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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #131

Welcome to #131 of Original Comic Art Tips! Original Comic Art Auction Results:eBay: after a few mont
April 3 · Issue #131 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #131 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: after a few months the Batman commission by John Byrne was sold for $3,5k, the Namor page went for $750. An Hellboy page by Mike Mignola went for $1,900, Doomsday Clock original art by Gary Frank for $1,1k, the Micronauts page by Steve Ditko for $1,1k.
The nice Hulk/Spidey splash is still going.
Heritage Weekly: Antonio Prohias’ original art for Spy Vs Spy always goes for surprising prices, this time he’s the winner with $6,6k. The Legion page by Jim Shooter went for $3,3k, Legion by Keith Giffen for $2,8k. Prices for modern Garfield strips go up and down based on how funny is the gag, this one went for $1k.
The Spidey/Venom DPS by Ryan Stegman went for $550, probably sold for much more by the artist. A nice Cyberforce page by David Finch went for only $400, an Avengers page by Ron Wilson for $200.
$168 for 10 strips by Bob Lubbers is very good if you want to sell them on eBay…
Profiles In History: The Alex Raymond strips both went for the lower estimate, $400k for Flash Gordon and $75k for Jungle Jim. Still not bad.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Nightwing Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Nightwing Original Comic Art
Let’s start with Covid-19 charity pieces: Mike Mignola is selling two Hellboy sketches, a full figure and a bust.
Then Jim Lee will draw 60 daily pinups to sell on eBay, here are the first two: Nightwing and Bizarro.
DC: A great Batman page by Bob Brown, Batman by Ryan Benjamin and Doug Mahnke. Batman/Superman prelims by Mike Mayhew: penciled and painted.
Superman pages by Gary Frank one and two, nice Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Twilight page by Garcia Lopez and a Teen Titans cover by Carlo Pagulayan.
Marvel: Spider-Man original art by Humberto Ramos, Peter and Aunt May by John Byrne, Fantastic Four by Dwyer/Sinnott, a very nice Namor page by Paul Ryan.
An Heroes Reborn Cap page by Rob Liefeld and an X-Force page by Mark Pacella.
Nice Elric page by P. Craig Russell, the same seller also has some sketched books.
Star Wars cover by Ron Lim, Shade by Chris Bachalo, X-Files by John VanFleet, Savage original art by Gil Kane.
Strips: Andy Capp, Wizard of ID and Tumbleweeds dailies, a B.C. Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Sal Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
Marvel: Gene Colan has a nice Namor Vs Doom page and a Dracula page, A Sgt Fury page by Dick Ayers and 6 pages from an annual with Stan Lee and the Bullpen appearances, a Luke Cage title splash by George Tuska.
I don’t know what Frank Miller did in this nice Sal Buscema Avengers page, Spidey by Jim Mooney, Defenders by Don Perlin, Avengers by Ron Wilson.
‘90s: a Scarlet Spider semi-splash by Mark Bagley, a Spidey title splash by Jerry Bingham, a Spidey DPS by Dave Hoover and a Rick Jones title splash by Todd McFarlane.
DC: Teen Titans by Nick Cardy, a nice Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, JLA by George Perez, a Superman title splash by Curt Swan and a Batman splash by Ethan VanSciver.
Really like this Books of Magic page by John Bolton, Camelot by Brian Bolland, Preacher by Steve Dillon, Warlord by Mike Grell.
Great fantasy page by Gil Kane, greater sexy pinup by Mike DeCarlo.
Strips: a Li'l Abner Sunday, two Popeye Sunday strips by Bud Sagendorf, a time travel Alley Oop daily, a Dick Tracy daily and a Garfield.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
Skottie young - Original Avengers Cover Art
Skottie young - Original Avengers Cover Art
M-Z. Not much left… Wolverine original art by Steve McNiven, Cap Marvel by Don Newton, a Wonder Woman commission by George Perez, Wolverine by Humberto Ramos, vintage Moon Knight commission by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Fathom by Marc Silvestri, a Spidey page by Ryan Stegman, not the best Catwoman pinup drawn by Bruce Timm, The Thing by Ron Wilson, an Avengers cover by Skottie Young.
New Blog Post: Top art on eBay, Winter 2020
Original Comic Art on eBay Top ten
Original Comic Art on eBay Top ten
As the title says I made the usual top 10 (or 20) for the highest prices reached by original art sold on eBay in winter. Here it is!
See you next week!!
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