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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #135

Welcome to #135 of Original Comic Art Tips! Another Charity auctions tour de force, followed by many
May 1 · Issue #135 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #135 of Original Comic Art Tips! Another Charity auctions tour de force, followed by many other things…
eBay: the Captain Harlock sketch by Leiji Matsumoto was sold for €7.000, all going to a hospital in Turin.
Jim Lee and Friends Original Art: #20, Batman by Gaslight went for $14,4k, #21 was first in a series of 20 head sketches, Szasz went for $2,8k, #22 Bane (a Bust) went for $10,2k, #23, Darkseid for $7,1k.
A nice #24, Cyborg, sold for $4,1k (and that now looks like a bargain), then you have to see the incredible #25, The Joker, sold for $14,5k… it is now one of my favorite pieces Jim Lee has drawn since leaving the X-Men (90’s Marvel kid here). I like the new fine line crosshatch style he’s developing.
First friend is J. Scott Campbell, his Zatanna went for $14,8k.
I don’t remember painted pieces by Art Adams before this Death illustration, sold for $20,1k… the first artist to go over the $20k mark, even before Jim Lee (and with a character he’s not known for, which doubled last week’s Wolverine drawing).
Fan favorite Olivier Coipel made $10,6k with his painted Rogue, Jim Cheung‘s Original Spider-Man drawing made almost $4k, a nice Poison Ivy and Mister Freeze was painted by Dustin Nguyen and sold for $3,3k.
Then Aquaman by Ivan Reis sold for $2,8k, Hulk by Alex Lozano for $5,2k, Dr. Doom by Joe Bennett $3,2k.
The Hellboy sketch by Mike Mignola went for $1,4k, the Spongebob for $1k.
The Signed Calvin & Hobbes print went for more than $10k, the C&H sketch by Patrick McDonnell for $4,2k, the Bear sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz went for $1,1k.
Non Charity: the X-Force title splash by Mark Pacella went for $1,4k, a Cyberfrog DPS by Ethan VanSciver was sold for $1,3k by his old pal Trent Kaniuga, an Omega Men splash by Keith Giffen for $3,6k, a great Love&Rockets page by Beto Hernandez went for $1,1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Batman DPS by Doug Mahnke went for $8k, probably a record for secondary market art by DM.
The Batman illustration by Steve Epting went for less than $500, a Green Arrow splash by Mattew Clark was a good piece for $200, a Johnny Hazard Sunday went for less than $100.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Jim Lee original art auctions: A nice portrait of Atrocitus in #26/60 (ending today), not a headsketch is #27, a full illustration of Swamp Thing, then an inkwashed Lobo pinup by Doug Mahnke and a cover quality Gotham Sirens pinup by Tony Daniel.
Mike Mignola is auctioning a great Hellboy & Ultraman painting, Robo Hellboy Vs. Gigan, Robo Batman and a very nice Robotic El Santo.
Rob Liefeld stopped the ebay auctions and is doing live Instagram sales…
Non Charity auctions: we start with Jim Lee…! and with an early Batman study.
A nice Batman commission by Rafael Albuquerque, one by Angel Medina, and a Joker by Chris Samnee.
A Superman splash by Carmine Infantino, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, the Demon by John Byrne and Doomsday by Gary Frank.
A nice Conan page by John Buscema, Shang-Chi by Keith Pollard, a ROM page by Sal Buscema.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jaime Hernandez - Original Cover Art
Jaime Hernandez - Original Cover Art
DC: great Deadman page by Jim Aparo, Batman prelim by Brian Bolland, Batman pinup by Giffen, a Batman page by Don Newton, Beautiful Batman splash inked by Bill Sienkiewicz.
A Superman cover by Alex Saviuk, Superman art by Curt Swan, a collage by Jack Kirby and a Transmetropolitan cover by Jaime Hernandez.
Marvel: Sgt. Rock by Dick Ayers, I loved the Starfighter movie as a child, here’s a Butch Guice cover. A Black Knight cover by Frenz-Buscema, Thanos Vs Thor original art by John Romita Jr.
A Nightstalkers cover by Ron Garney, an X-Men page by Whilce Portacio and three Fantastic Four pages by Paul Ryan.
A Superfan cover by Jack Davis, a painted cover by Mike Kaluta, Odkin by Wally Wood, a Palookaville page layout by Seth, a Duplex Planet page by Dave Cooper.
Strips: the usual weeky lots and Christmas day and New Year’s Eve Garfield strips.
Comic link Focused Auction
Mike Deodato - Avengers Original Comic Art
Mike Deodato - Avengers Original Comic Art
As usual I’ll be highlighting the best pieces, but if you’re searching for cheap $100-500 pages there’s plenty to see.
A Hulk page by Joe Bennett, a cover quality Spidey Vs Venom commission by Mark Bagley, a Superman/Batman pinup by Neal Adams, a 1994 Superman illustration by Dan Jurgens, Warlord original art by Mike Grell, a Spidey Vs Avengers splash by Mike Deodato, a nice Spidey page by Alex Saviuk.
Great X-Factor DPS by Joe Quesada, Thor by Keith Pollard, a Justice League cover by Jerry Ordway, a Venom splash by Angel Medina, a funny Groot sketch by Skottie Young, an Harley Quinn pinup by Jason Fabok, Hulk vs Wolverine by Leinil Yu.

Misc. Auctions
Jim Lee - Batman Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Batman Original Comic Art
Do you already miss looking at Jim Lee original art? I saved the best piece for the end.
Jim has drawn what everybody was expecting for his 60 auctions, a regular Batman image, for another charity drive. This one is pretty good…
Vermot & Associés is doing a comics/statues/original art auction, there’s not much to see despite having 6 pages of original art… here’s a generic link if you want to explore.
It’s yesterday news that the family of Albert Uderzo is auctioning 5 pages of original art for charity to French hospitals. 3 beautiful Asterix pages (from the nineties but with most of the village cast), a Tanguy & Laverdure and an Oumpa-Pah. They’ll be auctioned by Artcurial on May 26 and will probably raise at least €400.000.
New Blog Post: Jim Lee original art auctions 11-20
Jim Lee - charity original art blog post
Jim Lee - charity original art blog post
And if you’re not tired yet of reading about DC Comics’ Publisher I wrote the second blog post on auctions 11-20, there are also two interesting charts comparing results.
See you next week!!
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