comic Art
This week there are less superhero pages and more comic strips than usual.
DC: I like this Batman page by Don Newton, Batman by Irv Novick, a Batman daily by Carmine Infantino, Batman/Aliens original art by Bernie Wrightson, a Robin splash by Tom Lyle and a Robin splash by Ryan Benjamin.
A Super Powers page by Jack Kirby, the death of Superman drawn in 1971 by Curt Swan.
For the first time I found only one Marvel page worth linking to (and just for the artist’s name), a Doc Samson page by Todd McFarlane.
Searching for a cheaper Kirby page? here’s one from Classics Illustrated. A nice Dennis the Menace comic book page, a Ghita illustration by Frank Thorne.
Strips: a funny Garfield daily, a Dick Tracy daily with a corpse, a 1934 Gasoline Alley daily, a nice sunday by Jimmy Murphy, a Little King Sunday, a 3 Sunday Johnny Hazard lot and I’m tempted by this Friday Foster Sunday.
Blog Post: ComicLink original art Auction Best Deals
Best Deals in ComicLink's Original Art Auction
Best Deals in ComicLink's Original Art Auction
The Best Deals post I wrote in September is still getting a lot of readers, even if the content is outdated. Many low priced pages were sold on Comiclink since September, but they never were interesting enough to write about until last week’s auction. here it is:

See you next week!!
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