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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #134

April 24 · Issue #134 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #134 of Original Comic Art Tips, let’s keep us entertained with ebay charity auctions and a great Heritage Signature section!
Sandman by Jim Lee went for $13k, Deathstroke ($11k) and Huntress ($11,5k) were a dyptich, Aquaman made $13k, Batgirl $10,5k, Grifter $12k.
Other artists auctioned by Jim’s account were: Doom ($4,7k, a bargain) by Art Adams, Swamp Thing ($1,5k) and Green Lantern ($1,4k) by Bryan Hitch, an incredible Wolverine Vs Venom by Sam Kieth went for $8,4k, a great Cap by Ron Garney went for $3k.
Godzilla by Mignola went for $3,1k, Hellboy $2,3k, Ymir and Grogg for $1k. Batman by Sean Murphy made $3,5k, the Liefeld cover made $6,8k.
Hey somebody sold on ebay a Conan page by Barry Smith for $7,2k, the Frazetta sketch went for $3,3k.
This Nightwing by Jim Lee went for $4,5k, a Green Lantern by Joe Bennett went for $1,2k, a Tony the Tiger painting by Mike Mignola went for $11k, Quisp and Quake for $900, Toucan Sam for $1,3k, Snap, Crackle, Pop for $1,2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The Blacksad pinup by Guarnido went for $3,1k, I don’t know if it’s a published piece, but commissioning one like this would cost much less. A Captain America page by Ron Lim went for $2,3k, a Spider-Man page by Alex Saviuk went for $500, they sell better on ebay.

This week on eBay
J. Scott Campbell - Zatanna Original Comic Art
J. Scott Campbell - Zatanna Original Comic Art
We start again with Charity art auctions. Who can have more ebay watchers than Jim Lee? It’s J. Scott Campbell, who made a Zatanna piece with the exact same quality he would do for a cover. He wins with 515 watchers to the 410 of this Batman by Gaslight illustration by Jim Lee, #20 of 60.
Jim announced that he’ll do only (detailed) head sketches for #21-40 and then maybe do more for #41-60. Bet it was really stressing for him to pencil and ink a cover every day for 20 days… I can understand that.
So #21 is a really nice portrait of Batman villain Zsasz. Then we have Spidey by Jim Cheung and Aquaman by Ivan Reis.
Very rare is this Captain Harlock sketch by Leiji Matsumoto, he was hospitalized during a signing tour in Italy last year, and as a thank you he sent this piece to be auctioned to help the hospital during the pandemic. Ending tomorrow and already at $4,5k.
I’d really like to own Spongebob drawn by Mike Mignola, then there’s Sandy, Squidworth and an Hellboy bust.
A Wonder Woman painting by Stephen Segovia, a Calvin & Hobbes print signed by Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes drawn by Patrick McDonnell, a Sketched Artist’s Edition and a color Demon Bear by Sienkiewicz, a sketched Byrne book for Hero Initiative.
Regular auctions: Marvel. the title splash to X-Force #12 by Mark Pacella, a Captain America splash by Dan Jurgens, a Spidey page by Ron Frenz, a Spidey splash by Lan Medina.
Sketches, Galactus by Joe Sinnott, Thor by Olivier Coipel, Cyclops by Claudio Castellini.
DC: I like this Batman DPS by Tony Daniel, an Hawk & Dove DPS by Rob Liefeld, nice Batman commission by Ryan Benjamin, Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank.
2 Flash pages by Don Heck, 3 romance pages by Jay Scott Pike, Superman by Garcia Lopez.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Steve Epting - Batman Original Comic Art
Steve Epting - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: mostly classic pieces. Conan by Frank Brunner, Dracula and Howard the Duck original art by Gene Colan, Werewolf by Don Perlin, Iron-Man by Tuska and a nice Thor-F4 page by Trimpe and Giella.
DC: Superman art by Garcia Lopez and Curt Swan, Atom/Hawkman by Dick Dillin, Robin by Gil Kane.
Batman original art: studies by Alan Davis, a cover quality illustration by Steve Epting, a DPS by Doug Mahnke, a color illustration by Aaron Lopresti, an early pinup by Adam Hughes, a splash by Cam Kennedy.
Hand colored print by Robert Crumb, Tarzan by Russ Manning, a Creepy splash by John Severin.
Strips: a Li'l Abner Sunday, a Johnny Hazard Sunday, three Andy Capp dailies, a 1982 Garfield daily. Rare to find, Tim Tyler’s Luck and Kid Sister Sundays by Lyman Young.
Heritage Signature Auction part 3 of 3
Wally Wood - Daredevil Original Comic Art
Wally Wood - Daredevil Original Comic Art
As promised, this week we’ll look into interior art and pinups, see the last two newsletters for original cover art and comic strip art.
A to Z, one piece per artist (many have several worth seeing): the most important illustration are these Frankenstein endpapers by Bernie Wrightson.
After the $25k ebay auction for a Wolverine cover by Adam Kubert, wolvie pages are coming for sale more often, here’s a DPS.
A huge 2000 AD poster by Dave Gibbons, an X-Men page by Dave Cockrum, an EC splash by Graham Ingels. Hey, a Superman splash by Sprang/Burnley.
Title splash from Avengers #36 by Don Heck, the Dark Knight original art by Frank Miller, a page from Fantastic Four #32 by Kirby, a Batman page by Jim Lee, Gwen Stacy by John Buscema, the splash to Spidey #41 by John Romita.
Ghost Rider art by Ploog, a Spidey splash by Mike Zeck, Superman/Batman by Lee Bermejo, a Spidey DPS by Todd McFarlane, the title splash to Daredevil #5 by Wally Wood, Spidey by Ross Andru.
A Doc Ock page by Ditko, a Batman/Catwoman page by Tim Sale.
Blog Post: Jim Lee Original Art Sales for Charity
Jim Lee original comic art on auction
Jim Lee original comic art on auction
I published this blog post last week but forgot to link to it in the last issue…
A look at the first 10 original art auctions for charity by Jim Lee, I also made a price chart that I’ll be updating every 10 pieces sold.
(Second post for auctions 11-20 coming on Sunday).
See you next week!
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