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Original Comic Art Tips - Issue #130

March 27 · Issue #130 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #130 of Original Comic Art Tips! Auctions are getting less interesting as weeks go by, but results are still surprisingly high, we’ll see what will happen in a few weeks.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Gen13 page by J. Scott Campbell went for a best offer of $4,5k, a Batman cover by Bill Sienkiewicz for a b.o. of $2,500, the Spider-Gwen pinup by Artgerm for $1,4k, the Youngblood DPS by Rob Liefeld for $1k.
All of the sketches that Jerry Ordway puts on eBay always go for very high prices, this sketched Batman HC went for more than $1k.
I discovered today on Facebook that the Batman Adventures page by Mike Parobeck, sold for more than $2k, was the first off panel appearance of Harley Quinn. A Cap bust commission by George Perez went for only $330.
Heritage Weekly: I’m a bit surprised at the number of pieces sold for high prices last week, 30 lots sold for $1k to $6k. here’s a link to see them all. The winner is Pepe Gonzales with a painting sold for $6,6k, the Bruce Timm cover went for “only” $3,3k, the Venom sketch by Todd McFarlane for $2,5k.
The Excalibur page by Alan Davis was cheaper than usual at less than $1k, not the best Dracula pages by Gene Colan but the price is hard to beat, this one went for $430 and this one for $260.

This week on eBay
Rich Buckler - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Rich Buckler - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Marvel: the best piece is this Hulk/Spidey splash by Buckler/Sinnott, the same seller also has a Spidey page by Ron Frenz. Not the greatest page ever but it’s penciled and inked by Steve Ditko. Namor original art by John Byrne, a nice Nova page by Sal Buscema.
A Spidey page by Ross/Williamson, the Avengers by Mike Allred, X-Men pages by Terry Dodson, Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw.
DC: Superman and Firestorm by Gary Frank, a Superman commission by GF, a Joker splash by Philip Tan, a Teen Titans cover by Carlo Pagulayan, a Wonder Woman DPS by Stephen Segovia, a Batman page by Norm Breyfogle and a Superman/Batman by Rick Leonardi.
Hellboy/Daredevil commission by Eduardo Risso, if you’re into My Little Pony there are several pieces, here’s a page by Andy Price.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Bruce Timm - Original Cover Art
Bruce Timm - Original Cover Art
Marvel: many pages by Dick Ayers this week, from Marvel and DC, here’s a Sgt Fury page. A Dormammu pinup by Paul Smith, a Spider-Man DPS by Ryan Stegman, a Thanos page by Geoff Shaw and a Punisher commission by Esad Ribic.
DC: a Legion page by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan, a Teen Titans title splash by Nick Cardy, Batman original art by Mike Grell, the Spectre by Norm Breyfogle and a JLA Adventures cover by John Delaney.
Look at this incredibly detailed illustration by Sergio Aragones, a Spy Vs Spy page by Prohias, a Frankenstein illustration by Simon Bisley, a Crime cover by Bruce Timm, a Vampirella page by Pepe Gonzales a nice Creepy page by Pablo Marcos, Star Wars by Cam Kennedy and a Love & Rockets page by Jaime.
Strips: a Garfield daily and several very well drawn dailies by Ken Bald.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Brett Booth - Flash Original Comic Art
Brett Booth - Flash Original Comic Art
A to L: An early Madman page by Mike Allred, Aquaman by Jim Aparo, a 1964 Ant-Man page by Dick Ayers, a very nice Flash page by Brett Booth, Defenders original art by Sal Buscema, Batman by Tony Daniel, nice Wonder Woman page by Terry Dodson, Batman art by David Finch.
5 Superboy covers by Tom Grummett, here’s the better one. Sgt Rock by Russ Heath, this Jim Lee page will probably remain affordable, very nice Spidey page by Rick Leonardi and one by Ron Lim.
Profiles in History, Alex Raymond art auction
Alex Raymond - Flash Gordon Original Comic Art
Alex Raymond - Flash Gordon Original Comic Art
When you have exceptional pieces to sell you don’t need hundreds of listings, this auction only has four items with incredible historic value, the first Flash Gordon Sunday strip and its topper, the first Jungle Jim strip, both by Alex Raymond. I haven’t researched if there is an explanation online about the source of these pieces, I just hope they’ll be sold to a public museum or library.
See you next week!
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