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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #133

Here we are with #133 of Original Comic Art Tips, in the last weeks our interest was saved by many Ch
April 17 · Issue #133 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #133 of Original Comic Art Tips, in the last weeks our interest was saved by many Charity auctions, this week will be no different.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: Jim Lee original art charity auctions update. Batman Beyond went for $11,6k, Batman 17,3k, Wonder Girl $5,7k, was sketch #10 of 60.
Deadman is one of my favorite illustrations for now and made $11,2k, The Grim Knight went for $15,1k, I don’t know who Red Death is but the art is spectacular and went for $8,9k.
The first pieces donated by other artists are starting to go for sale, an incredible Wolverine by Arthur Adams was sold for $11,2k, a Phantasm by Rafael Albuquerque made $3,6k.
Seems like somebody wanted a smaller Jim Lee piece, so a Batman action figure with sketch was sold for $2,5k.
Rob Liefeld also is doing well, with less promotion than Lee, Wolverine & Deadpool made $3,1k, Cable $2k, another Deadpool $2,3k, Deadpool/Deathstroke $2k, Snake Eyes $2,5k.
Mike Mignola: the painted skeleton with Eric Powell went for $6,7k, Asterix $3,3k, Hellboy $1,5k and Astroboy $1,1k.
In regular auctions we have a Jack Kirby splash for In the days of the mob, sold for $2,6k (B.O.), a Cavewoman cover by Budd Root was sold for $2,1k, an hand colored Flash Gordon print by Al Williamson went for $1,6k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Larry Hama splash went for $3,300, the Don Newton original Batman page for $3,100. $2,6k is a good price for a modern, published Hulk splash by Dale Keown.
Many pretty low prices for nice art: $500 seems good for more than 20 Flash figures on the same page by Infantino/Anderson, a Garfield strip and a very nice X-Men page by Mike Deodato both went for less than $400, a nice Spidey page by Alex Saviuk was sold for $370, much less than ebay prices from the last months.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Zealot and Grifter Original Art
Jim Lee - Zealot and Grifter Original Art
Charity Auctions: Jim Lee has two great pieces of comic art for sale, Grifter and Zealot, Sandman and the Eandless.
Jim is also selling two pinups by Bryan Hitch, Swamp Thing and Green Lantern.
Mike Mignola this week has a great Hellboy, Godzilla, Grogg and Ymir.
Rob Liefeld is auctioning a vintage, unused New Mutants cover, Sean Murphy is selling a great Batman page, and Humberto Ramos two pages.
In regular auctions we have again the Harley splash by Jim Lee sold a few weeks ago, a Black Spidey page bu Sal Buscema, a Daredevil page by Gene Colan, a Flash cover by Mike Collins, a Fantastic 4 page by Paul Ryan.
Then Batman original art by Jim Aparo, Superman and Green Lantern by Gary Frank, Venom by Ryan Stegman and a Robin animated cover by Rick Burchett.
Batman/Dredd art painted by Glenn Fabry.
A sketch by Frank Frazetta, a B.C. Sunday and a Jeff Hawke daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Commission
Juanjo Guarnido - Blacksad Commission
DC: Superman by Curt Swan, Dick Dillin, and a splash by Alex Saviuk. Superboy by Dave Cockrum, JLA by Don Heck, Aquaman by Nick Cardy.
Another nice Flash page by Carmine Infantino, an Hawkgirl splash by Chaykin and a Batman prelim by Sienkiewicz.
Marvel: Defenders and Two-in-One original art by Sal Buscema, a Conan page by John Buscema, Power Man by George Tuska and a Red Sonja title splash by Frank Thorne.
A Spider-Man page by Alex Saviuk, a Cap half splash by Ron Lim and a Wolverine painting by Mark Texeira.
Great fantasy pinup by Ernie Colon, a Crux cover by Steve Epting, a Jungle Jim page by Jeff Jones, a 1965 Archie cover by Lucey, a color guide by R. Crumb, what looks to be a very nice Blacksad commission by Guarnido.
Strips: a Buster Brown panel by Outcault, a lot of 4 Andy Capp strips, a Dennis panel by Hank Ketcham, some more Axa strips by Romero, a well drawn Winnie Winkle sunday by Frank Bolle.
Every week I’m amazed by the quality of these Judd Saxon strips by Ken Bald, I should buy some.
Heritage Signature Auction - Comic Strips Special
Burne Hogarth - Tarzan Original Comic Art
Burne Hogarth - Tarzan Original Comic Art
Last week we looked into original cover art, next week will be for interior pages and illustrations (and the auction will come to an end).
Let’s go in order. A Rarebit Fiend Sunday by Winsor McKay, a 1908 Little Nemo, and a top quality Buster Brown by Outcault.
A Krazy Kat Sunday, a Popeye daily by Segar, an early Dick Tracy daily, I like this Terry daily by Milton Caniff, a Prince Valiant panel by Foster.
A beautiful Tarzan Sunday by Burne Hogarth, many Peanuts dailies and this 1956 Sunday, Charles Schultz also has a rare Li'l Folks panel.
A great Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, some Dan De Carlo sexy gags, a nice Ben Casey Sunday by Neal Adams, many early Garfield strips as usual and a Pogo Sunday.
See you next week!!
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