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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #132

Here we are with #132 of Original Comic Art Tips, one month ago I thought that material to fill this
April 10 · Issue #132 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Here we are with #132 of Original Comic Art Tips, one month ago I thought that material to fill this newsletter would dry up in a couple weeks, I was wrong…
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
Let’s start with Jim Lee‘s original art sales, nobody had any doubts that he would make crazy money to give to charity. First one sold was Nightwing for $6,5k, next Bizarro for $4,7k, Azrael went for almost $10k, a great Dr. Fate for almost $8k, an incredible Batman Who Laughs for $11k, Big Barda for $8,1k and Doomsday ended just now at $5,1k.
1/10th of the 60 sketch goal and he already raised more than $50k.
What is more interesting is that these are not just sketches/commissions anymore, DC announced that all 60 pieces will be published in a single volume and that each one will be a variant cover. Oh, Art Adams and Bryan Hitch are each working on a piece for this auction.
Mike Mignola did also well, his charity Hellboy sketches went for $1,8k and $860. Then he auctioned four other pieces, a skeleton sold for $1,2k, Godzilla and Groot for $1k and Pigmon for $600.
A Black Widow commission by Adam Hughes was sold for $3,7k (Best Offer). The price is great for a 9x12 piece, but sadly the owner needed money quick as you can read in the description.
A Batman DPS by Norm Breyfogle went for $6,250 (B.O.), a sketch that was - maybe - drawn by Bob Kane went for $3,8k, the Spidey/Hulk splash by Rich Buckler went for $4,4k. Seems like nobody is having a hard time lately.
Heritage Weekly: the winner is Dick Ayers with the 6-page Sgt Fury lot sold for $6,6k. The Dan De Carlo pinup went for $4k, Jose Gonzales illustration are going for big money lately, the last one was sold for $3k. The Hulk without Hulk splash by Todd McFarlane still went for $1,8k, the Books of Magic page by John Bolton went for $1,7k. I don’t know why this Garfield strip went for $1,5k, while the other two were sold for $600.
The Scarlet Spider splash by Mark Bagley went for less than $400, good catch.
ComicLink: Dick Ayers again, with a classic Strange Tales page sold for $2,6k, a Conan splash by Alex Nino for $2,2k, a Hulk page by Sal Buscema went for $2k, the Avengers cover by Skottie Young for $1,4k.
Much more to see in cheaper original art, a Batman sketch by Neal Adams went for less than $600, World’s Finest art by Rich Buckler for $375, a nice Supergirl page by Carmine Infantino for $275, a Wonder Woman pinup by George Perez for $360.
A nice Spidey page by Rick Leonardi sold for $400, Spidey by Ron Lim for $200, and by Ryan Stegman for $300.
Bidders of this Hunger Dogs page by Jack Kirby probably skipped reading the description, and bought an enlarged stat for $2,6k.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Batman and Catwoman Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Batman and Catwoman Original Comic Art
Never seen a higher number of watchers on ebay. For the next Jim Lee round of original comic art auctions we have Batman Beyond with 430, and 350 for the incredible rabbit-eared Batman with kitty-eared Catwoman. The detail has increased a lot since the sketchier Nightwing from last week, is he happy for the high results or doing cover quality knowing they’ll be published? They’ll probably make even more money.
Rob Liefeld started doing sketches for charity too, the first 8 were sold on Instagram but now we have the next two on ebay. This is one of the sellers who sold a big number of Liefeld pages in the last months, seems like it was Rob himself, or a friend. The funny thing is that Rob’s ebay nickname is Oringmonkey and Jim is Chunkymonkey….
After seeing others’ results Mike Mignola decided to do even more, offering a skeleton drawn by him and painted by Eric Powell… Then another Hellboy sketch, nobody was expecting to see him draw Astroboy and even Asterix and Obelix.
Marvel: an Eternals splash and an Avengers page by John Romita Jr, an X-Men splash by Nick Bradshaw, an X-Men page by Chris Bachalo, a Defenders cover by John Byrne.
DC: a nice + cheap Power Girl page by George Perez, I like this Demon page by John Byrne, a Teen Titans cover by Carlo Pagulayan, a Deathstroke splash by Tony Daniel and Doomsday Clock original art by Gary Frank.
An Elric page by Craig Russell, another Hellboy by Mike Mignola, sadly plastified, a TMNT cover sketch by Kevin Eastman, a 1960 B.C. daily strip and a funny Wizard of ID Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Dale Keown - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Dale Keown - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Marvel: an Iron Fist title splash with rare pencils by Larry Hama, a Marvel Classics cover by John Romita Jr., I remember this for auction elsewhere not too long ago.
‘90s: a Punisher 2099 splash by Tom Morgan, a 2099 ad by Art Nichols and a Spidey page by Alex Saviuk.
Hey there’s a Hulk splash by Dale Keown.
A detailed Punisher cover prelim by Bernie Wrightson.
DC: 2 great Batman pages by Don Newton (one, two) Batman by Bob Brown, a Batman cover recreation by Gene Colan.
Superboy by Dave Cockrum, Superman original art by Curt Swan, Superman & Aquaman by Murphy Anderson and a nice Flash page by Carmine Infantino.
Weird Fantasy art by Joe Orlando, Crime Illustrated by Al Williamson, a romance page by Carmine Infantino and one by Mort Meskin, King Kong by Mark Schultz, Love & Rockets by Jaime.
Heritage Signature Auction - Covers Special
Gil Kane - Amazing Spider-Man #150 Original Cover Art
Gil Kane - Amazing Spider-Man #150 Original Cover Art
Last February I tried to divide the lots thematically. Many enjoyed it and it was also easier for me, so I’m repeating it, starting with the best original cover art.
Marvel: the two best pieces are the covers to part six of Kraven’s Last Hunt by Mike Zeck and to Amazing Spider-Man #150 by Gil Kane.
Then we have the Infinity Gauntlet #2 by George Perez, and Red Sonja #1 by Frank Thorne.
A great Fantastic Four And Silver Surfer cover by John Buscema, Black Panther #6 by Jack Kirby, Avengers #120 by Jim Starlin, an early X-Men cover by Barry Smith, a rare Spidey cover by Charles Vess,
After the record price for Frank Brunner in February, there are several Dr. Strange covers.
An Art Adams cover with everybody, Maestro by Dale Keown, Spidey by Terry Dodson and a great Conan cover by Esad Ribic.
DC: Batman covers by Dick Giordano, Ernie Chan, Irv Novick, Jim Aparo, Michael Golden and a very rare original cover by Kelley Jones.
Then Wonder Woman by Brian Bolland, Superman by Curt Swan, Superman by Neal Adams and Deadman by Garcia Lopez.
A Red Sonja cover by Adam Hughes, a classic Hellblazer cover by Glenn Fabry.
300 #4 original art by Frank Miller.
A painted Spirit cover by Will Eisner, Groo by Aragones, Cerebus #15 by Dave Sim and Love & Rockets by Jaime Hernandez.
See you next week!!
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